g’day my name is Glenn I would like to
talk to you about the next generation bank night in the folder this would be
pretty short video mainly what I’ll do is I’ll just show you what’s in it
you’re too far is one of the new bank night and second mom with both the old
and the new bank night okay in the first one it’s pretty simple basic just a
folder yup description yet the bank note these are all just generic bank notes so
if you want a a or supposedly EJ the last one it just potluck okay sons di
mid-range laughs and special this bank notes are pretty good use some more is
going to can defeat pitting peaches it’s basically in look at the bank night you
tilt it and see different feature the bank note this is pretty good aerobie is more of a
description so and in the double one we have new bank note blah blah blah winter
serial number nice that is AG the folder is pretty much the same as the single
one then there’s the old one way and then this one this is 2015 all of these
are come across have been 2015 and same the serial numbers you get is just
potluck and they generally don’t match the new one okay now they have been 2014
printed but I’ve never seen these then with those ones in these are folders and
I’ve heard of a 2015 being issue but I haven’t seen also i haven’t seen the
2014 5 dollar night and I haven’t sent 2016 in circulation all right you have
any questions just dumb yeah leave comment I’m get in contact with me it’s
fine I also do sell these on eBay you used to be able to get them from
australia post but they sold out within about two or three weeks so it’s bad
like then okay i hope you enjoyed its presentation and i’ll get better in a
later video thanks man