people what’s up anyway today I just
want to show you quickly a video about the g-strain twenty dollar note and if
you’ve been to Australia you see that the bottom one is the current node and
the top ones for the older notes this one is line in 85 this one is 1966 okay
see the differences between these two is not much just named commonwealth of
australia australia also the serial number this is cough 8 o’s CR or some
shit like that not really important to know anyway the value of these ones
together is about $35 each and i’ll show you the reverse okay says some flying
instruments as high grades kingston smith and did that’s probably wind
currents or something the only other thing you need to know is oh look
Captain Cook first criminal in Australia this guy was killed in Hawaii over a
disagreement but quite obviously he was pretty popular with the Hawaiians they
still killed him anyway so there you go doesn’t matter how popular you are they
can still kill you okay the reverse side of the plastic twenty dollar note and
John Flynn these are all associated with him as medical doctor obviously he was
also pilot a new and better this is a a is shooting 2005 I only kept this one
because I a but because it’s in pretty poor condition i would say probably fine
fine condition hmm this site as mary r ib she has
something to do with um women’s rights i believe i’m not too sure okay this one
has oh can you see you need strain coat of arms there and that’s a big shit that
could have made a better but look see has lots of pinholes lots of where lots
of pain these have no security Fred’s at all but they’re very hard to actually
counterfeit but still it doesn’t check them now this one doesn’t have any UV on
it I don’t need fifty and a hundred dollar banknote does okay and that’s bad
e that’s all I can say oh the only everything I can say shit it’s still
better than the American twenty dollar banknote hahahaha anyway you have any
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