hello people this is Glenn here just
wanted to show you the Australian polymer banknote this is the five dollar
denomination and I’ve been four different types issued so far DISA blue
one was issued in 1992 this purple one was issued 90 95 this was issued in 2001
to commemorate 100 years off the Commonwealth Australia and this is the
one issued in September 2016 and it’s just updated one with modern security
features and these ones here the security features they include the coat
of arms as a watermark and the window with security features are pretty scarce
on that one my hair farm some microprinting as well you can see
whatever us on there on the Reserve Bank of Australia website okay this one here
which I believe is the actual best design has the water maker sir henry
parkes of our Federation yeah and has some microprinting as well and it has
the entered the window as well and then the bottom here it has the coat of arms
of all six states it does not include the territories acct Northern Territory
and this one the new one includes magnetic paint which helps it to change
color and also you can see we’ve do we know
these animals also change color all that is on the Reserve Bank of Australia
website if you want to look up also this one has a raised dot the blind here so
that is a new feature that will be on all Australian banknotes ok for the
reverse this one has a plan of the parliament house in canberra that was
opened in 1988 this reverse is soo catherine helen Spence you can find her
details on kapadia this one also has come up the parliament house in canberra
also has the same security features in the back but the new one also is these
rings here omron rings which are specially prevent printers from printing
DS but I did it that would discourage all printers from actually working ok
this one is a a which is the first issue and this one is not the first issue
because this one doesn’t have the date on ok hey this is just all the serial
number ok these were issued an 8a and a B and this is a 63rd million lot but
from 1993 they had the date as the first two numbers in the serial number so CH
this is achieving or printed in 2008 this is printed in 2016 this is printed
in to fasten okay i hope you liked my short
presentation on these faint notes and if you’d like to comment please just
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thank you very much bye bye