Bank notes are serious business. Teams of scientists,
designers and printers start with a clear plastic base and use the
latest printing techniques. It’s a complicated process
involving several layers of printing. We work together to design not only the most secure banknote, but also something that tells a story about who we are as a nation. Before they hit the streets
our scientists put some banknotes through their paces to make sure
they can survive life out in the world. Once they passed the test,
we set about printing millions of banknotes. Every day, more than 400
million dollars changes hands. That’s kids getting their first pocket money,
Nan sending you a birthday card, dinner and a movie for that special person, your first guitar,
or any number of other purchases. Banknotes don’t last forever.
They get worn and torn, so when they start to show their age we take them out
of circulation and they get recycled into other plastic products. Find out more at