okay so in your slot Australian bank
notes and all these bank notes took off from our circulation some change you
can’t tell from my accent no strain first first serial number be a prefix
for the same oh wait uncirculated can’t get these anymore
can’t get these ones much anymore hey first prefix oh one this one’s got a
nice fake name they should have kept these lands without community okay and
then we have the new issue c16 quite a few of these these ones are
starting to take over now more than half of the banknotes I get let’s change of
these new ones and OH next month first of September the new
$10 banknote comes out yeah can’t wait okay a b12 and circulate my band keep
that one serial number okay first prefix of thing I am no 706 banjo penderson
Mary Gilmore another who seeks oh three don’t get any of these states really any
more Oh to definitely not in circulation
anymore this is pretty much uncirculated thirteen yeah these are pretty common
twelve and thirteen is a pretty common ten dollar notes at this time yeah seven okay oh three uncirculated yeah you know
Finn upon it in circulation okay $20 o 7 you’re not bad
uncirculated you’re not gonna really funny son circulating more my studies
banknotes sir Oh 10 to 12 you Oh t10 we $50 bank and still five all dates
from 2009 show me arriving John plain nice on this
edith cowan dive in and a pond 210 this serial number 99 and yang first prefix
da 95 maybe I should spend this one smudged as well a 95 pretty in good
condition for a banknote some 22 years old there’s one line for it mr. Bedi
really hasn’t damaged in here maybe I should spend as well oh pretty well one
is first perfect Hey okay so they the strain banknotes are
pretty shit when compared with the paint Knights of Canada yeah they’re banknotes
pretty shit – what Paula and the bank nice a good Vietnam is pretty good
Romania you know they’re pretty good Oh Papa New Guinea
Papua New Guinea probably of the best polymer banknotes Vanuatu is pretty good
okay have fun have a nice day love you