so gday people Glen back with another
video so I actually didn’t include these with my last video because ya want to be
too long so when you’re collecting polymer banknotes you can well these
ones you just collect anyway because they no longer in circulation but this
one here is uncirculated so like with the new banknotes what do I have one do
I have one here yes I do here we go so we date ones it’s a good idea if
you’re a banknote collector to probably keep some that are you uncirculated
actually probably keep all of them that you can find in uncirculated because you
know like as a retirement fund these should actually go up in value and in 20
years I’ll could probably sell this for like twenty to forty dollars depending
on the year probably not the first one be a bit less but if they print any into
this year or next year then I should be a lower run if you collect two this is a
2008 banknote and while this one mmm has a book value non-circular just $65 now hmm I’m questioning that valuation let’s
say has a book value for $20 we can probably sell it for like $10 now well
whatever I haven’t actually looked it up actually do sell these like this one
here is on the market and then we have Oh
the first prefix be a so they issued ba because AI was used on the first
printing and they don’t want to get then confused
so keep any first and last prefix you can actually check
the Reserve Bank of Australia website for first and last prefix 97 first
prefix 97 as well and the maximum amount of banknotes they actually print is 1
million each but it depends on the year because I don’t actually go through all
the whole numbers series so there might be only like 500,000 of each but these
bank notes but I can’t remember off my head be aid 2012 and Circulo look at
these a few years ago from change same with this one
mmm pd a– doesn’t i’ve actually very rarely gotten good numbers so i’ve her
be a 12 this one’s circulated and well you
better off keeping nice ones and here i have a damaged federation banknote so
this is 2001 but still I like these banknotes anyway because it awesome
they’re probably the best five dollar polymer issued didn’t I ten dollar
banknotes so these ones actually still around quite around except to fast and
free it’s not really common anymore Oh probably 2012 wait what have I got
here so got 2013 that’s still pretty common
two pairs a night here you can still get that probably pretty bad Nick I a 2013
definitely keep a ace hmm this one is actually not a common I don’t come
across it often is 2015 actually did issue these into circulation and this
would actually the last banknote printed of this series is 2015 and 2007 yeah not not really around much
anymore the newer banknote
I still don’t get them that often so these ones here just updated version I
made another video on that but yeah the 2015 should definitely keep where is
that again yep definitely keep it in any grade so this is a BC do I have a loss
prefix case if the last prefix of this one was a DF so this is actually a
pretty low run so you definitely keep this and also 2013 because he a live run
as well so keep 2013 2012 as well 2008 2007 was actually the last thing that
had a decent run so definitely keep these especially in high grades because
they’ll be worth a bit more in the future
but these ones yeah now you can’t really flog them off for over face value but
later on like in 20 years time this will be worth three times probably double
what you can get now so definitely keep them so anyway
alright say thank you very much for watching my video I did put these on
eBay just see how they go and he had a pretty slow not really I can’t really
get them fast maybe in the future they will go and please keep this video
thumbs up if you like Australian banner and that will awesome banknote
collecting time people