hey folks Sam here so I just finished a livestream where I talked about the significance of this meeting held in Switzerland with a number of central bankers from around the world and that the most important person there was the head of the BIS Agustin carts ins he has previously been negative on cryptocurrency but the suggestion that I got from some of these Riddler’s and people that drop hints was that he has changed his mind he’s changed his position on crypto get back to Twitter and today there’s this interview out and what does he have to say Chane can be very powerful for many alternative applications like for example in settlement systems in in keeping settlements of financial transactions so a some back-office applications so I think the technology by itself should be embraced and we should see what the uses of that technology should be so he did a complete 180 degree change in his position from being anti crypto to blockchains good for settlement and we should have topped it just days after he sat in a meeting and listened to Brad Garlin house talk about exactly that people say XRP is a banker shit coin it will never be used by the IMF or the central bank’s on and on all sorts of nonsense but what did you just see folks so tell me tell me what else are you still holding on to what reason do you have to sit there and say XRP is not going to be the global standard for value exchange the global liquidity provider for banks for corporations for central banks go ahead I’m listening [Music]