We’re here today because we want to do something
really special with our very first Bank of Scotland £5 polymer note. We launched the
design competition for children across the country trying to pick what BBC Children in
Need means to them. Over 4,500 entries were received. The judges, I think, had a really
hard time because there was so much imagination, creativity and design skills shown but Kayla’s
design really stood out. It’s really good because it’s like raising
money to help people. Kayla’s design is a real stand out just on
its own rights. I think it’s just a very original idea as well.
This is certainly the first one of its kind where we’ve had a member of the general public
win a design and we’ve had to try and recreate that. To work with the Children in Need project
is being highly secretive and much as you wanted to tell people you’re working on it
you’re unable to, but to actually get to the final result now it’s been fantastic.
We’re just making a very small number of these notes, they are very special, just 50 are
going to be made. And they’re going to be auctioned to raise what we hope will be lots
and lots of money for BBC Children in Need.