company currency EUR I will do sales on 1st Jan, and payment at end of month. for rate 1.28 and 1.50 will be applied respectively. product sales price 100 EUR Sales on 1st January, rate 1.28 got payment of $128.34 in my USD bank on 31st Jan customer pays same amount which we have invoiced. EUR falls down based on rate 1.50 and we have exchange loss entries with my patch applied today we receive EUR 85.56 in bank. I splitted 100 EUR in 2 lines. so we understand, $128.34=85.56 EUR today, however same reconciliation tag applied on these 2 RECEIVABLE account entry for, 14.44 EUR I put amount currency 0.0 because it’s difference entry. default entries without patch, which doesn’t give any information about $128.34=85.56EUR today default invoice-payment voucher flow I made similar entries from my patch thanks for watching šŸ˜‰