Hi, I’m Banker.
I’m excited to announce that Bankera Loans
will go live on Monday, July 22nd, 2019
Bankera Loans will offer flexible and secure
crypto-backed loans to private clients and
businesses globally.
All you have to do is follow our quick and
simple process.
Choose when and how much of your loan to repay.
Interest payments are debited monthly from
your loans wallet
Deposit assets in the currency of your planned
Choose the loan amount, withdrawal currency,
collateral currency, and loan duration to
meet your specific needs.
Loans withdrawals will be made directly to
your Bankera Loans wallet.
Bankera Loans are denominated in Euros, so
keep an eye on the value of your crypto collateral.
Repay your loan before maturity date.
Interest payments are debited automatically
every month from your loans wallet.
We are offering some of the best rates on
the market and no hidden fees.
Choose freely when to make loan repayments.
There is no schedule.
All you have to do is make sure the loan amount
is repaid before the loan maturity date.
We have been in business for over 6 years
operating SpectroCoin and keeping the assets
of 1 million clients safe with multiple layers
of security.
Get the financing you need and request a personal
or a business loan.
We are committed to providing flexible financial
Get a loan as low as 100 EUR.
We are very flexible with loan sizes and can
issue loans of almost any size, small or large.
Banker tokens help you both save and earn.
With BNK you always get lower interest rates.
Get financing without selling your cryptocurrencies.
Place Bitcoin, Ethereum or other crypto assets
as collateral and get a loan of up to 50%
of the collateral value.
Use a loan from us for leveraging positions,
diversifying your portfolio or for other investments
in your business.
We offer financing for various companies that
have crypto assets.
Use funds to invest in growth, get financing
for operational expenses or for other specific
business purposes you may have.
The Loan-to-Value ratio is expressed as the
percentage of the remaining loan value and
the current value, in Euros, of the collateral.
Maintaining a healthy LTV % is essential.
If the value of your collateral falls, it
will lead to a higher LTV %, and if it becomes
critical, your collateral may be liquidated
to satisfy a healthy LTV %. Should the value
of your collateral fall, I suggest you either
repay part of the loan or all of it.
Alternatively, I recommend increasing collateral.
That’s all for now.
See you soon, bye bye!