ONE HUNDRED EURO HELO TO EVERY ONE Let’s talk about REAL and FAKE 100EUR bill 1st thing – PAPER QUALITY We can feel right sound crackling of paper. “Sound of bill” FAKE gives other – not real sound. REAL bill papaer is tinner FAKE is thikker REAL bill paper dont crease FAKE bill paper crease OK, go ahead ! REAL – White zone (line) are lil bit of green shade. Not clear white – greeny. FAKE – White zone is more like yellow or grey. You can see it clear on this white background Next checkpoint šŸ™‚ Hologram It forms a circular rainbow rays Beautiful :)) Also there is two symbols: Arch & Hundred (100) FAKE got some ugly shine with no circular rainbow. Lil bit “Hundred” element, but NO ARCH SERIAL NUMBER drawing with your finger you can feel a relief FAKE got NO RELIEF PURPLE HUNDRED REAL shines a lil bit like nacre. Pruple + Micro GOLD elements FAKE got no shine, its just simple poor color. Under the ultraviolet lamp FAKE purple HUNDRED dont change color REAL purple HUNDRED change color REAL bill have shiny micro elements FAKE DONT Only thing FAKE shines under UV is STARS. REAL bill have STARS & MICROELEMENTS The LAST thing is signature of EU Bank President Under UV FAKE bill signature dissapears. Or stay blue. REAL BILL signature CHANGES to GREEN color So, I hope you get some useful CHARGE ! šŸ˜‰ Stay tuned ! Subscribe MONKEY ENTERTAINMENT ! SEE YA !