Banknotes come in all different shapes
sizes and some stand out from the rest for their unique qualities or design.
Today I’m going to discuss our top five picks for Banknote World’s most
interesting banknotes. Starting off with our fifth pick is Thailand’s 60 baht from
1987 that commemorates King Rama the Ninth’s sixtieth birthday with his
likeness on the obverse. The reverse side features the royal family. This banknote
is number five on our list for its unusual square shape. Its six and a
quarter inches in both width and height. At number four we have the han-satsu.
issued during the Edo period from 1603 to 1868 under the Tokugawa Shogunate. The daimyo were split into three hundred Han, or areas of land, by the Tokugawa
Shogunate and were given the power to issue banknotes hence the name han-satsu. These early banknotes were attached to a specific commodity such as rice or
silver. At number three we’ve chosen the Fijian $7.00 banknote. This banknote
commemorates the Fiji Seven’s rugby team that took home the gold at the 2016
Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. What makes this banknote interesting is
both its unique denomination and the changes that occur under UV light. Under
the light you can see team captain Kolinisau’s medal glow and on the reverse side
of the banknote you can see the entire team’s metals glow. Coming in at number 2 we have hell money. Hell money is considered a novelty banknote as it
holds no monetary value. What makes these banknotes interesting is that they are
labeled the official currency of the afterlife as they are burned in order to
bribe Yanluo, emperor of the underworld, for leniency towards the
deceased. In the number one spot for most interesting banknote we have the hundred
thousand Philippines peso. This hundred thousand Philippine peso from 1998 is
one of the world’s largest banknotes. This banknote measures 8 and a half by
14 inches. The front side of this banknote features the start of the
Philippines revolution. The back features the hundred year celebration of
Independence. I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the incredible banknotes
that exist thank you so much for tuning in please feel free to visit our website
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