so gday people are you going some of
you might know winter Hong Kong and I come back with some items so Oh we’ll
have to divide this one I’ve been to banknotes and coins so freeze digital
coins later so what banknotes did I get in Hong Kong
well my mother-in-law actually gave me some banknotes from Kazakhstan and
Russia when she went for holidays I’ll do another video on those so they can
extend quite beautiful Russia 100 rules senior don’t follow
their truck these two thousand rubles actually do about a Hong Kong banknotes
what did I get well over the previous years I actually haven’t got that many
paper banknotes but this time oh she got five paper banknote and one of them is
in almost uncirculated condition as it’ll be no would I cut in and not
folding bit like like a wavy well I can’t remember but anyway it’s part of
the actual printing process so some old paper banknotes these are not actually
that common this is the first time in few years actually got five so I hold it
for polymer ones so I sell these ones and then even eBay do all circulated and
they they sell pretty well for a few dollars old banknotes so I’ve got 1990
to 1997 so this one think 95 issue this one is the 93 issue that’s the oldest
thing that I’ve actually got surprised I actually got a pink nail like that most
people don’t click pink Nesser no 97 not bad whenever I just bc
95 so these ones you actually do find sort of in circulation but not that many
what is 2010 maybe because the serial number put that aside
96 wanted the 93 2003 series that’s 2006 yes a 15 this one is um Oh three four I
might have made another video these in it but this is the entire collection so
freefall beautiful fourteen these ones in Italy consecutive but they’re pretty
much uncirculated that’s why I kept them I doubt probably be replaced there below
this year next year sixteen nine and ten these are pretty much uncirculated auto
banknotes own I’m pretty well circulated this is my favorite series actually Hong
Kong banknotes 2009 which is almost uncirculated pretty hard to get I’d say
this was probably someone’s collection okay seven four seven three seven four
it’s an okay so seven four seven three seven four it’s like a serial number to
keep that’s probably why I kept it has one fold I’ll be extremely fine 2014 I
like the numbers on it 16 or kept these ghosts almost in sequence they’re pretty
much uncirculated and that’s why I kept those on um
tyrunt 2 3 4 5 6 2014 Thank You China so see that Bank of China is the second
highest banknote issuing entity ah got kept these quizzes serial numbers 2016
seems to be the communist stuff $500 banknote
like two of the new ones so 2018 now you can see beautiful still gonna make
another video on this one one thousand dollar bank night you don’t really
cities that often you need to actually go into bait to get these and a lot of
companies actually don’t accept one thousand dollar banknotes they’ve it’s
hard to give change or it’s a suspect a big counterfeit another one when I get
this no idea I kept this one because it shoots serial number five nine five two
six two it’s to fasten a nine or a series not too common
now sixteen I’ve got a replacement CH then your series another older one 2009 2008-2009 pretty good condition 2009
Oddie or do you really crap back nice if I don’t actually sell them I’ll actually
just go and spend them in Hong Kong next year now for 2009 2016 oh I kept these
the serial numbers are actually quite good but they’re pretty much a part for
me the damage up there probably extremely fine something like that
2009 2007 2015 keep this probably close to the number 2016 what I keep that phone number
probably another 2016 so she’s almost I’ll need the seven but didn’t get it oh
and I’ve got some Japanese banknotes so their numbers look okay this one see
lost prefixes easy for it to be total us that has to be annoying and fizzy on the
end but how it looks like Japan’s actually running a prefix or so should
actually print me something up a color soon anyway so those are the bank notes
that I’ve got a lot of old bank notes as you can see and well it’s good place
currently in Hong Kong at any one time there is five banknotes issued by the
banks that is the free bank says fifteen banknotes plus t these government once
at sixteen banknote sixteen different type of banknotes at any one time in
Hong Kong because they had the previous series we should actually make that 31
and with the paper banknote you should actually make that 32 so 32 different
types of banknotes then two new series I actually give six so that will be 38
different types of banknotes used in Hong Kong now and well I shouldn’t put
the old series which you hardly see that’s another 15 that’s 15 freeze in it
53 different types of banknotes at any one time so yeah it doesn’t really get
confusing because all banknotes are pretty much the same size okay
series since 1985 I think and they just good to click so thank you very much for
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