so hello fellow banknote collectors
this is a Glenn back with another video and anyway you know how you getting to
banknote in coin collecting and all of us other than you just noticed you have
too many banknotes you have too many coins what are you gonna do of them well
for the ones that don’t want that a low grade well once I double I just sell
them on eBay again you know I get most my stuff off eBay and I sell them on
eBay in so I love this stuff here then I’m gonna show today actually gonna put
on eBay and you can actually do the same because you know while eBay fees are
behind 15% yeah it’s the same as Amazon Etsy doesn’t allow you so sure but the
actual reach of the market is actually one of the largest so if you’ve got
something to sell and you do want to put it on eBay so here I’ve an Ethiopian
timber these are two fairs in the night so it’s got to date 2002 here tonight
so two fairs needs to Ethiopian calendar 2008 is the calendar the way used in the
West Georgia in calendar as you can see has a female as a map of Ethiopia –
Eretria so the banknotes before 1997 actually
had every trace I had the coast so she Opie is a landlocked country now
and on the back we have agriculture yeah I like that back no Syria so that’s
worth back think about 60 cents or something exchange rate that is but I’m
not gonna quote prices because prices vary widely and never won so I brought a
lot of tents I don’t need this one anymore
he’s the boy for 1 p.m. Bank now this is the most common aired a lot I do over 5
panels but I’m not actually gonna get rid of that on the back curves so here’s
a to cheaters and if you don’t know what boy furries it’s actually part of
Nigeria Nancy the Gulf Coast Nigeria you know they had a breakaway so they had a
civil war between 1967 and 1970 and this banknotes issue in roughly 1969 actually
had another version but I do over 1 pound better they have a here I’m just
gonna keep this one do you really 40 francs actually might
not be here on this so it’s actually quite like this has as you can see a
whale shark beautiful whale shark I actually want to go diving and see one
at least one day we have him off the coast of Australia up north in the
tropical areas on the back we about the port of Djibouti so 40 years of the
Republic of Djibouti beautiful and I got independence from France and here’s a
map of Djibouti so if you put a line straight from the
Gulf to that point there the bottom of this it’s actually smiley speaking and
the top of this up here is a fast speaking but they only have Arabic and
French on these banknotes so so those are the two languages of Djibouti and
this one’s I got ages ago done away from Mozambique Saudis overprinting Bank he
wears a beat here 1975 no these banknotes actually issued by two
Portuguese when they had motion because of the colony and on the back it just
has been conditional ultramarine sa screwed if red and that’s already the
watermark is the coat of arms of myself up something might um be yeah kind of
arm samosa beak so has that porch against harm soon the Mozambique out
there and he’s the decree that allowed these back not to be produced in 1961 no
bad thing then yeah I’ve got too many of these ones see these are Congo banknotes
so bullet in Frank is actually the smallest
being used so far two of about one cent so we have our figures this is 2003 and
on the back we have looks like a copy is in the watermark and we have a Kumi so
it has a name name in French so did didn’t honor no that’s not a commune has
named a Koopa tea boy Liuba poor Gluba copy is just one of the languages just
means 10 and has English as well 10 then we have the 20 frame looks awesome if a
line on it and on the back we have a female lioness with a cubs in under here
you can just vaguely see it I can’t actually make it out now but that’s
actually the printers name there so has a mic goomy BB and there’s 20 at the top
so not bad in this country actually doesn’t use coins these are all the
banknotes in circulation 5 50 francs mm I actually liked it when actually was
named Zaire and actually use the currency there it’s more independence in
Congo and a Frank thanks just a French version of it hopefully they’ll change
back sooner or later I have a traditional village – Congo and some
fish I’ve done actually read French and actually have these – 100 francs so in
1997 when these introduced these would be lightest make noise and as you can
see the Central Bank of Congo logo day this one’s raised should feel weird
this one’s just printed on and this is because inflation actually reduced its
babe this is raised as well that’s there’s still a lil bit right and as you
can see the e serial numbers actually not as good printed on it so the Le
version and say elephant so as you can see the colors are different as well and
in thee MA and also just has also changed here as well on the reverse we
have a power station for power lines which most Congolese probably don’t get
power they still have colored fibers which is been around for like 100 110
years or something like that in banknotes the Germans used them quite
extensively during the 1910s mmm as you can see this one’s a lot darker than
that so Congo banknotes you know Burma so
Burma issued weird denominations in the 80s this one’s a 15 KY yet it’s I’m so
on it and they issued a 35 45 75 and 90 so this is quite nice beautiful and
whatever burmese ones do I have I have one of my favourite banknotes here this
is why I have a look at that image no creature can’t remember what it was
called that name is beautiful he said 25 quiets of 1975 I read somewhere in that
time and it’s quite a large Bank now it’s beautiful to like the colors on it
awesome hello it unsung looks quite happy being picked it on a beautiful
banknote like that and this is a 25 clients so 50 and 100 cars actually do
monetize in the late 70s so there be hard to get especially a 50/50 seems to
be the hardest so it is a consecutive pair I’m gonna sell them like that these
ones I just upgraded so these ones are heading pork and
but these ones are quite nice as you can see they pin holes there and icicles all
these faint notes do so that’s cuz they were stapled together
if you collect Indian or Bangladeshi banknotes you’d actually find that
they’ve done the same thing as well so go fifty and a hundred cases are from
1965 round about that time as unsung on the back it has a Mandalay looks like a
pagoda and this is just upgrade my collection
so there’s another consecutive perish you can see no if you’re not too
familiar Cup on Wikipedia Burmese alphabet in Burmese numbers you’ll be
able to find it easy these are known the consecutive peer as well but one of
these has to go back into someone else’s collection and on the back just as a
water buffalo so these are actually the highest in nominations of their time
actually have a fifty ten five and one quiet as well now say she’d have one
quiet coin too so that’s pretty not really unusual oh I have a five thousand
Afghan Afghanis from before 2003 2004 and this is the second highest
denomination house is 10,000 this could have been issued under the Taliban we
just don’t know I want to move the different serial
numbers that are actually issued at the time and I actually did my camping up a
video one Afghan banknotes of this period because I actually have the lot
that’s why I need this one on the back he has a mausoleum and the watermark is
Justi logo for the bank of that Afghanistan Bank
so five fairs and Afghan is no longer in circulation Oh whatever but no together
oh when I went to Vietnam I actually got a lot of Vietnamese banknotes so these
ones are currently in circulation so we had two hundred dong we’ve heard you
mean and then you mana tractor I have a there’s not English consecutive here but
five hundred on and if you go to go to a public toilet you need to take these
banknotes because everywhere you have to pay for toilet facilities and here’s
that port same there another one five hundred then we have 1000 5000 money
insanely mm ah $100 ho Chi Minh these have looked mean
the old machinery in elephant with some logs and five hasn’t known also not
consecutive there on the back we just have a hydroelectric looks like
hydroelectric dam babe you and power lines this one sort of a be cut almost
to the edge and these should be quite common okay China won that one too thin
might I showed this before as a dc-3 on it company a bit of Chinese these ones
that do monetized in 2006 I believe they’re no longer legal tender Oh
Cambodia Cambodia People’s Republic on that coat of armor so in 79
so 1979 actually had to reintroduce this currency because the common Rouge
actually got rid of currency they got rid of cities – got rid of writing got
rid of anyone who had an education I mean really read
they’re all dead by now so anyway and it’s a rice farming which is still a
staple in Cambodian no some more Lebanese make nice lady says the
evolution you up a bit I think that’s the finish in that might
be the supination at Miami never tie in that might be the self Arabian into
Arabic so that’s the evolution of the Arabic script from Phoenicia man all
alphabets even the Cambodian one and the not Chinese one the mongolian the
tibetan the latin alphabet all of them are derived from Phoenician
because they were the first people to invent the alphabet as well as Eric and
even Bengali is evolution from and they seem so it’s quite an interesting so
1000 1000 lira with the evolution or finishing of it any back has pretty much
the same okay Hong Kong one cent so this will live with tender up in to 1995
innocency lowest denomination so 1945 they actually issued these banknotes
because they didn’t ever enough metal to actually mint coins and it wasn’t a
priority because Hong Kong was really not important to the British so that you
should DS banknotes I’ll show issued a five-and-ten-cent this one’s from the
1960s because of the signature it’s not bad
and they never issued one cent coins again they actually only should 5 cent
in 1948 1947 two minutes you remember Bangladesh 10 taka there’s a back at a
type of coin and they usually up to date wizard a tin Tucker come remember that
building 2002 these are these are no longer in circulation or old so this is
the oldest one that I have as a mosque everything the
size Magna desh has an another old building look at the hole in it
that’s a pity and someone stamped on them then we have 100 taka this is worth
about $2 Australian so not bad there’s a bridge on it 500 Parker so this is worth
their $10 strain so ending on the back we have another building this is a map
of Bangladesh there mmm so bad so this one’s been replaced now oh look at this
crappy banknote dad it very much like it so this this is a Romanian 10 lei from
1966 as you can see it’s in very poor condition so circulate quite a lot and I
do have a better one doesn’t need that anymore Slovenia from the 1990s one
color so this is a lowest banknote day issued in there and it has a mountains
in the background now finish it up to 5000 bad Spain on his sony 100 pesetas
and this one you can get with different number series some of them actually I
should keep this one of these numbers here some of them have one letter at the
front so I may have to this one is a number in a letter sign I’m not gonna
put you so I’m gonna keep that actually just notice that they have a look at
that V like that looks like I mean evil killer looks beautiful have to look that
building up the Netherlands tingled of 1968 this would have been equivalent to
ten Australian dollars they have looked blue blue is actually good color to use
on banknotes blue red and yellow and on the back is just an abstract form so you
can get ones with a circle this one doesn’t
a circle in the center day but get minds of a circle okay hungry ten Pingo this
is from the 1930s 1936 and then he shit up until 100 Pingo and here we have a
statue of I don’t know any of the coat of arms there no I’m hungry and it’s
actually quite a nice bacon on it so I got 20 so that need this one I was
trying to get he ever series Germany 20 right Schmucks I’m 1929 and as you can
see it has Verner von Siemens and it’s also in a watermark and with these ones
you can get different letters here so this is k1d back we just have a low core
features just means it represents something but no individual person bad
novel german bank night it’s as east germany 1948 dates just in there
and this is actually a if the dalish mark so up into 1962 no can’t remember
1964 I think I think I changed from deutsche mark to mark the DDR my of the
German Democratic Republic as you can see the watermark is just uh fifty and
I’ve got two of these so that named this one and you can actually get to serial
number combinations are thick and thin this one is actually one and they all
have different flight numbers they so this is 280 so I’m not worried by
collecting plate numbers another one here 327 so awesome so days she’d
happened to affairs and brush marks and the loss was half a dollar
ooh Brazil this is one more fight banknotes as well
five hundred odd those the 1980s nice beautiful green bang this one a few
Green Bank nurse actually nice another Brazil one from also think early
80s 70s 80s monk lousier doors so this this currency here Cruzado actually
replaced this core zero because of inflation and I have two same signatures
but I am like different signatures so on D back ah this is well so one of my
favorite brightness blue as you can see as Mikey steed Tim body and on the back
he has a blade this is s : I boo ya training school mmm blue what a
beautiful banknote daddies I actually quite liked it and I got free I need to
get rid of only one on one but sometimes I just go crazy and buy more these are
all the same signatures so that’s why that’s why I don’t really need him now
bulimia ten pesos bolivianos it has Bush dead
whoosh I know I said his name wrong but I can’t pronounce it this is printed by
Thomas De La Rue this is 1962 and here we have photo Z so I put Isis where they
actually used the minted coins and then actually meant them anymore
I say bread was a good color to use but this one at the internet that good so
here we have a Simon Bolivar liberator and Francisco de Miranda another
liberator of being a swelling from the Spanish this is 1989 and actually had a
they do actually have a coin better that no water actually you should spank no it
was pretty like their nomination at the time so maybe they’ll just run near the
coins and on the back we have a church that should actually put where the
churches cuz I’m people in a swell again races Church I’ve never seen it before
I hear this it’s your national sign a tional path neon so probably yeah the
War Memorial oh never Bank no need to go he’s this
Vietnam $500 from 1972 to 1975 these are not dated so I like the line near looks
quite a beautiful line and on the back we have the Parliament building with the
flag at the top but you can’t tell us us off Vietnamese flag and there’s a woman
there so that’s quite a nice painting actually like something it means
banknote and then I have a team all Portuguese team all 100 escudos issued
63 to 75 when I first they declared independence then in Indonesia invaded
so now this is called Timor Leste and as you can see it’s a coat of arms Timor so
that’s the team will coat of arms and it’s Portuguese one this is issued oh I
paint national odds on merino it’s now I need banknotes in Macau in another lot I
have to get rid of YZ is Papua New Guinea so these are all consecutive five
banknotes these are two fares and then eight paper banknotes and all paper
banknotes in Papua New Guinea of they’ve been to monitor so you can actually
spend them now I need the polymer once at legal tender you celebrates the 35th
anniversary of the Bank of Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea is one knee best
banknote India will sow the seed coat of arms in which is a bird of paradise this
is the Parliament building and it’s funny as legal tender for a Papa New
Guinea here you’re right and on the back it has a pig it has some
jewelry made out of they do seashells are these are cowering shells
most likely and these are such traditional items that are used by the
popular genious themselves and here’s the logo the bank of Papua New Guinea
its own nice nice and these come in two twenty and a hundred kina
so Kenya is their currency and I quite like them one day I’ll get the whole set
of Papua New Guinea banknotes because that would be awesome
so there I’ll leave the video don’t worry about the coins in the background
these are actually not to be sold like these self in the mainland
I actually have these Ethiopian ones on eBay already these ones to make enough
video trying to get the whole sit over there mean banknotes and coins banknotes
would be too hard to get so probably won’t be able to give it two shillings
from 1964 and make another video this is the second last Australian 50-cent coin
video the Aces coin you know I haven’t actually got the last one because it’s
very hard to get so anyone like to say thank you very much for watching my
video I hope you enjoy collecting banknotes and coins because they’re
awesome now awesome bring that collecting time
bugle bye bye