what up crypto world, it’s your boy muddy mo
aka the king of minnows aka to dapp whitepaper gawd! and this is crypto dapp yap y’all know you know muddy mo we talkin
about everything about crypto minnows how we can survive in this crypto world
and one thing I want y’all to know before we get into it that the most
valuable asset in life is time and so we cannot afford to waste it I know
sometimes a crypto you know we don’t have as much as others it’s gonna take
us more time to get our crypto but you stay with it one of the main things in
being a minnow what I call the minnow mindset is to be patient so just be
patient we don’t have our day all right gonna get the depth that’s gonna get us
all where we want to be with crypto all right one thing I want to touch on
before we jump into it also a lot of people in crypto they talk about trading
so if you’re going youtube library or steam it you’ll see a lot of bloggers
talking about crypto trading this and you know highs and lows you know all
kind of dictate basically just to trade just like stock trading but the trading
rules in which you can do the trade and get a lot more crypto now I will tell
you they are right to a certain degree there’s a lot of money to be made in
crypto trading however where we are financially with our crypto we’re not
quite there yet we’re gonna work there alright so just it’s a process you know
we just take take a day-by-day step at a time we’re gonna get there but we’re not
there yet but this is why the apps are very important to what we’re doing so
make sure you guys tune in and make sure you know keep track of what we’re doing
and let’s keep moving forward I yeah y’all want to hear more stay tuned
alright so let’s jump right off into this so first off let’s start off with
the bankroll Network alright so as I see if you got a little banker here now one
thing I like to do with my banker you know muddy motor king of minnows we
like to represent for the small smallest acts I every time I get some banker here
I use it it’s about you know 1 or 2 banker is kind of added up over time and
then right now all I’m doing is taking this banker here checking my banker and
putting that into the trying Depot all right the bank of trying Depot that
gives me more deals per day and in all with those days all I do is roll those
into my credits all right now you’ll also see that I have just the basic
mining going I generally wait to these deals hit 1
before I go ahead and freeze it now you got to think it’s all relative a lot of
people putting ten or twenty a hundred banker in the day we’re not there all
right and we are only on level one here so it just makes you got bad tentative
that move real quick moon every day y’all I know the minnows rules man we
invest put it back ad put it back just put it right back in all right i
journaled like the weights of these divs hit anything that’s over giving me one
moon all right that’s just that’s the middle all right all those don’t have to
do this but you know for us this is what we do man
we just go and put it more in once we put more once we were shooting once we
roll those this into the wallet that gives us more more total moon value all
right here you’re already know every day man every hour this is every hour if you
really want to do that every hour make sure you get your free rolls in and get
25 credits and then wrong with getting free money free cup of free crypto so
make sure y’all doing that credits and then someone will talk about an event
that’s going on or just just started a couple days ago this is huge all right I
already told y’all man credits is where it’s at I long term savings it’s gonna
give you did every day can’t no bank give you these kind of deals every day
all right so this is credits now yeah last time last video I talked about luck
all right so bank teller and the bankroll Network have a look mining
event right going on right now all right so essentially the top 20 I think on the
leader board you get I think it’s starting to like the top get like 6,000
banker and everybody else beyond that get a certain amount of back alright so
here’s a little bored of you know what people have been putting in and where
everybody stands according to that now as minnows that don’t mean nothing to us
alright don’t even worry about the event we not gonna win that all right it’s not
for us that’s alright the main thing we need to understand is
is there’s gonna be more flowing into credits because of this event alright so
all these events that’s going on don’t pay that don’t pay that no mind all
right that most of the time we’re not gonna win though that’s not for us all
right but we can’t benefit from it and in here we’re gonna be benefited by
getting credits every day all right so that minor vent that’s going on just sit
back lay back man collect your dudes man and if you want definitely put some luck
in here now the one thing I will be cautious of because I know you know once
you put put your tron into look just say you’re
putting 20 in 18 credits you get banker but one thing you gotta be careful of is
you’ll see a lot of people that’s reinvested they’re trying to win that
we’re trying to win that event right so they reinvested on these are good
numbers but you’ll see a lot of people just doing the minimum 20 and they just
Auto roll that so be careful because you’re not gonna get into the buddy you
know get your buddy trying it’s not gonna be a lot on for that right all
right so let’s check back in from last video I so you know last video we was
talking about pyro hex right he’s talking about you know putting your hex
in the pyro hex and making sure you getting in there early so you can get a
lot of deaths from this and power hex is that deal man in the streets this is
what we call hidden elite okay so right now Pyrex is that 71 min hex is crazy I
think when the first thought I was like 2030 million just been growing the
reason it’s been growing is because you make a lot more hex or return on your
hex if you put it in some power back instead of leading into hex
I’m a richer heart ain’t gonna hear that but it’s a fact it just is what it is
alright we minnows we got to get how we can all right so y’all see man I only
had 19 what is it 19,000 pyro and one day I’ve already made 813 power off of
this contract basically not for hex that I can withdraw all right
now that’s a lot of hex you already saw the other day and I’ll show you again
where my hex looking like but that’s a lot of hex you’re making more by putting
your hex into pirate you are you just are alright and we minnows man we don’t
have time to really worry about people feelings and none like that we’re trying
to come up all right so y’all see that man 904
that’s crazy it’s crazy for one day alright then alright let’s go to the
leaderboard now this is even more though alright so right now once you go to eat
the skin and check out the Pyrrha hex contract there’s only a hundred address
his that’s actually in this contract man we the very very beginning it is alright
can y’all imagine being at the very beginning to something like Apple Google
man these contracts can be these depths gonna be that big minutes was crazy
and it shows you the quantities and the percentage that each person has I think
that’s like but they’re all right show you where I’m at alright so no we a
minnow you know muddy mo king of minnows mammal minnow let me show you where I am
and I made nine hundred hex on that y’all saw how much I was getting another
day nineteen wrecks right nineteen thousand
Dean that’s what we are so this is where muddy Moe is right now
right I think it nothing for I can’t even get a master no see I can hit that
plane I don’t have enough gotta have a hunt animal so I’m just telling y’all
man this is this this is really really worthwhile man get into pyrex if you’re
in hex you gotta flip that over to Pyrex now
make sure you keep something still in hex because you never know what’s gonna
happen but you know people are still going into this contract and you know
remember 10% of their dudes come when they need the contract too so we gonna
get more on the way out all right and let me show you what my hex is so now
the hex I’m taking a different strategy now I’ve seen power hex is booming you
know just a minnow strategy man there’s no reason for me by that much hex alone
I’m just gonna slow down buying it and I myself I’m mistaken I’m on my path it is
what it is bro we minutes on your breath but this this the thing you know right
now I’m gonna wait on these contracts to end and I’m gonna are gonna lie I’m
gonna put them in Pyrex before the show turn for the time being to some changes
because my look check I put 11,000 hex basically half of what I got in Pyrex
right now and I’m getting 23 and that’s been what
20 some days I just made 900 hex over there you see what I’m saying so make
sure y’all being smart about how you moving and we minnows we gotta move wise
if we gotta be ahead of the game headed a curve all right people gonna
catch on that contract it’s gonna blow up
all right I boom so let’s talk about token air to get all right so talking
they’re doing good man just you know it’s pretty much you know I’m trying to
add tokens every day the price is going down so that floors dropping so you know
the floor is dropping who does that benefit that benefits the poor people us
minnows I so basa by some talk token Keuka nears if you
can I already told you I’m very confident in token there man just
because of the partnerships that he’s doing so make sure you keep stacking
that all right so be back to you know one of money most favors already told
y’all about this first man bit legs all right so now let’s check it out
you know I already told y’all man right now it’s still early man it’s very very
early you know as minnows as to poor people in crypto we got an ace stick
together and B we have to jump on two different days early
right now everybody that got some a lot of crypto is over in trial lounge I’ll
talk about that at another time but for now bit Lex is where it’s at for us all
right I’m talking about the minnows the king of minnows talking to you all right
now I will tell you that these dividends were lower they go and I got nervous man
go away don’t do it to me bro it was down like 33,000 for this you see it
jumping right back up all right that’s a very very good sign that means it’s
healthy all right that’s very good you see my dears there um that’s good for
you know we minnows man that’s a lot of that’s a lot of trying for me every day
I never seen that for so make sure y’all check out bids like shot I know that’s a
money mo favorite especially for the minnow all right now last but not least
I’m gonna let me talk about crypto tab alright so if you have compute
at your home a desktop laptop I don’t care what you got if you got a MacBook
Pro if you got a Windows if you got a Acer whatever you got whatever community
you got when you open up the internet and you browse let’s call it a browser
so typically people use Safari you know they use Chrome and things like that
what you need to do my links in the description
hit crypto tab and go get crypto tap and download that you need to get crypto tap
what it does is it lets you mine with your computer’s power so even if you’re
not on your computer you’re still getting big corn right I got this over
the last month now you see right now I have no affiliates right it’s just me
just all me and I don’t do this often cuz I got a lot of stuff going on on my
computer but make sure that y’all realized man that this is fire that
you’re gonna get free Bitcoin but just suck browsing the internet now most
things all you got to sign up you gotta do this all this extra stuff you don’t
have to do anything for this alright hit that link in the description more stay
tuned and man thank y’all for rockin out with me I truly truly appreciate it it’s
your boy muddy mo aka the king of minnows making Aidid my paper rock and
you’ve just experienced crypto damn yeah alright now if you’re interested in
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