Hello dear students, and welcome to the Basic cryptocurrency trading course. I am Petko Aleksandrov the chief trader at EA Forex Academy. I have already recorded many courses for cryptocurrency trading, for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, algorithmic trading for the cryptocurrencies and manual trading strategies. But now, I have decided to create a course starting from the basics. Going through a manual trading, reaching to the advanced algorithmic trading in cryptocurrencies. We will start from the very basics. I will show you the different chart types. We will cover the bars and the candlesticks. We will go through the different time frames, the spread and the swap that we pay to the broker. I will show you what is pips and points and how to recognize them. The leverage and the margin which is very important. The different types of orders that we can execute on the trading platforms, how we use Stop Loss and Take Profit. And what manual trading strategy you can use for the cryptocurrencies and at the end I will show you an algorithmic trading system. If you have any questions during the course, just let me know. My name is Petko Aleksandrov and I will respond you always within 12 hours. Cheers.