buy and hold guys buy and hodl
cryptocurrency Bitcoin today we’re going
to speak about what is the best strategy
in my opinion to build your cryptocurrency
portfolio here we are today my name is
Eric, Buenos Aires very European city
beautiful to visit but today I’m
going to speak something else guys you
can buy see in the news media how
Bitcoin what they can tell you that is a
report basically it’s a level that is
gonna explode at one moment I think very
differently because of what is the
technology behind and this is the reason
why I say buying our home buy a whole if
idiom VidCon or any other alcohol where
you can find intrinsic value and this is
the moment that I had to tell you guys
that is the most important thing to
analyze the intrinsic value so you might
see today that Bitcoin reached eleven
thousand dollars
it is video five hundred dollars what
I’m speaking is something totally
different that’s something that is not
related to the price the price is an
actual reflection of the associative
appreciate appreciation of the general
public trading cryptocurrency but what
you need to analyze to become an smart
investor investor are the variables that
build the intrinsic value of each
currency that you wanna invest it so
guys click the link below is around this
video sub where you’re gonna find there
the three key fundamentals to invest in
finding intrinsic value and also lies if
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wanna share it with friends this is
really important information
dog is hesitate to share it if you like
it like it and if you have any doubt
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discussion we can exchange any kind of
idea so guys thank you for give me today
and see you next time