hello people are you going there’s a
Glenn again coming back to you some beautiful banknotes yeah in this video
I’ll just show you one banknote from a series that I think if you collect
banknotes you should get because they are all beautiful I’ve got the lowest
banknotes of each series but they are representative of the rest of the
banknotes in that the design is pretty much the same and probably not the same
but that the way they’ve design is pretty much the same and they are all
actually beautiful throughout the whole series so first one I have it’s a
polymer banknote is from all dives as a well dive script which is is a
descendant of the Arabic script okay just as a person climb in for coconuts
and traditional women and course you know not question you know traditional
clothes playing drums looks like this is a coconuts here and he has um probably
Islamic pattern name I’m not sure that looks like a
coelacanth title anyway and it has Islamic guy patterns all around it and
what I like you say see how you can see those patterns that reflecting the light
that’s what I like about you speak neck really it’s interesting and on the back
we have two large drum the dowel plane and information in English and the most
important things especially for blind people
these are this imprint here it’s like Braille or something that when
they touch it they know what pink nose it is so that’s one series that Eric and
you should get the second month is Uganda okay so it has looks like a
monolith there and this looks like a forest scene tired
of arms and this whole series actually I think that one banknotes of the year and
a few years ago so this is quite beautiful it’s a map of it yeah you can down as
some not too short dar they’re not cuz the other a big big
too big yourself it no there’s a traditional pattern there mmm that looks
like like it statue of some sort maybe think I’m hala the capital and it’s a
watermark they have 1000 in not sure what birthday these probably Rhea no
Ria’s self America ostrich no it doesn’t look like an ostrich I looked at up does
this have any water max know those have that there okay verb 1
Macedonia these were issued in there I mean early 90s I think that’s supposed
to be a statue of Isis this looks like a bust of septimus severus I’m not too
sure it could be Greek but I’m unable to find information on
that bust tip a greco-roman anyway okay we have it looks like a jaw phobia am i
rectus in the end Apollo’s not in the back he’s a Roman oh we call tapestry as
a peacock looks like set olives not too sure and I
docked when you find needs all over Europe we the Roman Empire was
established looks like I said Doric column
top yeah yeah Statue of Isis is a wooden man yeah
that’s a security these banknotes are quite good
they issued in tendinous I’m not sure these are in circulation anymore but
these two are in circulation so if you’re gonna collect any bank no series
well dives Uganda Macedonia you should start there okay thank you
very much and watch my presentation and have a
nice day