hello everyone this is money collector
and today what we are having easy banknotes all over the world not all of
them but few and some selected these banknotes came from a friend he sent to
me on me and he said his Seafarer and this is what he collected by traveling by the sea and every time he way go to
the port he collects some banknotes for souvenirs and he got spares and he gave
this to me sent to me and actually this pockets Cape Rama or came here a week
already and today what we have here is these banknotes this is the Trinidad and
Tobago $20 a very beautiful banknote and this one is a year 2002 here don’t know
if the money changer accept this but in this place the dot accept this and this
is the bird series for me and my own collection because there is a bird here
and also here this is Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago $20 issued in
accordance with the central bank chapter seventy nine point zero two
series of 2002 and on the reverse is the central bank and
all tobacco maybe Andres a bird here and the $20 and there is a drums here and
the next you have this actually I have already I think six pieces four pieces
this this is a 1000 lire / lira 1000 lira merely from Italy this is maria
montessori next this five herb mia ukraine this is the word ukraine Central
Bank Ukraine I think if I perturb Nia is a blue and is I think a hero or a priest
or a king of Ukraine and there is a castle or church here this is a church
because there is a cross here the next we have this two pieces of 10 in general
P and this is Wanda’s candy next we also have these yes I think this is the one you want
from China also more ringing in him you will say this is one new one from China
I also have this one new one oh I don’t know what here is this 1996 also and
this one is a commemorative banknote I think this is Mao Zedong or jihad is
1893 I don’t know if you can see that 1893 1976 Saudi I think the birth of
budget on this is a year 1999 1 2 3 four five six seven pieces of this one
you won and in the reverse this is a jungle ringing in here next what is this
this 1000 of ghani’s from Afghanistan it is a dumb here next we have a lot of
this one we are from Saudi Arabia everybody knows the bank models are the
Arabia next this is a combustion real 100 and this is a 500 so we have 600
combustion real I think this is Angkor Wat we have this six malaysian ringgit i have already one
of this this is blue one the one ingot and the blue one and this is a polymer
plastic submersible to water and this is a another bird series this is a gong or
gong or saying a gun is our m1 or 1malaysia trinket have this 50 Mexican peso or dollars pesos here these six thousand dong from Vietnam very
simple also did this logo oars from China I don’t know yes it’s the same
from China but the difference is only the stars as you can see the this
another four stars here in China and this one is only one then X is 3
brazilian real or yeah yes area and there are bird series also this one
is from Indonesia 1000 Indonesian or P or cerebro rupiah and this is the now
towba mountain in indonesia and this is a year 1992 reverse this is a game in
indonesia and we also have this i have a lot of this already this is a 10 Russian
ruble or oubli there’s a breed here of famous which may be in Russia and there
is also a damn water done water people have this Argentinian ten pesos or Jesus
pesos convertible a sticker so legal this Bangko Sentral della republica
argentina and this monumental abanda Rosario Republic are in tina in onion
Libertad so this is my currency bank notes that I’ve received last week and
there is no coins the person or the man or the friend who gave this to me says
that the post office will not allow the the coins to be delivered by a courier
to those who are working in the courier company please allow us numismatic
community to send coins and receive coins because we are also helping your
company grow we are not laundering money as you can
see this is not the valuable money or convertible to actual class because most
of this is a in we need already or connect the use for
public consumption or transportation whatever so please allow the numismatic
community to send banknotes and currencies I will not name them the same
also with the postal office they are not allowing it so if we have friends that
want our currency banknotes bear with us we understand it is alone you know it is
called the laundering or hoarding is punishable by law so we are afraid of
doing it so it has just comply and we hope that they will change the law but
they will allow us and this is our banknotes collection all over the world
Asia Europe Russia South Africa we don’t have South Africa and Latin America
most desires of the station and Island and acts maybe we will review also
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