so hello fellow bank new characters
visibly back with another video and today I have one of the best banknote
series that was ever issued according to me so I actually collect banknotes
and this one is one of the most colorful and also one of the best design
so these Bennett’s are from suing him to a central bank bansuri now and the
initial language of Suriname is Dutch it has a population of roughly about half a
million people they don’t use these anymore so this series is actually the
Goodwin series so if I turn II bother he says if golden which is Dutch for
five golden and this series was replaced at one thousand golden it was one
Suriname dollar and four Suriname this is actually the best banknote series the
previous series was not really good he had a the central bank building it was
colorful but the design was not as good in the dollar series afterwards yeah
that that could be better as well that has the central bank building as well
but in a different design than the previous series so as you can see there
is a plant on this side and on the other side there is a bird and it occurs on
all these banknotes here I have the 5 10 25 and 100 golden
there was no 50 any ever denominations 500 1000 5000 10,000 25,000 and the ten
and twenty five thousand actually quite hard to get because they were the
highest denomination time and I cannot really find good
examples anyway usually they’re in circulated condition so the watermark is
the central bank building and that occurs on all of them so so what are the
animals and plants on these bank notes so only five we have the passion flower
so this is a passion fruit Pasi floor quadrangle iris and he’s the
genius Pasi floor actually occurs on very
extensively this is a fruit that I’m I quite like to eat
I love passion fruits awesome see he has a scientific name at the top as the
central bank building at the back it has a bat so if you look on the other side
yeah it’s bad so some areas are shaded and some areas are shaded here and if
you hold it up it should actually form a full picture of a bat and it has a
central bank logo here and you see this totally beneath you
passion fruit is a vine so it needs to climb up something and these actually
attach onto whatever you can get hold of and it makes a support and here is the
flower so that I have it put any fruit there and on this side we have the
redneck woodpecker so you see the head is red
redneck woodpecker so like blooming Johnny tail feathers and here we have
the coat of arms over Suriname and we have butterflies there which form and
say security feature and this is another security feature you can see it as a
five showing up there it’s most likely UV so just probably show up in the UV
and the butterflies on the other side no it has a security frayed which has a central bank and looks like the
denomination as well he has the signature of the president so let’s go
on to the second one here we have the tangled room so with the equivalent
currencies is worth once in and when they did not greet denominated the
currency to the dollar they actually allowed the previous coins to be reused
again and this is well very not unique Zimbabwe done in 2009 but it’s a good
reuse of coinage so just to because they like value anyway in any denomination
any currency to reuse them actually saves money in minting extra coins again
which are too many things more economical so on this side we have the
black-throated Mongo and you can see the 19’s be hard to read info code for X
very Aquila so they should have probably moved at probably some way up here where
you can actually read a bit and here we have a looks like a beetle with its
wings yes beetles have wings and they can fly
so this looks like a type of beetle and I can’t find any information what type
of beetle sale so here we have the map of Suriname and up there with looks like
we have a forest you know personal and that’s a first thing on the reverse we
have the Scarlet star flower so you know so this one should have been in black so
let’s be hard to read goos mania lingu life
and same as before these two images match up so that’s
quite a nice red flower I quite like that it looks like it’s radiating out
from here didn’t look like on the five no it’s
quite a nice flower e25 Gordon so it’s equivalent to two and a half cents but
the lowest coin actually have his is it oh it’s one cent they actually don’t
have a two-and-a-half denomination here is the red-billed to town so to Kenny’s
actually quite a large parrot as you can see has a bread bill and the scientific
name is Ren fastest to conness and here we have looks like a praying mantis
which occur on most continents probably except the entire picker which is too
cold and this is a predatory animal it flings its arms out to catch prey in the
eat alive and look you can actually read that their nests quite good and here we
have more butterflies here’s a twenty five indie awesome in all the serial
numbers that will they so do with no yeah ap AZ and then I’ll
have to date mm so these we use for about four years into 2004 on the other
side we have the cannonball flower so you can read the name up here couroupita
guaianensis so going on ERISA you know northern so you got French Guiana – okay
we go Suriname on this side we got French Guiana this side we’ve got Guyana
– to our independent countries actually no French Guiana is part of France so
we have the flower of the cannibal flower cannonball no it looks like a so
this actually looks like Campbell not too sure why maybe it’s just a beak
fruit that’s the size of a cannibal so there’s a flower there and he needs some
more flower looks like a fruit and some leaves and here’s the other side of deep
praying mantis no like it also because see how they do you nomination changes
color from looks like black to red I quite like that in the same thing yeah
and here we have the article 260 which I allowed these bigness to be issued in
the everyone’s which is equivalent to 10 Suriname since is the Sandra Gordon and
you can see this has more upgraded security features so it doesn’t have
this 25 here or just a plain color denomination has actually has a silver
McCulloch butterfly in on this side this is a long-tailed permit fayed torna
super kilo neurosis so if you actually want to read these names you need to
learn Latin and Greek pronunciation doesn’t bit hard to me and here we have
a chameleon so this is a type of reptile as you can see it has opposable hint
fingers like we do on both the front and back and also can change color as well
but the eyes are on both sides of its head yeah this one is a three different
birds in flight of different colors looks like a type of a honeyeater but it
has a long bill which it puts into the flower and it gets the pollen or not
like the pollen the nectar at a flower which ate and the pollen
actually attaches to the body then when it goes to another plant you can
actually fertilize that of a plant nice bread thank you and on this side we
out there frangipani flower plumeria rubra so you can read it then you and
looks quite nice say actually like paint notes offer the flora and fauna series
and I saw like banknotes with animals on it
my wife she doesn’t like pink notes with people in it yeah it’s understandable
because uh people from your boring like me I’m very boring and look deal I will
deal a bit painted these notes yes they did not send him to fonts we find so
very upset so I hope you like these banknotes
I think they quite know some series one are the best in the world
Peter Donna use them and a pity they use currency there Lisa banknotes er yeah
one team or yeah definitely wanting I’m looking to Mon you mr. Neil I mean not
know miss Donna banknotes WS this website that I use you know I have
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