well at the beginning so there was no
roadmap on how to do it I basically had to really assess the my target customer
and think of what they would need – not only what they knew that they needed but
what I thought that they would need that they didn’t know yet because they had
never lived in a foreign country it’s a really big lifestyle change to go from
status quo to location independent so it can be a process over a few years just
like just like people like Tim Ferriss just like people like me, who, we didn’t
even know what we were getting into when we started and it’s only over the years
looking back that you really realize the journey my – my view is that this 9-to-5
will at one point just be a very tiny blip in the radar of human history yeah
because we used to do physical work and physical labor and then it went to
factories and then offices and once the general public and like mass population
realizes that their jobs can be done from anywhere – why shouldn’t they be? instead of looking at your career as
like “what do you do” – it’s like, what CAN you do and how can you distribute your
skills over a wide variety of possible income sources and at the same time
being able to be fulfilled and like give back contribute something to
the world so I always thought of myself as a bit of a jack-of-all-trades and a
lot of my friends and family members knew that they were passionate about one
specific thing but I had a lot of diverse interest and I used to think
that that was a negative in some way but in hindsight having these different
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