Best Pens & Accessories for the Hobonichi Techo Planner The Hobonichi Techo needs no introduction. This one day per page planner has plenty of space to set goals, celebrate achievements, and write about everyday life. However, its special paper can pose a challenge when it comes to picking the right supplies. Here are our picks for the best pens and accessories for the Hobonichi Techo. In this video, we’ll use the A5 Cousin book. Let’s get started! Pens & Pencils Best Fountain Pen & Ink The Pilot Kakuno matches the whimsical aesthetic of many Hobonichi covers. You can pick from eleven charming and sophisticated shades. We especially like the extra fine nib, but all 3 nib sizes write comfortably in the 3.7 mm grid. Don’t feel limited by small nib sizes though! The Tomoe River paper inside the Hobonichi Techo is great for testing your favorite extra-broad nibs, especially with inks that sheen and
shade, or are packed with glitter. We couldn’t possibly recommend all of our favorite inks, but here are just a few. Best Ballpoint Pen For jotting notes on the go, try the Pilot Acroball Ballpoint Pen We found that other low-viscosity ballpoint pens felt too slippery on Tomoe River paper. Pilot’s Acroball pens have a slight amount of resistance, so the tip stayed exactly where we wanted it to. Even if you close the book right away, the ink won’t transfer to the opposite page! Best Gel Pen The Zebra Sarasa Mark On is one of our favorite gel pens, because you can highlight over it right away! It’s also extremely fast drying: in our tests, it dried on Tomoe River paper in five seconds. It’s only available in black, blue and red, so if you need more colors, check out the regular Sarasa Push Clip line. The huge selection of tip sizes and colors make it a perfect match for color-coders and journalers. However, it does take a significantly longer time to dry. Best Highlighter These double-sided Iconic 2 Way Marker Pens let you highlight and write with the same pen. Not only did the ink dry quickly, it did not bleed through the page. However, we don’t recommend highlighting text written with gel pens unless you let the ink dry for at least eight hours. Best Wooden Pencil Very soft leads might feel too slippery on Hobonichi paper. We recommend a pencil with a hint of grit, like the Staedtler Mars Lumograph. This humble pencil is easy to control and erases cleanly. It comes in a wide range of lead grades for writers and artists. Accessories Best Eraser Because Tomoe River paper is so thin, it can crumple when used with very firm erasers. The Sakura Foam Eraser is pillowy soft and requires only the lightest touch to erase graphite marks. Plus, the eraser dust clumps so you won’t have to worry about shavings all over your desk. Best Glue The Tombow Mono Adhesive Tape Runner is an excellent way to add photos, memorabilia, and other keepsakes to your Hobonichi Techo. Unlike liquid or stick glues, this tape runner won’t bleed or cause the page to warp. You can pick between several different types of adhesive, including a removable version. Best Index Tabs The cute Midori Chiratto Index Tabs let you keep track of important pages. Each set of 24 tabs come with or without numbers. They’re designed to stick out 2.5 millimeters from the page, so they stay protected if you pair your Hobonichi Techo with a cover. The tabs also coordinate perfectly with the colored monthly indicators on each page. You can also keep a pack in the cover’s pockets to always have them on hand. Best Ink Pad These adorable Tsukineko VersaMagic Dew Drops are some of our favorite ink pads. The teardrop shape lets you ink tiny details and larger areas with ease. They come in a wide variety of vibrant and pastel hues that resist bleeding through the thin pages of the Hobonichi Techo. Best Stickers The Suatelier Planner Stickers aren’t just for decorating pages. They’re also a useful way to accent important dates in monthly calendars. The geometric stickers come in translucent designs as well as patterned ones with a washi paper-like texture. What are your favorite supplies to use in the Hobonichi Techo? Let us know in the comments below. You can shop all of these products and more at Thanks for watching!