who read the comments yesterday gave a
little inside information there here
got a question set about sealing ripple
how it works and stuff like that and I
gave a little nugget here
I think ripple will go up today this was
seven hours ago and if we look here two
markets we can see that ripple went up
55% since ripple was 70 cents at that
time and now that’s a dollar 18 it
doesn’t go it doesn’t always go like
this but boy is it sweet when it does
today I want to talk about finance how
it works how it works
I’ve been getting a ton of questions
about how to buy Burch buying ripple how
finance works super newbie wanted to ask
if you thought it was safe to hold a
bunch of different alt coins on Finance
I you know it’s safe but it’s not safe
you know can we can we trust any
exchange I don’t know because you know a
lot of exchanges they can claim to be
hacked well they’re you know they just
run away with the money
basically they can do this but today I
want to show you my favorite exchange
which is by Nance right now for the
simple reason that you pay very little
fees and if you look here you can
actually see that if you have the
finance coin you you get a 50% discount
so you pay 0.1% fee here in finance and
if you hold B and B here you actually
pay 50% of that which I think it’s
pretty smart if you think about it
because this will stimulate people to
get finance Kuan which will then in turn
make the value go up of course but today
I don’t want to talk about that I want
to talk about how to how it works how
you can trade how you can buy verge or
ripple or Manero or whatever coin you
wants finance offers a lot of points on
the platform
and basically what you want to do is
first step is get yourself some either
Bitcoin Bitcoin cash I think it’s also
acceptable Bitcoin or aetherium or like
coin I would prefer to use etherium and
light coin for this for the simple
reason that the Bitcoin fees are a
little bit higher so if you don’t have
it already I have a link in the
description where you can buy not only
Bitcoin it’s a link going to home base
not only you can buy Bitcoin there also
aetherium Bitcoin cash since recently
and like coin in this example I’m gonna
use aetherium we just want to hit cent
after buying it I have another video by
the way on how to buy cryptocurrency
using coin base but you want to buy and
then you want to go to your fonts and
then the plot deposit withdrawals then
you end up here you type any theorem
here you get eath and then you hit
deposit you copy this address punch it
in here enter the amount you want and
you see here it’s 68 cents so you pay
very little and fee plus it’s probably
gonna arrive there faster than it would
with Bitcoin because Bitcoin has some
serious issues so once it’s in there you
see here your estimated value all that
good stuff you see all the coins that
you hold here or you you know you see
ether in there and then what you want to
do is you want to go to exchange for
every trait you make you pay a little
fee it’s 0.1% or if you old buy Nance
coin you pay half of that for the first
year and then after that it is
like I think 25% of that and then it
goes down as you move on but you can
find out all the information here second
year you pay 25% and then twelve and a
half and then you know or the discounts
um so once you have that you want to go
to your exchange so you go exchange
basic and then you want to type in here
or you can use advanced if you want that
and then you want to you want to type in
whatever you want so if you want furch
you do x fiji you click it and then you
can see the markets here I’m gonna go
into the indicators later and how you
trade and actually see trends and stuff
like that and yesterday was a pretty
good day like I said I spotted um Ripple
but so the cells the cell orders are
gonna be here and the buyers are gonna
be here so what you want to do is you
want to buy oh this is with Bitcoin by
the way I’m gonna do a theory em and
then fir cheat there because you have a
theorem in there now so you want to buy
um for this price for this price let’s
say and then amount of birds you want
let’s say a thousand right and then you
hit by and once you do it arrives here
in the buy orders and then someone here
the sellers are gonna sell you some at
that price and then it’s gonna arrive in
your wallet is it safe to hold it in
this wallet yes and no what I would
suggest for you to do when you have this
exchange wallet you want to go to your
account and you want to make sure that
your two-factor authentication
authentication is on so basically you
enable it and you scan the QR codes that
appears on your on an app called Aussie
or Google
authenticate er the Google Authenticator
logo in the app store looks like this
and you can just download it scan it
it’s in there it is a code on your
smartphone that renews every 30 seconds
so every 30 seconds you get a new code
that makes it more secure for you
another thing that I recommend is this
for holding alt coins it’s a little
thing ledger this is probably easier to
see and it’s safer because you hold the
private keys here and you know this
cannot be hacked so but you know it only
supports like I think like 30 coins
right now and Finance has a lot more
coins on here so for the time being you
know the coins that don’t that are not
supported on the ledger I’m holding in
exchanges I’m using various exchanges
like I said I like finance the best but
that’s just personal preference I have a
link to buy dance in my description you
can check that out if you want I hope
this video was helpful if it helped you
out let me know in the comments if you
have any questions let me know in the
comments and I’m really curious who of
you guys saw ripple come in and bought
in and yeah that’s it
that’s it for today see you guys
tomorrow and until then stop settling
and start living the coin life