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multi sees reality but Henry law of the
Hong Kong dollar fame long live Hong
Kong the next 100x altcoin won’t be any
of the existing ones he says many bag
holders of old 2017 alts old 27 oz are
happy to leave at their break even
points new alts have much for your room
for price discovery well I think you
mean newer alts uh will have more
gamblers gambling on them and we have no
idea which ones will 100 X and it’s
totally insane to gamble on them but
there’ll be one that does better than
current alts so just hold your Bitcoin
tell Matt like but alright oh man so
out of Korea we were just talking about
Hong Kong there thank you Henry again
but there is a new wallet the Descent
wallet it’s a hardware wallet biometrics
authentication built-in fingerprint
scanner adds convenience and enhanced
security for access control and fast
transaction signing I found out about
this because of when I was doing my
research on the a Wyoming event that
just happened and they were there with
their wallet and it looks pretty cool to
use a fingerprint to work your hardware
wallet that’s that’s a little bit
different than the Tresor so I link to
it below tell me what you think about it
hey compete don’t complain I’m glad
there’s there’s more competition in the
hardware while at space I had not heard
of these guys before again they’re out
of Korea decent wallet comm link to
below with your fingerprints and it’s
great biometrics alright so let’s go to
another part of the world I’m taking you
all around the world I just also wanted
to see roller coaster of love for some
reason found that like button roll
acoustic alright now I product probably
thinking of another song it’s about
going around the world but I’m just
thinking about roller coasters
alright South Africa’s banking strike
what you need to know according to the
alright so people who work at banks in
South Africa are gonna have go on strike
on Friday the banking association and
we’ll tie this in the big coin well
first of all Bitcoin never goes on
strike pound that like button the bet I
mean that’s the one of the bigger
takeaways from this but there’s a little
bit more the banking association South
Africa basa says that its members are
taking the necessary precautions to
minimize disruption and inconvenience
customers ahead of the proposed protest
action on February the 20s I’m good on
Friday the 27th of September
the statement on Monday yesterday basa
said that banks will be operating as
usual on that day however in case of
unavoidable disruptions at branches
betting customers should as far as
possible make use of digital banking
services it’s said the Union is upset
with the increased digitalization of
banking practices hmm it’s caused
significant retrenchments and many of
our major banks including 1200 job
losses at 91 standard bank branches the
workforce have had enough and unless
groundbreaking interventions are made by
the end of the week a banking shutdown
will grip South Africa now you know
South Africa’s pretty status you know I
wouldn’t be shocked if eventually the
the government mandates that all banks
has to have to hire a certain amount of
bank tellers but banks are realizing
they don’t need bank tellers anymore in
the United States I bet we won’t have
bank tellers at all by the end of the
2020s there might be people who work in
the banks but they’re becoming useless I
mean everything can be did you
everything can be turned into a machine
a machine give you everything and so
these people were angry in South Africa
they’re gonna go on strike okay let them
go on strike but is Bitcoin forcing its
gonna it’s gonna put pressure on these
guys in the future to digitalize because
obviously bitcoin is totally digital so
is that the regular Fiat banks are
competing with something that is totally
nimble and digital hires no one needs no
needs no employees to work correctly you
save your money in Bitcoin you save your
Bitcoin you control your own private key
you don’t need anyone to look at you
don’t need the withdrawal it
you didn’t need though to log into some
website to access it and maybe the
websites down because the bank got shut
down Bitcoin doesn’t run out bitcoin
doesn’t have bank runs a bank run could
happen because of this by the way
because some people are worried they’re
not going
get their money they might pull all the
money out on Thursday who knows what
could have what could happen there but
it’s interesting to to see that maybe no
maybes and if these banks want to
compete with Bitcoin they’re gonna have
to become more digital which will force
them to fire more people which will
create more angry union members etc etc
so that there’s your little time in
there but the bigger biggest takeaway is
that Bitcoin does go on strike and if
you’re in South Africa I don’t know why
you still have a bank account with Rand
in it I really I don’t I don’t get it
man I mean you just have a credit card
paper stuff can’t you alright if you
need to use Fiat and well you you do
need to use for yet sometimes you gotta
buy necessities I understand that I
understand that all right so you did you
do these something ok yeah if you have a
well now I I don’t get the that the way
a crypto is right now we Bitcoin is
right now you could set up a system
already where you don’t need a bank in
something I don’t here’s a better here’s
a better statement if you have a bank
account in South Africa you should be
keeping as little Fiat in there as
possible use of your savings in Bitcoin
of course that’s the bottom line of this
whole channel forever moving on back
started we’re live found that like
button they said no I said that the
first backed Bitcoin futures trade was
executed at 802 p.m. last night at a
price of ten thousand one hundred
fifteen dollars now Zhu xu says fact
will likely back will be likely first a
trickle and then a flood the reality is
that most regulated futures contracts
get low adoption on day one simply
because not all future broker’s futures
brokers are really are ready to clear it
many people want to wait and see the
tickers are not even populated on wrist
systems etc okay I mean you know you
financialization people you can play in
realm I’m glad it’s happening in Bitcoin
welcome welcome to the big boys back if
you want to play with back play with
back for me I keep it as simple as
possible just buy and hold that Bitcoin
on your on your store on your hardware
stores or device maybe now biometrics
maybe thumbnail thumb thumbprint who
knows but but in that thread that’s
talking about that some guy and this is
this this is a and this is all link to
this is traditional advice here I see
where this guy is coming from he says
it’s wise to have a percent of your
assets with a regulated custodian this
is called risk management alright do pre
Bitcoin this may have been true but man
you be your own freakin custodian dude I
win it’s not risk management you’re
you’re letting a custodian control your
private key that seems to be increasing
risk in my mind if you’re letting
someone else could turn your private key
yeah that’s Bitcoin is the opposite of
what you think you should but but I will
say this you traditional investors some
of you are just going to blindly do what
you’ve always done what this guy said
you know a but to have a percent of your
assets with a regulated custodian you’re
gonna keep all your Bitcoin with a
regulated custodian probably some of you
people but you know that is that is not
risk management you a Bitcoin for me
bitcoins you supposed to be your own bag
you’re supposed to control your breath
do you trust yourself do you not trust
yourself it’s you know trust yourself
it’s better than trusting a third party
a custodian man all right so yeah that’s
some old-fashioned advice that Bitcoin
that just totally up ends and reverses
all right JW weathermen had a very
interesting tweet out there that goes
into the the realm of the wrench attack
I know there’s so many people ask me
about the wrench attack because you know
just so many people in this world know
that you some regular dude out there
who’s never really publicly said they
own Bitcoin so people know you have
Bitcoin for some reason and they’re
gonna Jack you on the street because
they just know you have Bitcoin and
they’re gonna start beating the heck out
of you because they know you’re Vic I
mean come on people we’re so early in
this game Kent if you’re a Bitcoin you
really don’t have to worry about the
wrench attack if you’re not a public
figure if you I mean if you’re just some
regular Joe you got Bitcoin you have a
half a Bitcoin somewhere the French
attack I mean you really just got to be
and you see that’s the thing people
start worrying about these far-fetched
attacks and then they’re keeping their
Bitcoin a coin basis but but for some
people that you you know I think JW and
his twins talking about people but there
are some people who publicly have made
it publicly stated that they own Bitcoin
and so I still I think there’s people in
this day and age still are pretty darn
safe walking on that I don’t wanna jinx
anything but there’s just not that many
robbers yet who are really into the
Bitcoin type of thing I mean if you’re
like huh don’t crack you just break in
somebody’s house they don’t care if your
own Bitcoin they just want ten dollars
okay it’s something they can they can
give you know I think there’s some more
sophisticated robbers or they get steal
your car but you know Bitcoin really
it’s not really a thing yet once it does
become that you do price of Bitcoin is
gonna be quite high it would be worth
their while they’ll be a little bit
coins worth it’s in the six-digit realm
I better learn how to rob these things
and targets is anything that so this
advice that JW gave will be really good
then Andy and I don’t want to underplay
things you can still get wrenched
attacked especially if you’ve made it
I mean someone could trick you like hey
let’s hang out I love you and you
you’re-you’re so I mean like some people
who value their wealth in women and
value their wealth in Bitcoin they could
get you they could be in a bar one day
and some
woman approaches them and that’s how
they could end up being French attack so
in that case if you own significant
because with a datum if your own
significant Bitcoin and don’t always
carry a handgun you’re ignoring your
most cost-effective option okay so I
mean he’s got a legitimate point out
there for all these people trying to
worry about how much they have to spend
to have the same computer model of
storing their Bitcoin that that trace
manner has I mean the most effective you
know the most effective way of
protecting yourself from really losing
your Bitcoin but again if you get your
treasurer it’s safe but then if you’ve
got your treasurer where somebody comes
up you know knows that you got it on you
and can physically harm you and like put
you in a headlock and say you’re getting
everything out of here you’re sending it
to this address
well yeah the handgun is very cost
effective very I mean it’s it’s pretty
cheap but that’s a one-time cost you got
it down now in some again be careful I’m
not telling you to do this because in
some states is illegal and everything
like that but he is very good for always
carrying a handgun you’re ignoring your
most cost-effective option yeah against
the ranch attack that is a that’s the
most cost-effective option there all
right dudes you know vention he’s uh
he’s he see then she publicly states
he’s got the Bitcoin you don’t know what
his real name is of course but at the
same time he’s always showing he’s got a
freaking gun next to his Bitcoin so and
he’s a dude alike he still worries about
getting wrenched attacked I think he’s
got nothing already trust me
it’s almost thing about wrench attacking
a public figure and they see one of
those public figures is always like
brandishing a handgun on his videos
they’re not they’re not gonna work then
I can’t try to find out who he really is
okay i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister
this rut meister right that’s not really
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