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information today we’ll be talking about the $100,000 Bitcoin price prediction
we’re also gonna be like at some XRP news Bitcoin technical analysis as well
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quantity now before we actually dive into technical notes I did want to ask
you guys a simple question this is Bitcoin first aetherium this was on coin
telegraph the debate between tone vase and Richard harden I recently started
consuming a little bit more content around Richard Hart honestly the guy’s
pretty smart but before I give you guys my opinion I want to ask you guys your
thoughts he’s the founder of hex don’t win what I asked you guys your thoughts
on Hextall win if you’ve heard anything on Richard Hart on the debate you might
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Friday to see if you did win the crypto giveaway but let’s look at Bitcoin
technical analysis what exactly is going on right now currently as you guys are
gonna see when we zoom out a little bit this is the hourly timeframe when we
zoom out to the daily things were pretty much in the middle of something that
could break to the upside and could break to the downside but we’re gonna
focus on that and just little bit for now these short-term what we have going
on on the hourly we are below that um a ribbon meeting overall there is pressure
on the upside so there is pressure there’s resistance pressure for Bitcoin
as it is going down the EMA ribbon acting as resistance as you can tell
we’ve already come and attempted to break into it a few times right and this
is an indicator I really like to use because it does give us the overall
sentiment overall direction that Bitcoin is heading in and allows us to make our
trades according to that so currently we are under on the hourly if you zoom out
to the for hourly you’ll see that we are under as well but it does have some room
to go up a little bit and that’s what you guys can see over here usually when
we have these huge drops and we are far below the EMA ribbon you will see it
come up and test the EMA ribbon first before continuing to come down so that’s
on the shorter timeframe could we see a move back up to the 7,250 7280 range
that’s something to watch out for as well if your are looking for a little
Scout by the time this video comes out though I’m not sure what things are
going to be looking like and of course I’m not a financial advisor this is not
an official trade this is just me looking at the charts right now but if
we zoom out into the daily timeframe which is something obviously we should
do to see the bigger picture the bigger overall direction this is what I’m
talking about when I say that we pretty much are in the middle of what could
break a little bit up and test the resistance or we could come back down
and test the support now the good news is in this is that either way no matter
what happens it’s not bearish right so a lot of people want to see the bullish
side the good thing is if we do even come back down and we can go all the way
down to test 6500 6300 we would still be within this channel which overall is not
overly bearish the channel itself might be in the bearish direction but overall
we’re not overly bearish in terms of if we break below this things could get a
lot worse for a much longer period of time so let’s keep an eye out on that as
well again the daily the EMA ribbon is still above so it
acting as resistance it will be interesting to see if we can break above
and come to test this resistance and then if we break above that as well
that’s going to be the start of what could be a very parabolic run but one
thing at a time let’s focus on that not too much to talk about in terms of
Bitcoin technical analysis given as we are right in the middle of something but
as soon as there are updates I will focus on posting that for you guys
either in the trade alert group as soon as I see them or for you guys in the
next video now very important before we actually dive into the overall market we
do want to focus on keeping your crypto safe now apparently according to Kraken
they’ve done and they’ve research and found out that keep key at the hardware
wallet can be hacked if they do have access to the physical keep key as long
as they have access to it for like 15 minutes they can break in and steal your
crypto so a lot of people are starting to panic of course the number one way
you can be safe with that if you are using it keep you wallet is not let
anybody else get physical access to your keep cube wallet but if you lose it or
it gets stolen that’s a little bit out of your control so what a lot of people
are doing as well is moving over to the ledger nano s or the ledger nano X that
they have from ledger the company who also have Hardware wallets and they have
proven to be I believe everybody’s go-to for the longer period of time I have
used keep key I thought it was very simple and very great to use but again
with this security flaw that is the final straw and I’m going to be moving
everything over to several ledger Hardware one so if you guys are
interested in securing your crypto with ledger there are links down below there
are affiliate links they do help the channel out cost nothing extra to you
but you can go ahead and pick up an extra ledger nano as ordered your pick
up your first again they’re very good they work very well for a majority of
cryptos and that’s why it is a lot of people’s favorites so keep that in mind
shame to see it happen but you want to keep your crypto safe now overall market
under two hundred billion dollars in markup of course Bitcoin down not too
much today it is in the red but down 0.3% not much it was down significantly
more previously where it had this overall a slump after it did rise this
week so far we’ve had a little bit of an upward trajectory in the first half and
a downward trajectory in the second half and that of course sideways movement
means there’s not much room for all points to move we have some elements
like waves like engine performing very well for the day up over 10% but
shortly after that we see a lot of small movers which is the less than 1% less
than 2% movers and then again even in even in the loss the same thing less
than 1% less than 2% so overall a relatively sideways day for a majority
of cryptocurrencies but that doesn’t mean there’s no news usually it does but
this time it doesn’t mean there’s no news three men have been arrested for
running a seven hundred and twenty two million dollar crypto Ponzi scheme
now we know there’s a ton of schemes and a lot of scams that go on on this space
and of course it’s definitely something we want to watch out for as well so I
wanted to highlight that for you guys seven hundred twenty two million dollars
that’s absolutely huge it was the big Club networks as the accusations came
against the big club Network they’ve been cuz there have been three men
arrested so far I’m sure there’s a lot more that are involved so we’ll see if
more of them get caught but again just to highlight keep your cryptocurrency
safe know what you’re doing do your own research because we want to avoid being
part of the scams we want to avoid being part of the Ponzi’s because that way we
don’t lose any money and that’s what I want to focus on now Bitcoin can be a
reliable financial instrument after all this comes from Mark Cuban who has
previously said that bitcoin is not a good investment however he’s also been
quoted saying that he would recommend putting like 10% of your investment
portfolio over all investment portfolio into Bitcoin because it’s something high
risk but it’s something that if it works it’s absolutely huge so you wouldn’t
recommend putting 90% because obviously putting all of your eggs in one basket
is – most people especially – most financial advisors people who are who
have been in finance for some time they will tell you putting all your eggs in
one basket is usually not the way to go it could make you very rich but it could
also make you very broke right so they usually diversify he recommended 10% and
now he’s again doubling down on the potential for Bitcoin being a good
investment and being a good financial instrument so that comes – Mark Cuban a
very big name again definitely something nice to see now the
$100,000 Bitcoin price prediction by the end of the year 2021 that comes from a
very big name in the cryptocurrency space
Anthony Pont Leon Oh 100k by the year 2021 so before we even dive into us let
me know your thoughts on 100k by 2021 on the end of 2021 let me know that your
thoughts in the description down below because that could be very massive
course I would love to see Bitcoin $100,000 by the Year 2021 that gives me
just enough time to continue to accumulate more and more Bitcoin in
terms of trading and everything and then of course it does allow me to ride that
whole wave up calculate a hundred thousand dollars from where we are right
now that is a very very big game and I’m sure most people I’m pretty sure all
people who are in Bitcoin would love to see that happen but of course nothing is
guaranteed so make sure you guys don’t put all of your eggs in that basket
either that Baker who’s going to Holland UK I believe it will I believe in the
future will timeframe wise I’m not going to be talking about that I’ll leave
December 2021 by Anthony promptly ah no to be the overall timeline that he is
talking about but personally I think it’s going to happen it’s just a matter
of when now Nike actually started to tokenize its shoes on a theory of making
them limited-edition of course rumours are coming out from this as well which
could be very big from Nike and once we have more information I will share that
with you guys and last but not least XRP Bank of America a huge bank used by lots
of people have applauded ripples innovative across a border solution so
that’s pretty good to see as well the solution that they have the products
that they have being praised and being welcomed by some of the biggest
financial institutions out there by some of the biggest banks so if you are an X
R P holder this is overall a good sign their products working I mean it’s going
to continue to get more adoption the continue to get more adoption there are
other products might start working of course some products use X R P some
products don’t but overall the end goal is to have everything using XR P so as
long as they’re on that really the right path as long as they’re on that right
trajectory I think things are looking very very good but guys that’s gonna be
it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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