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Bitcoin is backed by confidence the security truth machine we’re gonna talk
about the guy who came up with that terminology security truth machine
his name is Dan’s happy Aero and he has a video out there that I finally it’s
from November I think what is it caught I finally got time to watch it yesterday
on the cutting edge of macro and Bitcoin with Dan Moorhead and Dan’s happy arrow
people watch this video you will get pumped for Bitcoin 2020 we are about to
enter such a great year but it’s not just it’s about the 2020s it’s not just
about 2020 because they’re great they’re plenty other years in the 2020s 2028
will be great 2021 you are happy to be alive right now on the verb we’re on the
verge of entering 2020 here I am so happy and a video like this
where you got smart dudes like Dan’s happy arrow from traditional finance and
a guy like this dan Moorhead I don’t know how you could doubt Bitcoin after
watching such men speak of this glorious revolution this glorious financial
mechanism that you should be holding holding on too tight so what do they
have to say here what do they have to say okay okay
one thing that more and these are basically more because I we all know
what Dan’s happy era things but Morehead was talking about there seems to be like
an East Coast West Coast thing going on here that East Coasters that are you
know focused on the financial aspects the New York people the stock market
people they have more doubts about Bitcoin then surprise surprise the West
Coast people that who are centered around Silicon Valley and I guess in LA and everything
decentralized la baby that’s why I like LA if you’re not involved with that
freaking horrible movie industry you watch it it’s all decentralize you got
people from every everywhere there doing all sorts of things conservatives are
there to it’s all if dissent there is no center to LA baby okay I just went off
on an LA thing I will be there soon enough tell Matt like button alright but
going back to Dan Moorhead he he said Oh a young versus an old thing he also
notices that young people are much more willing to talk Bitcoin than the old
people and not a shock old people will go the way of the dodo I mean that’s
just life you get all unless we come up with some really great life extension
technologies which we could in the 2020s but no did the prime movers and shakers
in the financial world will be young people because they will become their
age you know how so right now the real young are comfortable with it we know
this already he something that I didn’t know three
times as many Filipinos have Facebook accounts then bank accounts and that’s
when he started talking about Libre so don’t doubt Libre people people are
still talking about it just because you’re not here about hearing about it
because it’s not on point desk anymore doesn’t mean it’s out there I forgot to
check coin dust today I usually check it before here just the end but it doesn’t
usually help very much all right they say Libra was a a Sputnik moment in
terms of China versus the USA going into some type of a larger than Bitcoin
competition I don’t know about that it it might have woke some Chinese
authorities up that they should allow they’re supposed private businesses to
print their own cryptocurrency like Facebook is it’s an interesting talking
point you can check it out in the in the video which I am just raving about right
now our ni and Dan tap Riario used the term Netscape moment just like I do
I’m not sign that saying I made it up as I didn’t but I just like when people use
it you don’t hear it that much and yes Bitcoin hasn’t had its Netscape moment
yet where it becomes easy for everyone to use where it’s it’s it’s so Netscape
when that skate came out BAM you were able to get on the Internet
easily you didn’t have to go to some news group or whatever they were doing
back then who knows what they were doing I was just a child so now oh yeah
Morehead talks about programmable money so again for you etherium haters it’s
not going away and defy he talks about again that’s gonna be a trend in 2020 no
doubt 2021 probably also he mentions 8% returns dudes don’t lose your but even
when smart dudes talk about it don’t play with that defy 8% return temptation
be careful and you could check out dan Moorhead I link to him before – he works
for Pantera so he obviously he diversifies for the sake of
diversification a little bit but base layer stuff he loves Bitcoin he loves
Bitcoin I don’t know how you can’t get that how you can doubt that we’re on the
some something huge here we are on we’re entering such a golden age in the 2020s
I am pumped for it clearly clearly and dudes we are unbelievably rich compared
to our ancestors I want to point that out also imagine what the next 10 years
are gonna be are gonna bring I mean our answer when we talk about our ancestors
a lot of us like all remember when my bubby came over from the Ukraine in 1905
and had the good Ellis Island then she came down to Baltimore yeah that
we are so much wealthier than those people and then that half of the people
before the 1700s when they were living in like caves it’s no I mean it was
horrible it was terrible back then appreciate
when you got people but understand how quickly things are improving I mean
we’ve got these smart phones which I don’t have I mean you have all the
knowledge of the world at your fingertips anytime you want it you can
get any question answered any time we didn’t even have that in 2005 so things
are moving so fast and I point this out because everyone is that people like to
do here in reviews they like to make predictions I’m not gonna make specific
predictions I’m not I don’t need to review what just happened in the whole
darn year we know what happened there was a new show here every single day so
go to disrupt meister to come if you want to know what happened in this year
in the year but they’re still despite despite the glorious times that we live
in there are still these dimmers and glimmers they want a goal to take over
and just look on the dark side of every single issue think everything’s a
conspiracy can’t take personal responsibility
half the if something goes wrong I have to blame some other force usually it’s
some nebulous force they can’t they just say they they they the people who say
they but don’t tell you who they are that those are the people I am the
opposite of those people and I hope the people that coming to this channel if
you still have that mentality you can get into this person responsibility as a
new counterculture thing baby you gotta take but but at the same time you should
be so happy to be in control of your life so be in control of your life to be
alive at this time where you could do so freaking much and and that you have this
Bitcoin insider information when there’s so many dregs a society out there they
were just looking at their big-screen TV they have no idea what’s going on in the
real world they’re people saying well the having’s priced in because everybody
knows about it everybody who’s everybody people know about Bitcoin for God’s
sakes alright Romek uses bitcoin mister what are you
most excited on in 2020 other than the beautiful having uh the
peel personally I mean I’m happy to just to be able to go wherever I want it to
travel wherever I want to go and not I’m happy that I’m not a morning anymore
dude that’s I’m excited about that I just that you know you go through some
really hard times and it’s just I’m happy not to everything has is you
remember the past you learned from it but you’re happy is hectic you’re not
dealing with some hard things that you were dealing with before and that that
I’m really excited about now if you’re talking about in terms of um I’m pumped
about the post having I’m gonna see what’s happening after that I I’m that
that’s what I’m excited about because they’re gonna be all these doubters the
day after why did he do this well I didn’t do that and people dropping off
the scene again I pumped about when the price goes down after the having I’m
excited about that because it’s just gonna weed out more and more people I
don’t know Mike I’m happy to be freaking alive man alright alright alright
so alright I’m not making predictions I’m not making any predictions okay okay
okay I’m about 20 times we’re one day closer to the six digit realm how about
that that gets people happy so oh so let’s talk about the past real quick
since everybody is obviously taking off of work today I guess I guess I can’t
blame you and every button hardly anyone’s on the internet today there
with the families are there they’re shopping which is hot
that’s horrible yeah yeah it’s much better to be with your family then to be
you know shopping at Walmart and like fighting young people oh I need that big
screeching people you know that’s family stop dude it’s family stuff I I like
that hey but hey go your own way do whatever
you want to do some people hate their families
some people’s families are terrible they abuse them but I let’s have a flashback
today for the people that are hardcore believers that were actually on Twitter
following me on tech pot you saw I ate a flashback from three from March
23rd 2017 when Bitcoin was only a thousand at $51 and who was on my show
that day king of the trolls oh yeah it’s a king
of the trolls flashback oh he says some interesting things and don’t worry dudes
I’ve already prepared the 20 minute or I guess it’s like a 16 minute version
video of that 90 second clip that you got out there so that’s a little sneak
peek of a future show I’m going to start these I think the show is going to be
called a road to a trillion dollars which is a road to the trillion dollar
market cap of a Bitcoin and it’s going to be a flashback show that shows all
the trials and tribulations of how the road to a trillion dollars day it’s been
quite a road we’re not we’re not there yet
and there’s been all sorts of drama that mean all sorts of fun times have been
panic times there have been times of fear and king of the trolls man he was
shooting out the fear and this one baby and again you can actually go back into
the archives that disrupt meister come and watch the full show but most of you
don’t have the initiative to actually do that and you don’t have the attention
stand to watch e 45-minute show so especially one that’s old so I’m just
I’m gonna read repost it under this new new series of shows that I hope to do in
2020 hey I’m pumped about that I’m gonna have
new series of shows in 2020 I pumped about all the creative things that I’m
going to do that I can’t even think of right now and I really hope that those
some of the things that I have written down now I’ll get time to do I love
creativity people I love it I love it a lot so yeah you can check out that hey
that’s my holiday present to you guys that who are paying attention who were
actually on the internet today and learning today but you shouldn’t be
learning today if it’s if it’s the third night a
Hanukkah or whatever it is tonight something Eva here um you should be
always be learning and uh no he I wasn’t gonna say that it’s the press I ask my
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of the trolls all right we got some other questions out there just confirm
fifty thousand Bitcoin haha says chunk a dunk just confirm 50,000 plus Bitcoin
you have 50,000 plus Bitcoin or you just confirmed that bitcoins gonna be 50
thousand dollars one day one day closer to that but thank Thank You chunk a dunk
for that commentary 50k tell me what you meant by later let’s go let’s go it says
charge I say let’s go chunky dunk I am pumped I am pumping I’m actually gonna
go on a walk after this because yesterday was my sprint day and I ran so
I take a day off of running yeah usually after this point day whatever um all
right what do we have here so we talked about the Bitcoin 500 so someone sends
me this coin Telegraph article that crypto youtubers allege platform is
censoring their content very important way they phrase things their crypto
youtubers are complaining crypto youtubers and there’s a big difference
so is adam meister a crypto youtuber no I and I’ve said this before I’m a
Bitcoin er I’m not a youtuber at all I am a Bitcoin er I have a YouTube channel
I have a Twitter account I had and you can listen to the podcast version of
this show sports meister calm no no this is very important it is very important
these dudes out there that it make it been making these clickbait videos and
be talking about trading and giving financial advice and just
every trend that’s out there every all coin every what I see oh you should buy
and so they’re talking about so much nonsense to get clickbait and that’s
their prerogative that people can do that people can be crypto you this is a
free world here but they’ve spouted out so much nonsense over the years okay
so many that the algorithm is picking up some of these words now and they’re
getting the new rules YouTube doesn’t want people to give you’d be financial
advisers and stuff and you can see the base worried of YouTube so these dudes
they’re surprised if some of their videos are getting erased now whatever
when they talked about matters that are sketchy to say the least
to say the least I mean here you go this is another reason maybe you should stick
with Bitcoin people you stick with Bitcoin it’s pretty darn simple Mike my
mess has been buy-and-hold YouTube can’t say oh that’s a bad thing buy and hold
buy and hold you to buy and hold big one what what’s that when you’re talking
about I CEOs and getting a interest-bearing assets you know
whenever these people are talking about these people who appeal to the 80
percenters with the flashy sets and graphics in ICO this the net and now
they complain and scream that this that and the other well dude you do diver you
know you’ve diversified into all these all coins did you diversify your
platforms I mean and if you’re such a good if you’re so good with crypto and
investing and telling people what to do with their money then is this shit why
is this your main source of income anyway who cares if you get diversify if
you get a youtube kicks you off or whatever you’re richer I mean you’re
getting money from other places right right you know so much about much so for
me obviously this is not my main source of income and fictive YouTube doesn’t
like what the heck I’m saying then they can they cut me off great I’ve never do
what you want I’m not complaining I know when I’m playing on this planet
that they can make up any rule they want to every day of the week and make it
retroactive to something I said in 2016 or 2015 and I’m gone okay I’m not
complaining about it I don’t need their money I’ve got to because why don’t I
need their money why doesn’t Adam Meister need their
money because Adam Meister practices what he’s preaching which is buy and
hold Bitcoin since frickin 2013 that’s why I’m not going to whine like a little
baby like some of these pillow you guys see the whine when all the guys were men
were getting kicked off of YouTube just for being men you didn’t whine were
people I mean when Alex Jones was getting kicked off okay you didn’t care
then what I mean it’s funny people we care when it happens to them half these
people out there so whatever do what you’re gonna do understand that YouTube
is a private company they can do whatever the heck they please and you
should be prepared for that don’t put your whole income based on freaking
YouTube especially when you’re tech giving people suppose a financial advice
pal that like button people and no I don’t even like Alex Jones but you
better believe I talked about it he’s a lunatic but yeah if we start noticing
that it’s becoming pretty politically correct and they’re getting pretty
strict too what there’s you’re allowed to stay on here well you’re going to
talk about it and you’re gonna tell people well there’s this thing called
steam it out there maybe you should post some of your stuff there if you if
you’re so desperate for forgetting money and everything and by the way that was a
great idea trusting on steam it I get this free
thing called steam for the last since 2016 you turn it in the Bitcoin because
I value my wealth and Bitcoin I don’t care about the YouTube dollars that
these people are crying and screaming about that they don’t know why are you
getting censor and yeah I do understand that sometimes the algorithm is gonna
pick on some bitcoiners that are on there that happen to have the wrong
world in their title it’s not an exact science okay the algorithm clearly I am
NOT a worshipper of that freaking algorithm like the people who are
complaining about it right now they love that they come you know
use it to get there 80% or clicks but when the algorithm gives them the
SmackDown booze they were talking about being a financial adviser then they
cried hey man it there’s the good and there’s the bad you take it like a man
okay you algorithm worshipers it’s kind of funny that it comes back to slap you
in the face your sons them anyway so chunk it just sucks it because you said
road to a trillion dollar market cap that’s what I understand your math by
the way chunk a dunk I said a trillion dollar map market cap for Bitcoin and he
translated that correctly he did the math that would be yeah like a fifty
thousand big one would be fifty thousand dollars at that point so yeah thought
that’s a pretty nice five digit realm I’d be satisfied with that for the
frickin rest of the 2020s all right happy holiday says crypto Eddie happy
Holidays to you too dude but dudes I mean I hope after all this time you know
the freaking difference between a Bitcoin er and one of these crypto
youtubers there’s a big big difference okay big difference but most people want
know the difference a because and then they just follow the crypto youtuber
take their advice and you end up with no Bitcoin all right moving on
oh we got a lot of energy today I should just go running freaking anyway no not
again I’m gonna go walk um oh here in Tucson anytime I’m out there you see
these drug addicts with the freaking shopping carts there’s a certain type of
drug addict here it’s got this like Western hobo type of you know look looks
like they just jumped off the train or jump back onto the train to catch a ride
special type of drug addict a bum out here it’s unfortunate alrighty
and yeah I’ll be enough speaking about jumping on a train uh-huh I’ll be
jumping on a bus to El Paso Texas January 14th I’ll be there until
February 11th then I’ll be in Los Angeles
step your weary xi to a prolific and then back in Baltimore for Passover
we’re talking Hanukkah Passover late I don’t want time to fly baby
I appreciate this time well I don’t want the time to go by let’s enjoy every
moment that we’re here baby uh that’s what you say to your
girlfriend let’s enjoy every moment every here baby
Oh God and don’t value your wealth in that in
that woman value it and your Bitcoin and we talked about yeah so retweet my uh
retweet everything I retweet this video soon a but at YouTube I’m not gonna
complain they’re gonna allow this membership thing soon so I’m gonna I’m
gonna try this membership we’re gonna have a strong hand membership and elite
membership in let’s see let’s see how I guess uh I did I mean if you were mean
if you were promoting I cos and stop and now you’re crying that uh I mean you get
what you get what you give I guess so here’s a tweet about someone this is a
woman named I don’t know what her name is
my mom has mainstream Arabic news on in our living room to track the protesters
in Lebanon and I just caught a clip of them talking about Bitcoin to get around
capital controls this is insane that is kind of weird you’re watching
the Arabic mainstream channel and instead of them you know talking about
you know Israel cause their problems they’re saying they’re say in fact
they’re talking about the truth they’re saying to get around capital controls
use Bitcoin all right Sal very good there is that I usually like what the
coin metrics people the articles they put out okay and they say in this
article we evaluate and I don’t like this article but I’ve linked to it in
this article we valuate commonly proposed theory
surrounding block or hoard having’s through the lens of the most recent
instance litecoins having that occurred in 2019 so they’re looking at the having
they’re talking about the bitcoin having looking at it through a distorted
freaking lens if they’re you’re drawing conclusions about the upcoming bitcoin
having from the litecoin having twenty nineteen oh dude your base level
analysis there totally disagree right there where you the perspective you’re
taking all this it’s it’s apples and oranges if you’re gonna give me
predictions about the bitcoin having based on the light point having uh uh
I’m not going with that dude there are totally totally different things so
there’s a whole article so I disagree with it and another thing that I
disagree with it in article while all information regarding having’s is widely
known no it’s not widely known let’s talk about regular retail people out
there all the dudes own coin base they bought through coin base their coins are
still on coinbase they don’t know about proof of keys so they surely don’t know
about the having they will learn about the having and then they’ll buy more
Bitcoin and keep it on coinbase so those people right now you think they know
about the having the people are keeping their Bitcoin name coinbase heck no hey
that’s I’m not making predictions here I’m not gonna make predictions
I’m just saying let’s lift her the whole thing alright I’m not making specific
numerical pretty breath uh it’s cyclical I’ve said it’s cyclical before i we’re
entering a period that should be very similar to the period leading up to the
bitcoin having of 2016 and then afterwards it should be very similar to
that so you can call that a prediction if you want to I’m not going to specific
numbers or anything like that I I’m saying I’m not saying giving you doom
headlight oh the big point having will be the end of pickle I see these
ridiculous things out there it’s such clickbait nonsense here’s my headline
it’ll be the same thing as freakin last time yeah I know not too exciting is it
not too exciting it should be very similar very similar
so and it’s that’d we have to remember this is an event and marketing plays a
role in everything public so right now people don’t know about the event but
sure enough more and more people find out about from the mainstream media the
mainstream media itself will talk of use the term having yes for you people that
are sir are glued to your freaking sofa watching ABC News you’re gonna hear that
it will frickin ABC new NBC CBS whoever alright I’ve coined a knife that’s
another thing okay we’ve got I see a Brian the UK Bitcoin masters in there
hey man what’s up dude what’s up everybody happy Holidays to all of my
Bitcoin family says John strong mightest dude yes that’s very nice of you just
say such a thing happy holiday anyways know some people
it’s a Bitcoin family out there you could say it’s a family it’s a strong
word it’s a strong word to use I’m not gonna do it I think of my family I think
of family I think of very close moister family and everything like that but we
all we have we have very close friends are important too I have I love my
crypto friends my Bitcoin friends all over the world I was talking about that
yesterday traveling to all these cities I can always hang out with somebody
that’s got that common love of Bitcoin it’s it’s been a great a great year it’s
been a great decade the majority of it I didn’t know about Bitcoin I guess I
found that about it in 2011 and I’m just pumped for this next one so here’s
something that’s not an exact science after removing all stable coins the 20
crypto currencies with the deepest liquidity can be seen below Bitcoin
appears to be five times as liquid as the theorem and more than ten times as
liquid as all the other cryptocurrencies including a o slight coin
be cash all right dudes it isn’t an exact science because these exchange
numbers can be flawed but you get the basic gist by showing seeing how much
bigger Bitcoin is than all the rest okay bitcoin is the it’s already the world
reserve cryptocurrency in terms of trading pairs no doubt about it and
that’s that’s what the people want you can look at that link that tweet that
was by law master all right moving on hey just ask some questions this is your
time to get your there people tweeting stuff very nice stuff but not tweeting
stuff posting stuff in the chat but ask questions type in bitcoinmeister I will
answer it so when I was at Sitwell at the synagogue here I met the Rev I
that’s in charge there he’s an older rabbi he and I met i mentioned him
before on like a Saturday show on another Saturday show and he he’s from
Crown Heights originally I believe in Brooklyn and he asked me what I did and
I was talking about Bitcoin and he didn’t know and I told him Bitcoin and
he knew about it which was impressive and he said that there was I remember
the congregation that was from Caltech and he’s very very conservative investor
but he has big coin now when I think first he said there’s a conservative
investor and then he said Caltech because when I first heard conservative
investor I thought oh God that he’s about to tell me about some guy that
refuses to buy Bitcoin but when he said Caltech I’m like there you go this is a
smart technical guy that maybe he’s a conservative investor with some things
but he knows that to be conservative because he’s a smart dude from Caltech
that knows this is the future this is the future of money so that was nice to
hear and then the rabbi of course said the government’s gonna try to stop it
Adam well how the government will stop it one day and no that’s an old school
mentality there but it’s something that older people worry about that the
government is going to be able to shut it down the government can’t sure they
don’t they don’t grass this decentralized thing I tried
to explain it he had some confidence afterwards I don’t think the rabbi is
gonna go and buy Bitcoin but I wanted to tell you that little story that hey
Bitcoin comes up all the time and there are people one of the first things they
say because they they were raised in the government is very powerful under that
under the tutelage of that belief there I guess with that as a main belief in
their belief system the government’s are very very powerful so they can stop
anything so their first thing is yeah they’re gonna be able to stop it aren’t
they no Dave United States government the most powerful government in the
history of mankind can’t stop this thing that’s why we’re on the verge of
something so huge here uh something Saturday’s show this coming Saturday
showed the Bitcoin rabbi is going to be on and speaking about rebeis it’s
speaking about kebab rabbis actually and I’m not gonna be able to talk about
everything I’m gonna I usually talk about so I want to bring up one thing
that’s unpick coin related right now I want to make I do want to make this
little prediction because it could happen in the next week and I just want
to show everyone that I got it right and maybe it won’t come true Scott Adams you
you guys all know him and he does he likes cryptocurrency I give him that
give him back I talked about him on Saturday show a lot and he is about to
do some show with his girlfriend now I guess Scott is in his 60s and his
girlfriend who has children by another man is in her 30s probably early 30s and
is like supposedly a model or whatever and you know what if you’re a rich
wealthy guy like like Scott Adams and you can get that that’s that’s your
thing whatever you know don’t be bankrupted by her he didn’t marry or
whatever but he’s about to do a show with her on YouTube okay some type of
show with his girlfriend and this is what I’m predicting the first show
people are on social media are going to rip it to shreds I even know what the
show is gonna be that I had never even looked at his girlfriend by the way I
hear she’s hot I have um her name is Christina and my
prediction is it’s it’s people aren’t going to rip it even people always
rigged up on it and either he’s going to start either the tweets that he posts it
out in or the video itself he’s gonna remove he’s going to take something down
that deals with this he’s not gonna be able to take it they and I I just to
bring this up it’s a reminder I don’t remove any of my videos or any of my
tweets I don’t care if people you know whatever people say I can take it I can
take the heat okay and he’s a big he’s a famous person but I’m saying right now
that’s something associated with this whatever he’s doing with her he’s gonna
take it down right he’s gonna take something big down and then maybe he’ll
repost something that’s a little Eddie he’s not gonna be able to take the heat
of it the attacks that he’s gonna get and he will be attacked on it that
that’s part of the the whole part and he should be ready for he should be ready
for it I mean I’m yeah I’m giving a prediction here but he’s a guy who likes
to talk you know you should put out predictions and whatever so yeah I’m
putting out my little la beyond big coin prediction there okay I just want to get
that off my chest just in case there’s no time to do that before he actually
but who knows what he’s either gonna make this video with his girlfriend who
has children left by another man and again I point that out because he Scott
Adams was in a relationship previously a marriage wherein the woman had a child
and it brought him it changed his life in in a bad way I mean Scott Adams is is
ruined a certain aspect of him I’m you can tell when he talks about China and
the fentanyl issue that Scott Adams a part of him is destroyed because he
became emotionally attached to this child that was not his child but anyway
Marie so and so that another thing this is a warning to people your child is
your child another woman’s child is not your child don’t don’t get don’t be a
sucker and think that that’s your kid it’s another man’s child
I mean it’s that’s just the way it is I mean you could be a good guy and
everything but there’s a price to be in a real good a good guy sometimes too and
it’s a it’s a horror it can be a very bad price
and she and most of time when you’re raising another man’s child the woman is
totally using you anyway I’m not saying that happened to him but that’s just
that’s just life dudes if you don’t and you haven’t realized that yet you got
some you got some life you got some all right so that’s a little taste of how
these Saturday videos usually go for those of you who want that now let’s get
another let’s get some other reminders out there if you care about Facebook and
I don’t you can um facebook.com slash disrupt meister die that slash disrupt
meister you can see all i post all this on facebook also well I don’t even never
mind yesterday was the Facebook special day
you’re only gonna get that a couple times a year
Vermont and proof of cheese is coming up guys that’s really soon really soon
what is it January third you gotta have it get your get your coins off exchanges
before then it’s really happening spread the word January second is the last day
two o’clock claim your min bow Wimble crypto dividend and nimble humble coin
crypto dividend if you don’t do it by then you’re not getting it that’s it
there it was it was time limited there but I want just some I assume everyone
that’s watching this show that’s got the insider information has done that
already that had signed up for it in the past
we love crypto dividends here may there be more crypto dividends in the 2020s
there will be oh there will be and we will turn them in the Bitcoin oh yes
town that like button greg maxwell out he pointed out a replay
protection issue with bsv that they’re having a fork and he initially appeared
that the there would be a replay attack vector putting it nicely and he he put
it out there and they actually changed things and now they fixed their issue
but they were angry oh man they were angry that they got that a bitcoin ur
pointed out a problem it’s not to say hey thank you it wasn’t technolon
we sound it would have been a disaster you saved us some tumble hair and uh
nothing but hey again all points when you do these Forks okay
you can cause problems just like king of the trolls were gonna do a fork who
knows what trouble it kind of calls it would be 2x that that fork would have
been horribly it was that technically he’s technologically technically sound
at all back in 2017 but it never happened that Krypton dividend they
pulled the plug well it would have blown it exploded alright
Marlowe issues Mario Tedesco says were you ever into mining heck no in fact I
encourage people to avoid that as much as possible because most of its a
frickin scam when you hear about mining or on the through crypto social media
through Bitcoin social media since I’ve been in this thing most of its been a
scam cloud mining this that and the other you lose dude all these time
people are yelling about mining knows you’re getting the mining since 2013 it
would have been much cheaper to buy ten Bitcoin
for four thousand dollars when it was four hundred bucks apiece or in 2015
when they were pentia people doing cloud mining you kind of got Bitcoin for $200
and you can watch my videos and see that I was buying it then for $200 I could
have bought more oh well no regrets I was buying it at 600 and 700 a plenty in
in 2016 and no I never mind it never wanted to mind it thought it was
completely ridiculous to even think about doing it when you could just buy
it for cheap because I knew it was cheap then and yeah and most of it and since
99% of people talking about mining on social media are stammers and just steal
your money I thought it was even more ridiculous but here are some news for
you dude if you like mining you can still get stabbed because there are
plenty of people still talking about nonsense like this and more of them will
enter the space as more movies enter the space to take advantage of all those
people and guess what is personal responsibilities and
counter culture because bitcoiners like me have been saying for years that it’s
a total joke to do get into the mining type of stuff
if you if you’re a complete newbie that has no idea what’s going on or if you
even know a little bit about what’s going on is a complete joke since half
of it since most of its a scam so if they want to test their luck and they
don’t want to believe me and all the people for seven years you’ve been
screaming about it being a joke then yet let lose their money that’s the that’s
this with a big voice play this is where the big boys play and again if you want
to give some ego coin guy aetherium he didn’t scam you dude everyone’s there
telling you it’s a complete joke and he’s so funny the people with the uh
they have no freaking listening comprehension the listening to
comprehension people they’re still asking me well what do you think about
ego coin Adam what do you think about Eagle coin you could get free free yoga
dude have you been paying attention to a word I say on the show no actually no
you just look at me and you I guess you enjoy looking at my hair or something
like that and if you don’t know my take on Eagle coin at this point I mean you
have no listening comprehension skills at all none none it’s just ridiculous
but again I got that pet peeve everyone know if you’re familiar with Adam
Meister you know he’s got the pet peeve it is frustrating for me that the 80
percenters just can’t listen and that’s just life and I have to get used to it
but I have a hard time getting used I think everybody should be able to
comprehend what they hear but most people can’t all right so what else do
we have here is a fun show today this is what happens when I do a show in the
middle of the day hey check out yesterday’s show though a little bit
check out some of these recent shows people you haven’t been uh you’ve been
drinking too much eggnog or whatever you do this time of year instead of a
learning this is insider information so beforehand I was talking about how happy
I am about this innovative Golden Age that we’re about to enter but there’s
still some people stuck in the past they’re you know they need to get their
goal old hit Doug Casey you know he’s got
another one of those headlines out there on there’s newsletters that there’s free
email newsletters that I somehow get at one of my old email addresses here’s the
latest one and the Greg Maxwell stuff you can check out the reddit and the
tweet they are linked to below but Doug Casey says fed rebel clears way for new
gold standard and then in parentheses it says two thousand dollar gold preying on
the hopes and dreams of the dimers two thousand dollar gold and they fall for
it and they keep falling for it dudes the Fed rebel they say that Trump might
appoint some woman that talked about gold once so maybe they’ll go to the
gold stick you guys go back to the gold standard do you guys really believe this
stuff I mean people really believe this
nonsense out there and it did I like the Doug Casey’s talked about Bitcoin but
this stuff yes still the same old doom two thousand dollar gold probably
eventually what comes for a me yes Bitcoin gold went up 1% Cooper’s Oh God
Golden Age Bitcoin 2020 that’s all I can say
you’ll never these dimmer headlines these dimmer headlines will never end
because these guys keep buying into it and I say the word guys does it mostly
is guys because when they see dimmer Lynette sing Lynette Zhang they get
aroused there’s so few women in the frickin Doomer space that when Lynette
Zhang is out there whatever her name is they all become aroused in her legume no
I better gonna I’m gonna get my gold better get my Lynette oh oh she’s gonna
agent last name she must be smart oh you did welcome welcome to
cryptocurrency a big coin come on dude get it – no forget it in the modern
world get away from Lynette and the gold Goomer
all right so with that in mind with that in mind we’re gonna end it with this
tweet by Alistair Milne and it shows the lowest Bitcoin price for each of the
calendar years that a Bitcoin has been alive so this is a very interesting
thing oh yeah look we got a go we got a goomar
in the in there chat right now pound that like button for that guy that keeps
cuff please do they keep coming back I don’t know why they keep coming back you
got a wonder do they like the hair cuz I’m not saying anything you’re good
about gold they like them I mean like negative I’m not a gold Doomer I don’t
know what their thought patterns or I can’t understand their so-called logic
they hang out in Bitcoin no chat sometimes alright so here the lowest
prices for you Fiat freaks of the following of the past years 2009 it was
0 2010 5 cents 29 cents at 2011 2012 for 19 2013 13
dollars of 29 cents 2014 it was 314 dollars 2015 201 dollars 2016 374 2017
784 was the low 20 18 20 30 – 32 was the low and this year 3385 dollars was the
lowest price a Bitcoin for you Fiat freaks I think that’s a very positive
trend right there those lows keep on getting higher I mean back in 2013
if you said yeah in 2019 yeah I know 2014 better
I have 2015 on that day that it was like 200 right below $200 whatever it was hey
guys in four years the low will be 33 85 you would have been like your what the
low is going to be 15 times more what it’s worth right now yeah dudes yeah
dude this is magical baby this is a magical frickin mystery tour so I don’t
know what we’re gonna be able what’s gonna be the UH below price the low
price in 2023 you’re watching this in 20 23 you can tell me what would scared the
bejesus out of everybody in 2023 doesn’t remember 20 19 people oh the world
bitcoin is $3000 what will people would be screaming about in 2023 as the end of
the world oh it’s a five-digit realm whoa that’s
the end of the world okay dudes i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video
check out the links below that like button and bang that Bell button uh and
I will see you guys maybe it’ll be tomorrow night on me a fourth the fourth
night of Hanukkah I know so many of you are lighting your fourth night of
Hanukkah trees or like so confused by these things I don’t get it all I don’t
know so seriously dudes have fun when areare celebrating where’s your family
and your friends bitcoin baby be pumped about it this was a long freakin show
but hey I gotta give you something different when it’s the middle of the
day gotta fix this dude don’t I will see you later