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hello my elite friends oh yeah it is Thanksgiving all the Americans are
asleep you’re missing all the news out of Germany but hey I predicted this that
that it all Americans rule the internet no one is talking about what is going on
in Germany with his bank thing that I’ve just found out about we’re gonna talk
about in a second because all the Americans who shout everything to the
world they’re just not on the internet they’re not spreading the word and the
Germans aren’t spreading the word about this enough but anyway tomorrow we’ll
talk about this a little bit more this week at Bitcoin 2 p.m. New York time on
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type in bitcoinmeister do a super chat yeah did that turkey get you tired did
stuffing your face get you freaking tired dude life goes on Bitcoin doesn’t
have a Thanksgiving Bitcoin keeps going the need the news keeps coming and I
keep doing these shows no matter what and yeah you better believe I got to be
awake pretty soon too because I got some stuff to do in the morning be traveling
around I’ll be in another secret location tomorrow for tomorrow’s show
but yeah hello elite friends if I forgot to say
that I think I did I want to say they can Boris and Vlad will be on the 2 p.m.
this week in Bitcoin show tomorrow and yeah you better believe there’s a new
show here every day I wanted to say on yesterday’s
I want to correct something mind the gap said he was in you quit uh big week in
Alaska and I said is that near Barrow and he says it is but what he was saying
is it is baro baro alaska changed its name to this I guess an Eskimo and a
native name and I had no idea I don’t know when that happened I guess this is
the last year or something like that so there you go you learn something every
day and that’s what was from yesterday’s show so mind the gap I hope you’re
enjoying your time up in the northernmost city in the United States
of America formerly known as Barrow now known as Jude klieg Vick and I wanted to
give a special shout-out to a guy who watches the show a lot m dot s dot bit
eath i want to wish my happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving dude I’m
hey man if you’re if you’re having Thanksgiving alone you have a
Thanksgiving with me man I’m there with you I’m here on video with you so you’re
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had a fun Thanksgiving or just a fun Thursday whatever it was for you
wherever you are on this planet uh if you’re at the top of the world or
if you’re in Australia where it’s already fried wave the Friday over there
so a friend of mine in Germany sent me this information that you’re probably
going to hear about more and more as the Americans like get out of there
fat trance and like actually started writing about this on the mainstream
crypto media and in other places but it trickled out a little bit today but but
my buddy sent me this I think a lot for this she says this is big the
and I both agree this is pretty big the Boone if it if it does happen the Buddha
stag the Parliament Germany just passed legislation that allows banks in Germany
to trade cryptos and store them starting January 1st
that’s 2020 baby pound that like bun for 2020 it still needs to get passed by the
boon distract the second chamber where states have their say but since the
federal government has a majority there this will be more of a formality Wow
now I predicted four people have asked me what’s gonna happen through the banks
when crypto takes over well I said some banks will store Bitcoin for you and
store cryptocurrencies for you they’ll just evolve and they’ll still do
fiat also well it looks like there’s a new law in Germany which is an
incredibly wealthy powerful country no standing army of course but um you they
uh it’s not all about the army yeah I mean they do control they control Europe
I mean it in the the mainland continent there and not England but they’re the
most powerful country in Europe and they control the euro just a very efficient
people very very good with the money then uh when they do something like this
wait we’re now in theory the banks are gonna be able to reveal a body Bitcoin
there and store your Bitcoin now we’ll all the bank’s want to do this
well it’s said in the article some of them wanted to do it I linked to two
articles below but you would think some banks might not be keen we’ll do this
but then again some banks they just they want to make money that diversify for
the sake of diversification or they know this is a big thing why not instead of
you trying to fight Bitcoin why not join the party so it seems like some of them
are into this you know that there was some consumer group complaining and you
can read it hey III all I care about is if this thing really happens on January
first and that that’s a big that means Germany is really friendly if this all
really happens now a reg Bank in Germany can you could store your
Bitcoin there you can buy your big trade your Bitcoin there and other ones also
huge that is huge maybe this is not some country you never
heard of before I mean this is on the scale of Japan and England I mean yes
there is powerful is England of course they don’t have the are you know it’s
different type of powerful but financially powerful yes
all right so if yeah and it’s funny because it’s an Austrian guest it feels
like more than one Austrian person has told me this but they felt that Austria
was more of a bitcoin place than Germany but hoho this would change that wasn’t
it and I can’t I want to point out that bitcoin doesn’t sleep and just because
everybody in America doesn’t know this news is happening it’s happening and uh
it just shows you this Thanksgiving thing I warned everyone you got to take
into Thanksgiving take into account Thanksgiving when you’re getting your
your news on the internet or when you’re getting your traffic on the internet
because when the Americans get fat on their turkey on Turkey Day and go go
else go buy stuff tomorrow on Friday something you don’t hear about some
things they don’t talk about some things but you’re hearing it from this American
right here baby and yes I’m if this happens then my
prediction of a banks evolving into Bitcoin banks yeah it’s happening it
will be happening if this happens I’m gonna read you something here it
proposes to allow regulated banking institutions to provide cryptocurrency
services without relying on third-party custodians and special subsidiaries as
it’s currently required if the state’s greenlight this proposal German citizens
will be able to hold Bitcoin aetherium and other digital currencies directly in
banks also banks will provide online banking solutions for the whole range of
assets like stocks bonds and cryptocurrencies
this means that crypto holders will access their funds at the touch of a
button okay that let’s see it happen let’s see it
happen I’m breaking you the I’m giving you some news right there you’re not
hearing anywhere else unless you know German and again my friend in Germany
knows German and he read the articles in German and he just sent me the one
article he could find in English and then I found another one they’re both
link to below Happy Thanksgiving says johnstrom Ulis
will happen Happy Thanksgiving aroma cue and again you guys can do questions Roma
Q says this year I am thankful for those weekends willing to sell their Bitcoin
to me keep them coming yeah I agree you should be thankful for
the weekends that’s it that’s a good way of us spinning it
strong hand baby strong hand it offended by sigh I’m offended by son but then I’m
you know I’m thankful that the weak hands are selling to the strong hands
that’s that’s the way survival the fittest this is where the big boys play
baby you check out this you know you haven’t seen this shirt too often have
you all right very nice shirt all right you can get shirts like this link to
below yeah I’ve been in I’ve been in a different a different place like four
nights in a row now I’m giving you different I’m giving you fancy
backgrounds I’ll have another one tomorrow
real fancy I wonder if the German band in Rome excuses I wonder if German banks
will have to pay negative rates to hold Bitcoin no well no but they won’t
because they won’t be dealing with the the European Central Bank to get the
Bitcoin but they buy one and they won’t I seriously doubt that’s it’s an
interesting question if the European banks eventually start charging savers
negative interest rates and so I think some people said that might have started
happening in some European countries but let’s say you’ve got you know a hundred
thousand dollars and the German banks are charging you negative 0.1% so
they’re taking away a little bit every year from you if they’re doing that
there is no way they’ll do that for Bitcoin that they will give you they
will give you a positive interest rate for Bitcoin I
would think III would think they would but they would no it’s uh because they
didn’t want to hold yeah they’d want to get more people to give them Bitcoin so
they could fractionally think it starts selling that Bitcoin Oh God they would
play frak it didn’t say anything about fractional reserve games on there so I
think hey by the way German people I’m not telling you to store your Bitcoin at
a German bank if you have that option starting January 1st do not do that do
not do that at all because I yeah I assume that they can just say they can
they probably won’t have your Bitcoin for very long anyway yeah
learn how to use a treasurer Germans I think a lot of you already do ok pound
that like button let’s move on to the neck be next but hey that’s that’s very
interesting exciting news and yeah this is home a Bitcoin inside information
even on the night of Thanksgiving you know where I was for Thanksgiving today
I didn’t eat it all because my time for eating wasn’t scheduled till later hey I
played with the kids and stuff and I didn’t get much sleep last night so I
just went to sleep on a sofa like it was fun it was fun to see the family and
stuff oh yeah I forget maybe I’ll talk about that tomorrow I’ll talk about I
talk about that on Sunday shit I totally forgot to write that down there was
someone to talk to too big about Bitcoin with you I’ll save
that for another show and a female talk to the she didn’t know about Bitcoin at
all we’ll talk about that at another so I lied for so they forgot to write that
down so there is an article talking about mainstreaming GQ magazine so
yesterday it was I talked about Danny fair had a article I don’t think that
was a very good article with Bitcoin but GQ has an article that is it’s a long
article about cryptocurrency and again it’s good getting into these mainstream
this one is this was definitely oriented toward men is ggq is a men’s magazine
because it talks about bitcoin traders all coin flippers people losing lots of
money but but and and rail blocks and and whatever and nano oh my god I want
to barf on the same names like that but cryptocurrency will not die you thought
your success you successfully avoided ever having to learn how crypto was
going to take over your life well too bad it’s back and maybe stronger than
ever alright GG that’s a good title yeah it
goes on into some impulsive people it does talk about my bitcoins better a
little bit in there it goes on and on and on and on you don’t have to result
thing you know the story about people who lost a lot of money you’ve heard it
told a lot of different ways but it’s cold they’re talking about it in GQ
they’re talking about it and no again no one shared this on crypto Twitter either
from from what I could tell I found about about this on my own also just
like the Vanity Fair thing not that I’ve read those magazines now Jack Dorsey has
this tweet out there for a provocative tweet in many ways I think it’s
provocative it made me think that like button first of all sad to be leaving
the continent for now Africa will define the future especially the Bitcoin one
not sure where yet but I’ll be living here for three to six months mid twenty
twenty great fault I was able to experience a small part whoa dude are
you planning something for Africa and Bitcoin in 2020 you’re gonna be living
there for three to six months I mean that’s a pretty big commitment
you’re from freaking st. Louis dude and you’re gonna wash your baby pal man like
he ain’t gonna wash you I did but um and that’s I’m not taking a shot at him you
know he’s a really smart to now it’s so one thing I’m going to say is he says
that Africa to find the future especially the
Bitcoin one I don’t know how soon it will be defying the Bitcoin future
because I mean I just told you a story about German banks allowing like German
people to be able to buy that stuff I mean right now it’s Westerners dominate
the Bitcoin world we’ve gone over this so many different times
Africans need it they don’t miss us and more and more getting into it but and
there’s a just it’s it’s a lot easier for Westerners to get in it right now
and just to use it as as a savings account
Africans needed to preserve their freaking wealth when the Nigerian area I
can’t pronounce their currency is being inflated way and all the other
currencies are being inflated away but it’s just you know it’s a it’s such a
popular line in cryptocurrency since 2015 Oh what Africa is about to do this
with it after Africa Africa Africa I will believe it when I see it and by the
way I’m a huge fan of cryptocurrency in Africa I spoke at the Zimbabwe Bitcoin
conference in 2016 I’ve been to events in South Africa I know many people that
are involved in Bitcoin in South Africa and obviously is it Bob Wayne but it’s
you know everyone’s always saying is the next big thing with that being said and
I’m again I’m not ripping I’m just I’m just a realist here with you know I’ve
traveled around this whole world and it’s I see who needs it and who uses it
and who use it and then it’s mostly people who are already quite well-off
compared to those in in Africa that habit and I see that trend growing I see
it exhale faster in the Western and we are so early on in all this we’re so
early on in all this is that it it has to grow faster in the West and then in
Africa before it starts growing really fast in Africa but again with all that
being said Jack is a rich dude Jack doesn’t complain he competes I
I hope to god he starts to do something there in Africa I don’t know what
country I don’t care what country because if the media will pick on it up
on it in a second because they are as I said before since 2015 you
forgot the next big thing in crypto Africa is the next big thing in the
world after this Africa that Africa this okay it’s it’s easier said than done
it’s much and that’s no rip on Africa it’s much easier said than done and let
him try but it will be free advertising for Bitcoin he will be paying for it if
he starts a business over there it will be great it will be great and I hope it
succeeds and at the very least it will bring Bitcoin through the attention of
many many people all around the world because all sorts of people will well
write about whatever this might be and I do hope it is something that he does
there I hope this is he’s just not going he’s just not talking about how big
bitcoins gonna be in Africa in the future and then saying he’s gonna be
living there for a huge part of 2020 and he’s not doing anything in Africa I
think he’s doing something okay so there’s my theory right there now
Alistair melanie has a tweet out there that shows that Bitcoin has performed
better than all of the top tier and second tier altcoins since the beginning
of the year other than one that one being tasers now people gonna say I you
see I am you see yeah you should hope Tasos who could have predicted that in
the top in the top and second tier Auckland what are their like 30 of them
I mean he all did worse than pick one he sent one of them it’s gambling his pure
gambling you couldn’t have predicted it was Tasers and he won’t be tasers for
long in the long long run bitcoin beats them all baby pound that like button but
you can see the chart yourself to see how well Bitcoin did compared to these
other the flavor of the months and tasers was a flavor of the month once
and I maybe some of you will make it some people will make it a flavor of the
month again not many questions out there today all right I’m glad to see we got a lot
of guys outside the United States in there and I see someone is I know John
is in LA though John is in the LA area okay so he’s it’s it’s still early for
him right John did you see the movie that Leonardo DiCaprio uh movie once
upon a time in Hollywood if you did I’d liked it Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio gotta give him both credit for his good movie I talking
about it recently and my well my teased a video found that like button I saw it
on the plane for free combat like button forgetting free stuff in the plane okay
who only 80 percenters came for stuff on a play I mean kind it’s so horrible to
see these people well on an international flight the food is free
but the see people eating that food makes me want to vomit
this is poisonous but then when you’re on like a spirit flight in United States
and people are paying for headphones and paying $10 for a piece of bread or
whatever it’s so ridiculous you can’t you can’t like hold in your hunger on a
flight from Baltimore to Minneapolis you can’t do that you care but more to
Houston bottom or even just short shorter distance anyway that’s my tea in
pole my comment for the impulsive people today I got a pic I spent $10 on food on
spirit and poisonous food any jet lag from this trip roaming Shu said was the
front uh yeah I was a I slept till 2:00 on Wednesday but that that was about it
that was about it not that nothing too major I was just I
was exhausting man I was on a plane for like so long for different flights man
for flights in a row it that’s hard and but yeah I’m totally
fine now I didn’t running and everything ok moving on what is this oh yeah
Bitcoin Bitcoin calm the be cash exchange because Bitcoin calm is owned
by king of the trolls who’s a peek a sure they are launching an IE o to raise
fifty million dollars apparently I link to their white paper I linked to an
article about it I first heard about it only from well just just a few hours ago
from whale Panda and I didn’t even know if it was true at first was it was only
well panda tweening about it I had to do research to really find out if this was
true or not so they’re doing a terrible job spreading the word but of course
it’s Thanksgiving so maybe maybe they’re not because there’s
no Americans around this brother word for them
Americans best marketers on earth pound that like button no doubt about that
Americans loudest people on earth is what some people are saying yeah that’s
true to pound that way fun so uh yeah that’s great they’re they’re making
their own token the Bitcoin column to raise money for their exchange a king of
the trolls creating a token say would make up your own mind about that one you
know decide on your own Desai I mean what’s his financial situation I’m sure
he still got enough for himself I hope he’s told us but wale pan that man
basically kinda thought it was a commentary on the B cash situation I
mean I wouldn’t I wouldn’t draw that conclusion just uh God even even though
even the be cash exchanges having ieo everyone’s gonna have an i everyone’s
gotta have a token now don’t and it entitles you to all these great things
apparently great things yeah remember guys don’t bitcoins the only thing
Bitcoin is next Bitcoin you know you’ve learned by now that be cashing deftly
well that wasn’t the next Bitcoin O’Doul but there were a lot of people that were
willing to trade in their precious Bitcoin for that thing and at a Lebanon
there is a site de Twitter handle Bitcoin do you Bitcoin do I guess that’s
kind of French there and Levitt lebanon’s obviously having all sorts of
financial problems people are writing all this you know they’re gonna do all
this Bitcoin stuff there it’s all rumors I mean I’m not in Lebanon apparently
bitcoins helping a few people out there they’ve got a big dice for all over the
world okay they got Lebanese in Brazil they got Lebanese everywhere you go
they’re Lebanese everywhere so bitcoin is a cool thing for them too because
there’s they’re all over the world world and Bitcoin you can is borderless send
remittances wherever through it and now in May
Lebanon they’re having economic prize well anyway this Twitter account is
trying to organize everything for Lebanese Twitter for Lebanese Bitcoin
people I just I thought it was a good idea especially now because it seems
like now’s the time and shoutouts to my my buddy has McCook who is also an
Australian of Lebanese descent and when we were doing our shows is when all the
problems in Lebanon actually started and yeah I’ve sent him this this site too so
if you spread the word of your Lebanese friends this will make it easier for
them to learn about it we want everybody in every country to learn about Bitcoin
I can’t believe I forgot that I’ll tell the story on Sunday about the the lady
at Thanksgiving all right because some tomorrow is this we get Bitcoin Saturday
is beyond Bitcoin and finally we’ll leave it with a crypto dividend note
here god remember if you someone says something
on telling days I know you got a right if you’re gonna say something you want
me to say type in bitcoinmeister I just uh
alright so fine I will end it with this member will coin thing because member
Wimble MWC is a crypto dividend that is an air-dropped for Bitcoin holders that
we signed up for that will be dead and finally on December 11th and yesterday I
mentioned and I linked to that exchange again that right now and I talked to
Andy Hoffman about this but I by the way Andy Hoffman will be on the show oh my
god when is it I think I’ll throw a week from today on Thursday and you I’ll cry
I’ll give you a year on Wednesday or Thursday pretty short stirrers day yes
it’s it’s next Thursday if that’s the fifth look at my calendar anyway Andy’s
gonna be on the show it is because the MWC where everyone’s gonna be proclaim
it that signed up for it on and so he’s gonna tell he’s gonna talk about
bitcoins got it’s gonna be an andy hoffman cuz everybody loves with Andy
Halston comes on the show I asked him all sorts of questions but I did I told
him that you know yesterday somebody was selling 3000
3000 MWC for a dollar 85 and he says that the only people that should have it
or people that are mining it now and the people that are mining it have only
mined like over 50,000 of it and then again today at the exact same time as
yesterday on this exchange there’s someone buying it buying 3000
again for the same price for a dollar 85 and so that person’s gonna have 6,000 of
like the 58,000 that are circulating now or whatever circulating I don’t
understand this why someone is doing this now I think it’s a good sign for
all of us that are gonna get it for free though and you can check out that link
below I mean again you can check out the exchange what’s the name of this
exchange hot bit hey I’m not telling you to buy it somebody is buying 6,000 of
them oh and I’m assuming it’s not an American because they did it on them
Wednesday night and Thursday night which most Americans are getting fat and drunk
and watching football those nights so that’s really odd so that’s your crypto
hey God willing the price even goes higher God willing there’s whoever this
is has a bunch of friends that wants to buy it that want to buy it for some
reason where they kind of just got it for free I don’t even I don’t understand
I I don’t get it but hey people are gonna do what they’re gonna do
good luck to the guys over there that they’ve worked very hard on this thing
to do this hey I have seen their wallet you can download their wallet I
downloaded their wallet it was pretty cool it was it was pretty cool I mean
you can I guess you can prepare everybody because on the wallet there’s
something that says airdrop or something like that so they’re ready for do they
I’m ready to get that stuff for free and sell it to those dudes that are buying a
3,000 at a time great great buy mine dude cut don’t ye buy it so early wait
till we’re buddy and that’s another thing why are they buying so early like
you would think when there’s a whole bunch more supply that thing you know
that the price would be lower but they are thinking differently they are
clearly thinking that does someone knows something that I don’t know
or someone doing something absolutely ridiculous we’ll see y’all December 11
wait we shall seal December 11 combat like fun alright everybody
hope everybody have fun tonight i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the
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