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my old shows everything is linked to below so you guys are wondering about
this North Korea thing and aetherium and Virgil Griffith I mentioned it briefly
on yesterday’s show I thought Virgil Griffith who is a big
aetherium guy I think he’s in the etherium found that it doesn’t matter
what is that he’s known for aetherium related stuff and he was
asking around earlier in the year people wanted to go to North Korea with him and
I thought he was young and but he’s actually 36 so he kind of should know
better than to get himself in this situation that he got himself into now
was he just trying to save the world and be just a super good guy and was he
naive at 36 years of age I mean I’m not in the dudes head and before we get into
the specifics I just want to say you know some people ask questions about
cryptocurrency how much the government cares about various aspects of it a lot
of people ask me certain certain things about crypto dividends and whatever I
think this story shows you what the government cares about okay if you go
out of your way to visit an enemy nation and start teaching them about
cryptocurrency when the government told you not to do it they’re going to make
an example out of you okay now that’s a pretty extreme thing this dude did all
right so keep that in mind people with what the government is paying attention
to when it comes to cryptocurrency just just want to put that out there
I don’t think and no one’s ever asked me like hey Adam you know I think I’m gonna
go to North Korea and do a Bitcoin conference there you think the
government when the I would say yeah do don’t do that do not what are you insane
but some of these other questions I get always in a government watching me don’t
they know how much I have listened that and the other again are they gonna make
example for you claiming one be gold or are they gonna make an example of you
for doing something like this just think logically here this guy wasn’t thinking
very logically and I just I don’t think this guy want to help the North Korean
government I think he born to help the North Korean people alright he wanted to
educate the North Korean people about cryptocurrency
and bottom line is to educate the North Korean people about north about
cryptocurrency the United States should take a long-term approach to that okay
because the more people over there that that learn about cryptocurrency and then
are some for some reason giving access to it it only takes one of them to to
really open up the floodgates the Pandora’s box
should we say and help bring down that government and really connect them to
the Western world okay now clearly the North Korean government puts on events
there for their inner circle trusted type of people to learn about
cryptocurrency so they can help the North Korean government get around
sanctions I’m is why the North Korean government will sponsor any event okay
it’s to benefit the North Korean government to keep it propped up but so
I would suggest to the United States of America to the spy agencies the United
States of America just uh get a guy get an American citizen to get over there to
befriend the the government in North Korea and to have some conferences to
get a spy over there that that seems like he’s just some naive guy like
Virgil Griffith and to start educating the people over there and to get their
hands on cryptocurrency to tell them how to get away all the
blocks that North Korea has in the way of getting cryptocurrency to the people
of getting real value in there all right so that that’s that’s a little
suggestion before we get into the specifics of all this and he shouldn’t
have gone but bottom line is he should not have he should have known better
because he actually asked the United States government said they told him not
to go okay so if the government’s telling you not to go
you already know North Korea United States our enemies and there’s uh their
sanctions and you’re not supposed to help help them abate that obey those
sanctions and you’re an American citizen I mean I don’t know what he was really
thinking yeah I guess I’ve given you some and by the way this situation has
scared some people and I’m gonna be trying to be as vague about this as
possible I have said in the past that I have never all my shows all my 1500s
over fifteen hundred shows that are all disrupt meister calm that i’ve done i’ve
never removed any of them or made them private some of you may remember
long-term fans I’m not gonna say when it was but I did have someone on the show
who had been to North Korea and I was going to contact him once I heard about
this story and before I could contact him he contacted
me and he said Adam can you get rid of that show so that I would I’m gonna tell
everyone there is a show that has been removed I and the reason is is because
someone asked me to do it because of this story because this the person who
had appeared on my show and if you know who he is don’t say his name in the
comments or anything like that I doubt any of you remember but some of you will
remember who who it is he’s a smart smart crypto guy I’m not gonna say where
he’s from or whatever but I asked him a quite a few questions about his a trip
to North Korea and so now that show is no longer on the disrupt meister i come
but to show you that this situation has a freak some people out – it definitely
has freak some people out so let’s read what the Justice dot gov says here what
do they say Assistant Attorney General John Dee
Merced and this is all linked to below tweets by UT about this different
opinions about this the Justice Department press release about this the
accusations it’s all linked to below so click on the stuff you want to learn and
more of you will hear about the story I’m short coin desk and everyone will
write about it soon enough but this I think this story broke on Friday or
Saturday I’m even though Assistant Attorney General John Dee Merced despite
receiving warnings not to go griffith allegedly traveled to one of the united
states for most adversaries north korea where he taught his audience how to use
blockchain technology to evade sanctions by this complaint we began the process
of seeking justice for such conduct at the north korea cryptocurrency
conference griffith and other attendees discussed how north korea could use
blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to launder money and evade sanctions
Griffiths presentation at North Korean cryptocurrency conference had been
approved by North Korean officials and focused on among other things how
blockchain check not technology including a smart contract could be used
to benefit North Korea fifth identified several North Korea
cryptocurrency conference attendees who appear to work for the North Korean
government and who during his presentation asked her if specific
questions about blockchain and cryptocurrency and prompted discussion
on technical aspects of those technologies now some people have said
that you know that whatever he said all these North Korean people they just got
a Google it if they got access on the internet they could have he wasn’t
telling them like secret information he was telling him how the crypto currency
works and by the way he again he’s a big aetherium guy this is not to vilify
aetherium or anything like that Vitalik had to issue a press release it
does show you that it’s kind of centralizing Lee when they did have to
kind of go out of their way to defend themselves that you know he is not a
representative a theorem and the etherion foundation did not sponsor this
trip and that’s all true so that’s that’s the situation I’m sure some
people will try to vilify Bitcoin cryptocurrency through these unfortunate
turn of events I’m sure everyone has a strong opinion he is in federal custody
right now and he is gonna face 20 years in jail it looks like they’re gonna I
guess I have a trial and all that stuff so yeah if you want to stay I mean
there’s really not much more I can add except what I said at the beginning that
the United States should take a long-term approach in instead of fearing
cryptocurrency as a way for an enemy like North Korea an evil regime like
North Korea to get around sanctions and it is a way to get around sanctions
there’s no doubt about it but think of it as a way that it could open the
floodgates for the people to understand what cryptocurrency is and to bring them
some freedom to bring them some real wealth and to change the situation over
there and the start a revolution maybe the United States instead of putting
this guy in jail for 20 years could say dude you’re gonna tell figure out a way
for us to use this new awesome technology to bring down the Kim regime
you’ve seen a lot of stuff supposedly let’s let’s you tell us how to bring
down the Kim regime then you don’t have to go to jail how about that I mean that
that would be cool that maybe that would be an
compromise they can work on so there’s my idea for the day
thinking outside the box pound that like butt so when we’re talking about the
united states states and sanctions and hooah designates as a terrorist and as a
bad nation scott adams mentioned on his show the donald trump is thinking about
designating cartels as terror groups and this would ban them from entering the US
and it would allow the Secretary of the Treasury to freeze the group’s assets
we’re talking about Mexican drug cartels so it says Mexican drug cartels to be
classified as terrorists and when this will happen
he says he’s been working on it for a while it hasn’t happened yet so let’s
let’s put this into motion if if this really happens if he designates the
Mexican drug cartels and he starts to confiscate their bank accounts close
their bank accounts or threat threatened to do so well what are they gonna be
forced to do I mean they’re gonna to get around being called terrorists and they
will getting the big thing they’ll get the Bitcoin now getting the Bitcoin so
again these drug cartels are horrible organizations horrible horrible killers
vicious killers and it shows you that the worst enemies out there they can
help if they start buying up Bitcoin instead of valuing their wealth and US
dollars it’ll make a difference there’ll be less Bitcoin out there and I know
it’s it’s does it doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth per se but that is
the way Bitcoin does not designate even these uh these killers these people you
deal poison can they can get a hold of Bitcoin and they can fuck it you know
they’re they’re they’re arresting this aetherium guy for helping aetherium
helping north korea evade sanctions and US laws well know mexican ease the
mexican drug lords they’ll figure it out on their own
they’ll dealt they’ll they’ll use the cryptocurrency to evade that this this
terror designation so let’s see how it plays out let’s see if it really happens
let’s see if it does happen and they start using it if Donald Trump goes wild
on big corn cryptocurrency if he starts saying their
terrorist stuff and if that helps that makes more people want to be into
Bitcoin who knows so there there’s your US government related Bitcoin crypto
news of the day found that like button I know is I see no I don’t see any
bitcoinmeister questions out there to see a lot of people talking in the chat
what’s up what is up I see just learn Bitcoin calm he’s actually in Mexico
good lock of that freezing assets I guarantee you they already own Bitcoin
okay they’re very smart criminal oh man well yeah that that’s interesting point
alright so we shall see and we’ll see how far-reaching these terrorist
destinations go to like is this just gonna the big cartels or smaller ones
that maybe don’t have any Bitcoin at who knows I I really try not to know much
about these drug cartel dudes okay look yes shirts like this listed below
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now speaking of interest there is AI linked to below I better have link to it
below well yeah a someone thought this was a good site it explains what is defy
and so I decided to read it and it’s filled with a lot of buzzwords and let
them experiment let them experiment but some of the points like this defy allows
everyone to take charge of their financial well-being okay that sounds
awesome but guess what Bitcoin allows everyone to take charge of their
financial well-being and it’s simpler desexualize finance aims to create a
financial system that’s open to everyone and minimizes one’s need to trust and
rely on central authorities what Bitcoin does that it definitely is open to
everyone I mean drug cartels North Koreans I mean
it’s all defy open to drug cartels in the North Koreans good question uh so
anyway why complicate things is my conclusion when Bitcoin does most of the
things that this defy stuff apparently does ok defy complicates matters where
you give you interest on your theories you know what let them experiment
Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin let the defy a the defy thing is going to be bigger
than AI CEOs alright there’s gonna be a lot of huge bombs in it too alright so
and that it’ll help Bitcoin all sorts of newbies are going to be like on the defy
King I’ve been in this since 2020 look how look at my oh my defy projects I’m
involved in haha loving this 2021 been in it being in the
games 20:20 defy atheria yeah bitcoins boring
that having thing hahaha yeah alright expect it get ready and long-term
thinking people you better be having your Bitcoin when
all those freakazoids are screaming about their defy in 2021 let’s talk
about Thanksgiving and I meant to talk about this on there I first a ever after
Thanksgiving at the Thanksgiving meal at the Meister Thanksgiving a celebration
at one of them because there was one on Thursday one on Friday someone not
related to me asked me about Big Ed they she said it was a woman she said what is
this Bitcoin thing she never heard of it before I never heard of it never heard
didn’t know about it at all and I started talking about it but then the
table got noisy you know grandma on one hand the kids screaming and stuff and
and I was kind of glad to have to explain the whole thing
cuz this woman had no clue about it and she was like late 60s late 60s and I
started thinking to myself demographically what what demographic
group is a least involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it has no clue about
it which which one has the greatest percentage of people with no clue it’s
gotta be females senior citizen females right but when were you a senior I know
it sounds terrible but you will you become a senior citizen when you’re 65 I
think in the old days when you’re 55 but let’s let’s say it’s 65 okay and uh yeah
I I would say and she had no clue no clue at all I mean it was just like and
it wasn’t even it wouldn’t even been worth my while they it really explained
it to her because if she wasn’t gonna get into it either completely cares
about a whole nother world I mean this is who TV is made is targeting today I
mean I’m no offense to her she’s a nice lady I don’t mean any offense
but I have a question for everyone out there and so this comment
what do you agree with me that you think it’s senior citizen females or the least
knowledgeable about Bitcoin they’re the ones who probably if roomful of people
they’re the ones are gonna know nothing about it most likely you know I would
think sick guys ever I know good guys over 65 they know about
the guy’s definitely guys over 65 to know about it all right so ladies over
65 seems pretty rare so that was my experience with Bitcoin nothing bad
nothing bad with Bitcoin on oh just a little bit of revealing informations
like she had no clue no just basically had never heard of it never heard of it
before didn’t know understand the thing that I did or whatever didn’t but I mean
we didn’t get really the depth so all right uh finally I just want to remind
everybody to go to my show on this week a bit corner Friday a my show on
Thursday where I was talking about how in Germany on January 1st 2020 it looks
like banks are going to be able to sell and buy allow people to trade Bitcoin
and other cryptocurrencies there and Germany’s a rich huge modern country and
not that many people are talking about it partially because everybody was away
for Thanksgiving maybe they’ll start talking about it on Monday so if you if
you want that insider information check out those shows I think that’s I still
think that’s a really big story the guys all of this week a Bitcoin show who are
both Europeans also agreed they thought it was a big story so I don’t know not
that many people are from what I can tell on crypto Twitter or talking about
it but a lot of them are still hungover from Thanksgiving all right
beer for Barry said greetings from New Zealand strong hand bitcoinmeister great
great to hear from you and lovely New Zealand where the weather is beautiful
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