what’s going on guys Patrick here bring
you a brand new video to save Ghana the coop video if you guys full of
information say were to be looking at some Bitcoin technical analysis world’s
gonna be covering YouTube at banning crypto youtubers cryptocurrency
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dive into technical analysis like I usually do this is big and it has a lot
of consequences so I want to share with you guys because it’s directly affects
you more than anyone else it directly affects you now a new YouTube crypto
band so YouTube the giant started removing cryptocurrency related videos
with no warning people like Chris done some popular youtubers like Sunny D
curry like the moon a bunch of all of them can’t think I’m off top my head
yeah a bunch of them got their channels either strike they had a strike on their
channel which if you get three of those I believe you get removed off you to
your channel gets deleted and they got a lot of videos pulled it down for
copyright strikes now what happened I want to give you guys the full rundown a
lot of you have been milking this reviews I’m gonna give you guys the full
idea of what’s happening basically it looks like either an algorithm thing on
youtubes end or a group of people targeting crypto channels which is
probably more likely in order to reverse report them in order to try to get them
that’s what it looked like a lot of people were concerned and then YouTube
did come out and apologized and they’ve reinstated they took away they put up
the videos they took away the strikes at the end ministry the least a majority of
them as of right now maybe one or two channels still haven’t seen their
channels fully recovered but I think that might be coming very soon and they
admitted to the mistake that they made you can see the moon actually had his
tweet finally a response from YouTube good news however I’ve learned a
valuable lesson not to trust or be dependent on a central authority now how
exactly does this affect you out of everyone well YouTube has been the
primary source of driving traffic to crypto education a lot of the top
youtubers got into the YouTube space and got into crypto because they saw other
people posting videos previously that’s how they learn to you know buy on
coinbase all that stuff that’s easier to show and easier to have a tutorial on
YouTube that’s how those guys learn how to do it and then they went on to make
their own channels and then they went on to you know grow and become one of the
biggest challenges some of the biggest channels out there today started by
watching other YouTube video I made myself as well when I started making
crypto videos the first time I got into crypto the way I learned how to do it
was through several videos I love YouTube as a search engine it is a
search engine for tutorials and stuff like that it’s one of the biggest search
engines obviously owned by another very massive search engine which is Google
right Google owns YouTube so that’s the big hit that could happen if YouTube
does decide to censor crypto and that would affect you guys directly because
you would get your new censor therefore you wouldn’t know everything that’s
going on now in terms of the youtubers if this is their source of living then
of course they can be affected as well but if it’s not their source of living
they might have a lot of other things that they focus YouTube like you guys
know I’ve said several times YouTube is not my primary source of income I don’t
make a ton of money off youtube I have other companies on the side which is
what I make a majority of my money from the YouTube part was just to have some
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really cool but for those of you guys who are following somebody solely on a
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there as well but enough about the rambling again that’s very important
rambling because it does directly affect you if YouTube does take down other
YouTube channels but let’s go into some Bitcoin technical announce because I
know you guys love hearing us talk about what we happen to be correct a majority
of the time so that doesn’t really hurt as well from what happened last time
let’s go overhead it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded again with this
whole YouTube thing YouTube’s taking out videos I decided maybe it was best to
just sit back to just relax and see how this plays out before I come out and
make another video and here we are what we see happening a major rejection on
the daily on the EMA ribbon again if you follow the basic technical analysis it
works major rejection off the EMA ribbon on
the daily what did I say we come we could come down to do I said we could
come down to test the what used to be resistance and is now going to be
support because Bitcoin loves retesting look what happened we came right back
down we retested and now we are looking like we want to attempt maybe a breakout
from several bounces off the support but let’s wait and see exactly how that does
play out zooming into the for hourly I like the daily I like the four-hour and
I like the hourly that’s majority of the time what I use for trading again
personal preference if you want to scalp maybe you’re using the five-minute chart
this is what I personally use for my technical and now it’s on the hour again
we get a better view of what’s going on bounce several times one two three and
four basically two candles bounce off this off the support and now you can
notice that EMA ribbon again acting a strong resistance similar to what we saw
sort of similar talk we saw happening over here where the EMA ribbon was
closing in to the resistance and it was a decisive moment for Bitcoin are we
going to break up which I said if we did expect some pretty bullish movement
which is what we saw happen or are we going to break down which in that case
we can expect some pretty bearish movement and see a Bitcoin head down all
the way back down to six thousand eight hundred six thousand seven hundred right
luckily for those of you who want to see the price go
for everyone who was in a long luckily if you’re in a short maybe a little
unluckily you were able to make some very good profits on this move and now
we’re waiting to see if Bitcoin looks like he wants to break above the EMA
ribbon again if it does I expect another bullish move another pretty solid move
back up to around the range as we saw over here and then maybe even finally
come up to test this very very strong resistance that we’ve been in the
channel for some time so keep an eye on that and if we’re going to that one
hourly it does confirm this as well you’ll notice same thing here we are at
a very strong resistance which is the EMA ribbon have been below it for some
time have been below it again retested it several times the resistance here
look like it wanted to have an attempted breakout did not work came right back
down underneath and that’s why I like to use for hourlies and also the daily
timeframe because this if we just look at the hourly we might have been fooled
before this happening that’s why you want to use more than one timeframe and
again very similar for hourly what’s happening now Bitcoin trying to come up
with the energy to break up if not we could come back down to have another
test of the support and if we break below that you guys know what happens
we’re probably gonna see some bearish movement but that’s currently what I’m
keeping my eyes out on right now I don’t want to make any any predictions any
jump to any trade I tell you guys all the time when I see an opportunity there
I will call it otherwise we’re just going to wait and see what happens and
if you are in the trailer group I update you guys every time I enter any trade so
if you guys have been following me on there we’ve been absolutely proper we’re
able to make profits on this long right here close our trade out in profit on
the way back down and now we are waiting for another opportunity for us to make
more money but enough for the technical analysis while we wait for some more
things to happen hopefully that comes soon so I can update you guys on the
next video we’re currently sitting at a 192 and a half just over billion dollars
in market Bitcoin it’s up 0.51% on the 24 hour in the last 24 hours
it’s up half a percent nothing crazy what does that mean a majority of all
comers are gonna see some very small movements as well Bitcoin cash actually
of just under five percent but again for the most part we see we see all coins
like chain-link see Bitcoin cash up a few a good amount but overall a majority
of them are seeing very small gains it looks like a pretty even 50/50 split but
and a sideways day all a majority of all coins moving less than one to two
percent so that’s not anything crazy except for silver way which is down 23%
so if you’re invested in that I’m sorry it’s for it I’m sorry to hear that
because I don’t know what it is but it’s down 23% when everything else is pretty
sideways so that probably sucks to be you know Japan’s Amazon Rakuten so the
racket in the company is Japan’s Amazon it’s a very very big company I’m sure
you guys have heard about them before because they’ve been pretty and bullish
and a very and pretty good at the cryptocurrency adoption sign out they’ve
allowed users to convert their loyalty points to Bitcoin
etherium and Bitcoin cash so that’s pretty cool the only support those three
right now I’m assuming you get these loyalty points by shopping with them or
by using them whatever it is that’s gonna allow you to get those loyalty
points and then you can exchange it into some krypton they want to break the
barrier in or for people to get into cryptocurrency that’s as easy as it is
they want to make it as easy as possible for people to get into cryptocurrency
you can see one Rakuten super point is equivalent to one yen which is around
this many US dollars and the minimum you can convert is 100 super points again
that’s not a very large amount anyways but still they want to break the barrier
make it easier for people to get into the cryptocurrency space in that
something I’m always going to support but we talked about YouTube banning
crypto what about Google Google owns YouTube they’ve suspended meta mask from
its Apple player from their Google Play app store obviously not Apple pay
because that would be Apple and not Google
they cited deceptive services now meta mask actually a majority of people that
were complaining about this were ones who wanted to use meta masks and
downloaded meta masks in order to buy hex the project obviously from Richard
Hart which we talked a little bit about the channel but that’s not the focus of
this video a lot of people that were upset were the ones who download it for
that reason but a lot of people use meta mask it’s a pretty big thing in the
crypto space especially for those of you who are more active or might you know
have used it before Google suspended it for deceptive services I don’t really
know what the deceptive services were there was pretty interesting timing that
that happened at around the same time that YouTube decided to ban the
cryptocurrency channels is there something related
I’m not a hundred percent sure but you know these private companies a lot of
them have agendas not saying anything in particular but yeah you guys know what
I’m trying to say key keep an eye out on it hopefully we don’t see much
censorship come in but if it does happen make sure you’re following people on
multiple different social medias and you have you know if you’re a content
creator you’ve gotten people onto several different platforms and if
you’re a did somebody watching and you’re somebody consuming the content
make sure you are also on a variety of different platforms in case one of them
decide to do something like this don’t just be on YouTube follow people
elsewhere so that you can get the full picture but guys that’s gonna be for
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