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there now let’s look at the technical
analysis like I said if you watched one
of the last videos I made we talked
about the job even though we were up at
this range we talked about the job
looking to come back down to test these
levels that’s exactly what we saw
happening from here if you guys saw
actually saw a video from Carl from the
moon who called this pump perfectly as
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that again there’s a great opportunity
we talked about this happening this
played out pretty much perfectly and
what do we see happening for Bitcoin
right now well again we’re trading in
this zone this zone I think it’s
something we’ve been trading it for some
time you guys know what I’m talking
about we talked about this we have
port roughly at around seven thousand
eight hundred dollars and on top we are
seeing resistance at eight thousand four
hundred dollars now if we stay below
eight thousand four hundred dollars then
to me this week is looking relatively
bearish and I think we could be going
down and testing not only seven thousand
eight hundred dollars again but even
potentially breaking down to test
further lows I think seven thousand six
hundred is the area to look to hold and
if we break below that we are going to
be heading down to seven thousand two
hundred and maybe even the high six
thousands if we break below that but
again as always to be comfortable what’s
going on play the breakout don’t try to
predict it before any target of this
move to the upside is obviously closer
to the $1400 mark which is the
resistance that we are going to jump
into but if you did get in here like I
said I saw from Carl’s video then you
are in significant profit you should
definitely consider taking profits along
the way and some kids securing some
profits now know the bullish scenarios
we’re gonna cover in just a little bit
does bring us back up to at the nine
thousand I saw videos about this and I
see a lot of people are bullish during
this time but like I said to me as long
as long as we stay under the eight
thousand four hundred dollar mark which
unfortunately it looks like we might be
doing then I do predict this week to be
bearish and I think a big move could be
coming to the downside to the low seven
thousand dollars or the high six
thousand dollars again contingent on us
staying below this level and of seeing a
breakdown of a below these seven
thousand eight hundred to seven thousand
six hundred dollar mark a break below
that range will take us down to seven
thousand two hundred that would be a
very big move but if you short it it
could be a very profitable move as well
if you look at Bitcoin dominance in
terms of all coins which is something
we’ve been talking about as well it’s
currently at eight sixty eight point
eight two percent so again we talked
about dominance in the last video and we
talked about us touching 69.0 we did
that and we talked about the break below
that which could take us down all the
way to sixty five to the sixty five
range the sixty five percent range which
again is going to be very good for all
words that we’re seeing all coins ever
since bitcoins domina’s topped out up
here we are seeing all coins start to
perform better and better and especially
with their Bitcoin pairings all coins
have been a very very profitable if you
what you are doing now we covered the
bear scenario now I want to talk a
little bit more about the bullish
scenario because this tweet from crypto
hamster got me thinking and honestly
since we know there are a lot of whales
and we know there are a lot of market
manipulators in this market it’s very
important for us to look at trends more
than anything and look at past hit past
price action more than anything because
whales will tend to do the same thing if
they want the same outcome right so what
we’re seeing happen right here is
comparing the drop from six thousand
dollars to three thousand dollars that’s
the blue graph over here and this is
where we are right now if you look at it
it’s been very very similar with very
similar jobs and very similar Peaks and
they and therefore they are comparing
the two and saying that well if the two
do do play out the same way then we can
expect a move right back up into the mid
9,000 and continue the bull run from
here now now by no means do I believe
that Bull Run is actually over when I
talk about a big move potentially to the
downside I think that we will just
bounce off there and continue our way on
up in the next few weeks
continuing the bull run that we’ve been
in because that’s obviously something I
am very very bullish in Bitcoin long
term and I say this every time because I
hate having to give a little bit of a
bear scenario because people get upset
but I am very very bullish long term
with Bitcoin but that’s the positive
action right of course if we break above
that $8,400 mark that we talked about
staying under if we break above that
then congratulations we’re probably
heading on up to the high 8000 into the
nine thousands and maybe even to the mid
9,000 in a very short period of time so
make sure you keep that important level
in mind again $8,400 want to emphasize
$8,400 we stay above that it’s bearish
if we break above it it looks like we’re
going up into the nine thousands if we
stay below that then this week what is
looking relatively bearish and I do
think we are headed down into the lower
7000 like I said maybe even the high six
thousands for a very short period of
time I don’t think this period of time
will last long now if we look at the
overall market 221 billion dollars in
marcab again a pretty good day Bitcoin
seeing a nice just under 2% pump in the
last 24 hours and that is leading to all
the Bitcoin pairs to all coins
performing very very well as theorems up
2% XRP is up 8.6 percent more on
in just a little bit and some of the
biggest gainers like chain-link which
has been performing absolutely insanely
recently get a very good pickup if you
haven’t picked that up or if you’re
interested in looking at it XRP another
one I think is very good crypt Aryan
that is climbing its way on up there and
there’s another one that’s been
performing very very well with some
pumps in here but again up 8% if you’re
holding it cannot be mad indefinitely
like I said more green than red in the
market Biggest Loser is centrality I
don’t know much about it it’s down a
bunch other than that very small losses
definitely a green day in the market a
good day to look at your portfolio if
you’ve been holding off on the down on
the downward red action now might be a
good time to look at your portfolio
because it’s going to be a little bit in
the green in the last 24 hours now a lot
of people are predicting all Quincy’s
and we’ve been talking about this for a
long time so if you’ve been watching
this channel if you’ve been keeping up
with my technical analysis you you know
that already for some time we’ve been
talking about Bitcoin Tom is decreasing
hitting that 69% and now everybody else
is starting to catch on right we’re
seeing people talk more and more about
this nice importance I think people are
going to start focusing and shifting
their eyes onto all coins which of
course would lead to all coins more
money coming in to all coins and all
quiz performing relatively well which
could be another little mini all
quincies divorce or even a little bit of
a bigger awkward season as they have
been suffering if Bitcoin does continue
to trade sideways like we showed in the
potential comparison chart then that
would be a perfect opportunity for all
Queens to perform well again in quest of
there BTC pairings to start moving in
their way on up and regaining some of
the losses that they hacks again a lot
of them are down like 90 percent 80
percent ever since bitcoins started this
big run on April 1st now the crypto
exchange coin field has teased a secret
project for XRP a secret XRP project
launches Ripple approved validator so
the Canada based crypto exchange a coin
field says it’s a step closer to
launching a mysterious project designed
to push mass adoption for XRP the
exchange set is launched an XR p
validator and is preparing to roll out
the project this is interesting cuz
they’re pushing for a mass adoption for
XRP right now 4x rapid nothing like that
for x RP the XR p right the thing
everybody is holding the crypto
everybody is home
think what you invested in if you
believed in ripple was XRP and you have
a bags of those you might have bags to
those in your exchange that’s been
trading relatively sideways a little bit
of price action here and there but it’s
been relatively mellow and now they’re
pushing for max adoption of the crypto
of what you’re holding so that does come
in again that’d be very good news for
XRP and we can see XRP price start to
move its way on up
I think XRP is one of those crypto sand
as we’ve seen previously historically
that it moves very very fast so if XRP
were to answer to own mini bull runs
start seeing some bullish price action
for itself
we could see some big moves and start
seeing XR P price climb higher and
higher very very fast but I’m gonna keep
you guys updated on this I know we have
a lot of XRP holders on here so I’m
gonna keep you guys updated with what’s
going on and now let’s move on to the
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