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December the 16th 2019 baby strong hands bitcoin is the next bitcoin in motion
five digit realm oh yeah you’re living in the future baby one day
closer to it now your wealth and bitcoin bitcoin is the apex predator offended by
selling we’re going to talk about that you should really be offended by selling
this time of years we’re getting close to that having oh if you made it this
far and then you sell ouch that’s not conviction but this is
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alright and let us start out with what I just said there about 150 days until the
having Allister Milne typed out or tweeted out that there were 150 days I
I’m not counting and it could change a little bit but it probably is 150 days
from today he’s going to be the 2020 Bitcoin having and no excuse if you made
it this far with your strong hand hanging onto that
Bitcoin making it through the highs the lows the FUD the exuberance and now you
capitulate now oh my now you panic a hundred fifty days away I don’t get it
now I mean I’m already in the party mood I
mean you know New Year’s Eve is coming up that’s I’m not partying on New Year’s
Eve I’m partying on having day I’ll be in Tel Aviv for the Tel Aviv Bitcoin
having party if all goes well and you know that’s gonna be some party and
we’re all gonna be pounding that like button and a lot of people will be
pounding all sorts of stuff there pounding drinks pounding some fine well
anyway so speaking of Tel Aviv booty Wertheimer who I see at the when I’m in
Tel Aviv right now I’m in Tucson Arizona you know
I like the Beatles song but when I’m in Tel Aviv at the Bitcoin embassy I always
see my buddy hoody Wertheimer there and he’s quite a
friendly man now on Twitter I linked to him below a lot of you know him on
Twitter because his commentary on aetherium and man he commented about
aetherium a lot today I’m not gonna comment on it if you want to hear things
about aetherium that aren’t so great go over there I don’t agree with you all
the time I I think they’re gonna be able to pull everything off hey it’s great
that they have a guy critiquing them that that if someone’s watching over you
in theory you’re gonna be able to run your operation more efficiently and
better now od just has a way that really kind of in flames the the etherion
people I know some people watching this video they’re really anti aetherium I’m
not anti aetherium I think they should I don’t really care what they do over
there let them let them innovate but uh yeah if you’re one of those people that
don’t like ethereal or if you want to learn more about theorem and their hard
fork situation I don’t go to Ooty ‘he’s twitter feed it’s it’s linked to below
it’s it’s it’s something else today I mean I’ve read it every day just
to learn things and he’ll mention a theorem every day but sometimes there’s
there’s lots of stuff on it and he’s a great guy to follow but today it was
just whoa like a wall of aetherium I couldn’t take it yeah I’ll let the
viewers decide on their own if they want to talk about this I can’t
I can’t talk about it all right uh uh I’m getting ready for the having hype we
it hasn’t started yet people even though we’re 150 days out where we were 150
days out back in 2016 it hadn’t started yet either the having height that that
was around 150 days out was around with February of 2016 and we were just about
to we’re getting close we were getting close to the hype and the people writing
about it and the upward trend we just had the mic her not panic cell so I mean
there are a lot of people that are like whoa how could how can things change
around when we get how’s everything going to change in terms of the Fiat
price the price is going down how will they ever go up again back in the end of
2015 it was the same thing it had gotten up to like close to 500 then we had Mike
Hearn thing it was back into 300 people were like woe is me is going to zero
oh you naive people just wait just have a strong hand and be patient all right
now and it’s just it’s hilarious because
I’ve been talking about this 2016-2020 having for four years literally four
years now and there were 150 days away it’s kind of surreal when you look at it
that way like it’s it’s this faraway moment in time that you’re trying to get
everyone focused on so they understand what savings is so they don’t panic so
they have just something to look forward to and stuff instead of some you know if
you yeah if you don’t have that point in the future then it’s kind of nebulous
and cloudy and you’re we’re willing to just do wild things and sell your
Bitcoin but if you know that there’s that date in the future and you can
create a system that’s focused on that date and that system is just buying and
holding and I mean if you’ve been listening to this since 2016 this
message of buy and hold 20 20 having you’re pretty darn good shape
man alright but I know most of you have not
been not listening to innocence watching or listening since that I both many of
most of you haven’t been in the space I weren’t in the space of 2016 probably at
the start of 2017 oh well it’s still early so let’s talk
about the block size debate again for those of you who missed it
I and I just alluded to you guys if you weren’t around in 2016 or 2017 you
didn’t get to go through that and some were saying that we needed big blocks
right then right then in 2017 we needed them and so long story short they forked
off twice they’re to two coins that you they try to say they’re Bitcoin they try
to say they’re the real big coins is the next Bitcoin these are just all coins
that forked from Bitcoin and one fork from Bitcoin cash oh ho I said the word
I don’t usually say that are you telling tired from be cash excuse me for saying
that swear word there it’s a family channel I didn’t mean to
say that word whoa anyway uh yeah I mean that’s like as bad as MF isn’t it when
you say the BC word so now they date they forked off I don’t know if I even
ever said that word before here I probably back in 2017
before we came up with the glorious be cash correct term for that
why anyway they said we needed it then they need it we need a big blocks well
here’s an update from vortex almost no one using the BCH or bsv chains
meanwhile bitcoin is still processing larger blocks than both bsv and BCH
combined and any shows a graphic he shows statistics in the tweet that these
you can send tremendous the blocks can be huge on bsv or BCH but they’re tiny
no one’s putting anything into them no one’s using it and combined they’re
open they’re smaller than the big coin and so what’s what’s going on over there
man what
was it really that what was the point of your coin man what was what was the
point of all that but hey let them do what they wanted I hear they put weather
apps in there and I know what they’re doing over there but uh yeah go to
vortex comments we’ll get comments on this kind of thing much more often than
I do and I thought it was time to talk about it because there was another tweet
that’s very good by the the for Satoshi’s which is a crew that that’s
down with rocky and this crew says segment usage is up and Bitcoin blocks
are bigger and it shows some recent block size one point one bag one point
two Meg’s one point three one four 1.6 1.7 1.8 2.3 three Meg block why do some
people still say Bitcoin has 1 Meg block lemming a one Meg block limit why do
some people still say because it doesn’t and people still say a Segway doesn’t
solve anything say what doesn’t help it well it created a two point three three
Meg block they’re getting so at times yeah at times you need blocks that are
bigger than 1 Meg segwayed solved that you didn’t have to fork your off your
other coins off to make you know huge blocks at that time in 2017 here at 29
to 2019 sometimes you need two point three three Meg blocks okay great
hey but you know that it’s great that bch forked off though because we got
that free crypto dividend and we turned it into the Bitcoin and it was awesome
so hey it was an unfriendly Fork but you gotta take a positive spin on it
crypto dividends are great if this is where you get big point insider
information but most people out there don’t know they don’t know if you just
hold your Bitcoin you get rewarded with these crazy Forks and airdrops
their crypto dividends they its interest on your Bitcoin just by holding yeah in
the long run people will learn it big players will be like wait a second I
don’t have to go trade back and forth and
I can just get these free Forks and airdrops and turn them in the Bitcoin
Wow Wow no one talks about this well no no I don’t say no one plenty of people
talk about it if you got the insider information if you come here new show
every single freaking day pound that like button that’s conviction so I know
where I’m gonna be after Tucson I leave here on January the
forty so I’m here till January 14th and I’m taking a bus oh yeah I discovered
something called the flicks bus the flicks bus it’s on the East Coast now –
I didn’t know it was I’m hardly ever in Baltimore how the heck did I know but
they’re in Baltimore it’s based out of Germany originally so I guess you
Europeans know about this flicks bus thing I just paid $2.99 for a ticket to
El Paso Texas on January the 14th I will be in El Paso Texas for four weeks
January 14th to February 11th in the the great state of Texas in the Mountain
Time Zone though maybe I’ll go check out the wall I’ll definitely go check out
UTEP ever since I was a young boy I would and I’d like college football back
then but I’d always turn on the TV during winter break and you’d see the
Sun Bowl on CBS and that’s a football game played in El Paso and I believe the
the stadium is actually called the Sun Bowl at University of Texas El Paso and
I’d always get a warm feeling because I knew New Year’s Eve was just a few days
away it’s usually played with on the 30th of
December and now I’m gonna get to see the Sun Bowl in person I’m gonna get to
see El Paso which has more people living in it than Baltimore City which is like
a disgrace to the Baltimore City you know bombers it used to be what like the
well in the 1950s it was like the sixth most populated city in the United States
and now it’s what 30th and it’s even below El Paso so and we know there’s
different demographics going on obviously El Paso has a growing Hispanic
community I’m looking forward to seeing it I don’t know if they’re Bitcoin
people there I’m going there because it’s not cold during the winter and but
I got a good Airbnb deal what can I say pound that like button and I got a
good a transportation deal also God so it should be fun and so some people now
if you’re outside of America and you’re like oh I know some dude from Texas Adam
should go hang out with him when he’s in our pack it doesn’t work that way in
Texas it’s a big state dudes it’s a big state if you know someone is in El Paso
that’s that’s different I can hang with that alright so and of course I will be
in Geneva Switzerland April 21st thirtieth and then after that I’ll be in
Tel Aviv for quite some time and I’m gonna be in San Francisco for that big
event a Bitcoin event at the end of March what is that the the 26 and so I
don’t know where I’m gonna be after El Paso so if you have suggestions on where
I should go from February 11th until March 26 when I’m in San Francisco leave
some suggestions again it’s got to be warm a rut are pretty warm pretty good I
mean some people gonna be lawyers to Suns not warm El Paso is not warm during
the winter yeah even when it gets into the 60s most days that’s warm compared
to living on the East Coast or the Midwest or Canada or so so much of where
you guys are right now alright and yeah I don’t have to go to cold
places I that’s just I’ve made it in life where I don’t have to be anywhere I
can go ahead where I dark police and that’s freedom and I hope you all can
get that from the Bitcoin overlay also that that’s the goal isn’t it in life to
to have freedom I look rockies in the chat mentions in the chat too we got all
sorts in there having show is talking they having hype of course he must be
really happy now dant a Piero reminds us that he was in Asia this past week
meeting institutional investors and again this is one story
we’ll see how true it is and it got a Bitcoin revelation out there
the Bitcoin believe it believers break down along age just as in the US
over 60 they still think bitcoin is a fraud under 40 it is the future in
between they are split every year that passes Bitcoin gains more believers it
gets stronger now there are plenty of dudes out there that are over 62 like
Bitcoin but general trend yeah in the Western world if you’re over 60 you got
a lot of questions about Bitcoin and those under 40 are much more willing to
accept it and he sees that same trend in Asia talking to institutional investors
and they’ve got a lot of money to toss around so you’d hope that more of those
guys over 60 would have an open mind maybe things will change but what will
change what cannot be denied is that time marches on time marches on and more
and more people are growing up in the Bitcoin age and soon it’ll be most
people under 50 well and the majority of people out there will be very cool with
valuing their wealth in Bitcoin so apparently same trends in Asia though I
never really when I’m an age I talk to people that are under 40 mostly or just
a little bit over 40 so I don’t I don’t know have it when I was in Asia I didn’t
I’ve never met anybody over 60 I don’t wanna say never but never met any
Bitcoin related person over 60 doesn’t and nothing I can recall at least all
right thank you for the observation Dan tap
the arrow now you don’t need to read this full article that I’m licking – I
thought this it’s a good article though I thought that the tweet quote that that
summarizes it was very inspirational made me think what’s it say Adam savings
saving is not breaking a social construct it is itself a social
construct that has been broken yeah Bitcoin fixes this people savings
is broken right now there’s no reason to save in fiat when it’s just being
printed away I mean you’ll have something I shouldn’t say there’s no
reason but there’s a better reason to save in the best money because the
dollar they’re straight up printing and printing and printing and they’re
telling you it’s not you’re not going to retain wealth by just holding it in 20
years you’re not gonna be able to buy as much as you would have been able to 20
years previous it’s a spending mechanism it is a spending mechanism you can organ
say shouldn’t it be that but it is because the system because savings is
broken now bitcoin that fixes it so savings is that is the default that’s
what people should be doing that shouldn’t be vilified it’s not breaking
a social construct okay it is itself a social construct that has been broken
we’ve forgotten savings but Bitcoin brings us back to that okay so the
article goes on and on about that because it was commenting on that
woman’s article that talked about how you know bitcoin is best use cases or
for illegal things and for UNH’s unsensible transactions but also he
points out that it is a savings mechanism it is for savings you use it
when you save with it that’s what I love it baby
I value my wealth and big one now let us move on to the final part of the show oh
no there’s there’s two questions before I get to the Twitter question yes mr.
barefoot Barry said February to March is summer fruit season in New Zealand well
of course I had been there before and I would love to return it is that
huge trip just to go to four four four five weeks or something we shall see
though I appreciate the suggestion rocky Palumbo saving has been a lost art form
yes it is bitcoin is bringing it back you bet
that’s a great way of saying it thank you
and Rocky’s out in Southern California maybe I’ll have to take the bus to
Southern California this this flicks bus also goes to lost it to Los Angeles
maybe that’ll be an option it’s just the Airbnb is in LA are so freakin expensive
compared to like anywhere else in the United States or the world thanks to and
it is it’s thanks to the tax regime and the regulation regime in in the state of
California it’s it’s unbelievable with what they add on to it but hey let them
do what they’re gonna do that I don’t go to California as much as I would like so
here is dear this is from Sean CP DX Sean CP DX maybe it’s Sean Sean C in
Portland maybe that’s what that means hey dear tech ball could you please make
a video where you explain the importance of strong hand once and for all not
trying to be smart but you may have to explain it like you’re speaking to an
eight-year-old okay okay that that’s legitimate there what do I mean by
strong hand I thought this shirt said it no it says notorious BTC doesn’t it
right now we have this newfangled financial instrument called Bitcoin and
a lot of people acquire it but then they just sell it and they flip it or buy it
back and buy things with it trade with it for me strong hand is saying I have
bought this newfangled financial instrument and I am not letting go of it
I am using it as savings I’m not doing anything impulsive with it and I’m
sticking to that and then you’re living with that belief with that mantra and
then you hear so much there’s so much temptation oh well if you’re getting to
tether now I’ll flip back into Bitcoin in oh look at this chart it’s gonna go
down tomorrow oh look it’s in a a golden spread-eagle cross look at the spread
eagle look at the look at the the twig and berries bitcoin chard you should
sell you should be in but know what strong hand is is you’re not tempted by
that you’re holding on to that bitcoin you’re holding the Bitcoin with a very
strong is there all sorts of temptation why don’t you trade it for a theory on
the theorems then the next Bitcoin strong hat is just the philosophy of
holding on to your Bitcoin thinking long term not being impulsive not being
tempted by all the people out there all the crypto noise out there saying to
sell your Bitcoin or too high too low loan it out to someone get interest
strong hand is very simple it’s just controlling your private key having it
on a hardware wallet it’s not a strut you’re not you don’t have a strong hand
with Bitcoin for keeping your own coin base you really don’t you really really
don’t own it then so how do you have a strong hand on your Bitcoin now what
once a weekend oh we can is a person who says yeah I’m holding Bitcoin and then
you next thing they know you know they trade it they panic that that’s a
weekend so I hope to get that I hope that was a good explanation for the
eight year olds out there for people who you know don’t don’t grasp the concept
it is you’re just having savings since so many people are not familiar with
savings anymore it’s hard for them to grasp the concept of holding on to
something for a long period of time and that is what having a strong hand is
your never letting go of it you’re never letting go of that Bitcoin your virtual
hand is like this on that Bitcoin and I mean even after 2020 having you’re still
hanging on to that thing as long as you can because you value your wealth and
Bitcoin you are you have a long-term vision of what it’s going to be able to
get you in the future how it’s gonna be able to change your life and so you
don’t let go that is the essence of the strong hand don’t panic that is with and
you just you don’t worry about the day-to-day price changes you don’t look
at the price every second because that can weaken your grasp on your Bitcoin if
you don’t have that conviction mentality some of us we have some of us just can’t
get tempted so and a lot of it has to do with age you have to you know younger
people are more impulsive than older people so the strong hand it is the
elimination of the desire to be impulsive alright when you don’t worry
it’s a breath of fresh air I like that yeah so don’t and that
strengthens your head don’t worry you have to be able to you know with your
strong hand shield off all that crypto noise fight it off and so and I have
seen so many weak hands through the years so many you know so many people
who said they were strong hands and then when Bitcoin hit 3000 they capitulated
on its hey the default in life is to be a collectivist and go with the flow and
to be a we can and a panic and to be impulsive and not to have long term
thinking that’s that’s the deets it’s an acquired skill to have a strong hand and
to be able to defer to defer gratification you choose you choose
personal responsibility is a new counterculture it is it is up to you
though it is up to you alright good question there dudes you guys can ask
questions like that on twitter or in the comments
section I’ll answer them or in the chat i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister I’m
actually tired today because I did my sprint day first time doing my sprint
day in Tucson but those those um and that’s an interval training when you
sprint basically fifteenth I do it 15 times in a row as hard as you can for
some of the yards so later the day you can feel a little bit so I’m looking
forward to going to sleep I’m also the disrupt meister so pound
that like button click on that square thanks a lot dudes I will say hi to you
in the chat see