hey guys what’s going on? FAYSAL here and
if you have not yet subscribed to our
channel, please do so and show us your
support. so today I’ll be discussing
about BITCOIN BONANZA and BITCOIN BONANZA is a new cryptocurrency trading
software that claims that you can earn
at least
$9,600 in the next 24 hours.
in support of their claims they
display some testimonials and the
creator’s advice and stuffs like that.
but I have some problems with this
BITCOIN BONANZA as usual and I have found
some negative sides of this Bitcoin
Bonanza software and I will discuss
about it with you. here is the website
bitcoinbonanza.co and this
annoying browser pop-up appears every
few seconds. they say that you
can on $9,600 in just 24 hours and this
man is supposed to be the creator and
CEO of this BITCOIN BONANZA. his name is
John Truman but we haven’t found Mr.
John Truman anywhere on the web or any
place on Google and we assume that this
guy has nothing to do with BITCOIN BONANZA and he is just a stock
photograph. they displays some
user testimonials over here and you see
Mr. Tony
Petrosky claims that he earned a lot of
but we have found this so called Tony
Petroski on Google and Google says that
he is Matthew Gaunt as you see Matthew
gaunt profiles on LinkedIn and other
social media site. so this guy is not the
Tony Petrovky. similar goes to Nora
Winfrey. her picture is also a stock
photograph and was used in many website
for promotional purpose.
so these peoples are not the actual user
of BITCOIN BONANZA and they are just a
bunch of stock photographs. if you go to
their members page you will see some
people are praising of BITCOIN BONANZA.
as you can see ELIZABETH ermed profit
$42,500 and she is a member since 10th November 2017. there are more people
who claim that they earned a lot of
money and joined last year that means
2017. but our survey explored that this
bitcoinbonanza.co website was
registered on 7th January 2018. so it
was not even online last year
so how come these people claim that they
joined last year I don’t understand. so
all the negative aspects shows that the
cryptocurrency scam and
I discourage you to join this BITCOIN BONANZA
cryptocurrency trading
software because I am pretty sure that
you will lose your investment very soon . and
if you are looking for legitimate
cryptocurrency softwares then my
recommendations are given below. you can
analyze these recommendations and if you
find them useful or legit then you may
join these softwares. so yeah that’s all
for today and until then take care.