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going over some Bitcoin technical
analysis we’re also we talking about new
all-time highs
Justin Sun as well as tons of other news
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away but enough about that let’s jump
into some technical analysis guys let’s
go there’s a lot to cover now what you
guys can see right here is a little bit
of an update to the chart you might have
seen last time now I drew this support
roughly at around nine thousand three
hundred dollars cuz it’s looking like it
is looking like we are trading within
this wedge right here so we can see all
the balances that we’ve had and now we
are currently up at this point over here
now what I think could happen from this
and give you guys the perspective at
least for September of what my price
targets are and why I think bitcoin
could do and what I think is the most
obvious step first let’s look at what
happened before so we started off having
this divergence this is where everything
kind of changed so we had this
divergence as we see here the RSI you
see it made a higher low and we had a
lower low in the Bitcoin chart in that
indicated that we could be seeing a
change in momentum or a change in
direction that’s exactly what we saw
after trading sideways for a little bit
we had this huge explosion of and now we
are currently set at roughly ten
thousand four hundred and thirty-eight
dollars I mean you guys were able to
catch that trade they congratulations to
you because that was definitely one that
was very profitable now from here again
I don’t want to
enter along in this area I think Bitcoin
right now has a lot of uncertainty but I
what I think could happen is for a
Bitcoin to retest the support which is
what it’s doing right now and then start
moving its way up to test the resistance
up here that would again fulfill another
test of the resistance like we’ve seen
before and keep big coin in this wedge
that it is trading and now what we can
see from here is a drop back down that
would make sense for us to see this come
in as well could bring us down to the
low 9000 and maybe even with a few weeks
we could go down to the high eight
thousands that’s something that’s very
very possible to for us to see happen
again off a bounce in the resistance
just to go back down and then make its
way on over to that breakout I do
believe a breakout is coming for Bitcoin
and all signs right now indicate that we
are going to have one to the upside we
are going to have a bullish breakout and
that’s very exciting news for a lot of
people now Before we jump in and start
entering along right now that’s not
exactly how I’m going to play obviously
with this resistance over here a strong
resistance we’ve touched it several
times before I am going to wait for a
confirmation now if you guys have this
line drawn if you have this resistance
John in your chart and you’re waiting
for that moment as well wait for a
confirmation a confirmed break from this
resistance for us to start heading our
way on up that’s exactly what I got
mapped out right now for Bitcoin
obviously not entering the trade until
it is a high quality trade and I’ll keep
all of you guys updated in the trade
alert group if we jump into anything but
for now we saw this perfect movement
change this perfect trend change when
the divergence came in that played out
to perfection and from here we are
waiting to see a little more a little
more information from Bitcoin because
right now it is in a very especially
given this long weekend that just
happened in the u.s. I believe Bitcoin
was highly highly manipulated if we look
at the Bitcoin dominance which is
something I also really enjoy looking at
is especially for all points we are
currently at a resistance now it’s a
relatively big resistance roughly
between 72% and 76% and we are just
entering that range over here now there
have been several times during this move
that we’ve expected Bitcoin dominance to
and hit a resistance and start to come
back down that would let all coins breed
that would allow for all points
start seeing some movement now we are in
this resistance as well again and I’m
expecting what we could see here is some
of these stronger all coins some of
these you know so what I consider a long
term all coins which are all coins that
I hold in my long term portfolio in this
range I could definitely see a Bitcoin
slowed down a little bit in terms of
dominance going up and start seeing
these good all coins start to have a
breather and start to move their way on
up because again all points have been
relatively slow they’ve been relatively
dead the last few months and recently
just trading relatively sideways on some
of them and obviously some of them are
still on their way down and it hasn’t
been any fun Bitcoin has been the main
focus up to right now but definitely an
area to watch out with this resistance
over here now Arthur Hayes has come back
and he is talking about the new all-time
bitcoins two-step process to $20,000 he
goes into Bitcoin in theory of all these
forecasts and he posted on Twitter did
y’all miss me I’m back from the deepest
darkest Peru ready to cash checks for
those of you in Singapore next week for
invest Asia keep Wednesday night free we
will be two-stepping
straight to $20,000 so take that as you
will but he’s clearly excited for the to
step into $20,000 for Bitcoin definitely
something a lot of us are looking at and
I want to take this moment to ask you
guys this question what do you think of
the new Bitcoin all-time high is he
going to happen this year in 2019 or is
it gonna happen next year in 2020 let me
know your guys thoughts in the comments
down below right now I’m gonna go
through and read everything you guys
posted to get an idea of what the
overall market sentiment is now before
we jump into the overall market cap I
didn’t want to say that I posted a video
before and it’s called the $500
headphones with crypto where I use
crypto for day-to-day purchases online
and it was really cool things like
Amazon things like new egg you can
actually spend Bitcoin on these websites
and make purchases so if you haven’t
checked that out real quick plug go
ahead and check that out it was a really
cool video to film and I want to know
what you guys think of it now moving on
again like I said coin Marquette but 266
a billion dollars in market cap bitcoins
omens continuing to go up like we just
showed in the chart reaching right now
what is a
distance point Bitcoin dominance here is
that 70.5% but if we go to the change of
the trading view try which I find to be
more accurate it is currently at that
seventy-two percent just breaking up
above that 72 percent entering to 72 to
76 percent resistance that we were
talking about but overall it’s a red day
we saw that big pump that come came in
from Bitcoin I showed you how it was
retesting that support
well that’s bringing all Queens down
with it even that big pump starting to
bring all Queens down you can see that
by looking at the 24 hour change at US
dollar a majority of all coins are in
the red there is definitely more red
than green in the market right now
engine coin however up ten point seven
seven percent I’m always happy to see
engine perform well I got in this one if
you guys have been watching this channel
for a while engine and XRP were two of
my early early investments that I got in
really early and profited very nicely
from it so every time it does well and I
still do hold a bit of it so every time
it does well I do get a little excited
to see same with Gollum a very good
crypto currency up 4% but really quickly
see more red than green in the market
coins like energy are down to 11% almost
11% greatness down hyper cash is down a
majority of the markets in the red like
I said not much to cover there now this
I thought was pretty funny we before we
jump into some pretty interesting news
Justin Sun the Tron CEO has been accused
of buying five thousand Twitter
followers per day now we have some cool
piece of news to cover really quick
before we jump into the giveaway the
free one on one call giveaway and of
course we are bringing back all the
giveaways that you guys are used to now
that I’m able to post more frequently
moving and traveling there was a lot of
stuff going on so it was difficult for
me to put videos out for you guys but
now that I’m more situated now I’m ready
to post more content we’re gonna jump
right back into a now if you look at his
Twitter statistics he’s currently at
just over one 1.6 million Twitter
followers but it looks pretty
interesting that he’s growing at pretty
much 5,000 Twitter followers every
single day this came shortly after you
see in like mid to late 2018 where
started looked like he wasn’t gaining
any at all he had a huge surge early
2018 from that got to the negatives
where he was losing followers at a point
and then all of a sudden it started
picking up
exactly two five thousand Twitter
followers per month you’ll see the daily
average is even five thousand and one
and every single one it’s pretty much
just consistently five thousand one
hundred four thousand nine hundred and
that’s how the growth has been now this
is very common it’s not a surprise to me
at all I just thought it was pretty
funny because he’s not the only one that
does it not only even in the crypto
space where a lot of people actually do
this and if you guys started doing some
research you’ll see exactly what I’m
talking about on Twitter on YouTube on
everything a lot of people do that but
not only there in every industry out
there so it’s not exactly a bad thing in
terms of a lot of people do it but I
thought that was pretty funny so I
wanted to share that with you before we
jump into the really big and good news
Portugal’s tax authority has said that
crypto trading and payments are tax free
so if you’re in crypto you live close to
Portugal now might be the time to move
on over and get yourself in Portugal
crypto trading and payments are tax free
now there’s a lot of uncertainty with
taxes a lot of people have tax questions
and obviously I’m not a tax advisor and
I’m not telling you guys what to do I
don’t know the rules in every single
place so I can’t comment on them but I
know that most countries either do tax
crypto currencies or they don’t have any
clear regulations on crypto currency a
majority the time it’s a great area
between the two they have rules the
rules don’t make a lot of sense there’s
sort of a gray it’s very confusing I’m
sure if you live in the u.s. you know
exactly what I’m talking about this is
really cool because I think more
countries should be doing this I think
this is the right thing to do I think
the only time that you should be able to
tax crypto currencies is when you cash
out crypto currencies let’s say in my
example Bitcoin to US dollar when I cash
out Bitcoin to US dollar by all means I
expect to pay taxes on that transaction
everything else though I don’t believe
is in the United States jurisdiction I
don’t believe they have the I don’t
think they should have the right to
order taxes on a crypto to crypto
transaction don’t believe they should
order Thai they should be able I should
have to pay taxes on you know it’s
selling Bitcoin to buy a theory if the
US dollar was never used I don’t think
that’s something that should be done but
again that’s not the way it is right now
Portugal however has started to make
that a thing where crypto trading crypto
to crypto is taxed
that’s how I believe it should be so
that very very good news hopefully more
countries start picking up and doing the
exact same thing because I know if you
guys have crypto which I’m assuming a
majority of you guys do you know that
crypto taxes and just knowing about
crypto taxes absolutely sucks it either
the rules suck where you are or you just
have no idea what the rules are because
they’re pretty difficult to figure out
they don’t make a lot of sense so this
again very very good news now let’s jump
into the giveaway really quick I really
enjoy talking to some of you guys when
you win the one-on-one call obviously we
do a one on one call giveaway every
Monday and Wednesday and we do a crypto
giveaway every single Friday so the
winner today what are your thoughts on
etherium from salvador nickel well
Salvador first of all congratulations on
winning you win the free one on one call
all you have to do to claim it is leave
a comment down below send me a message
on Instagram whatever it isn’t it easier
for you we will make sure to get in
touch thoughts on aetherium right now I
think aetherium suffered a lot with the
all coin sell-off I think at the ico
height people had to buy aetherium had
to give aetherium if theorem was there
for sold eventually in order to either
cash out when they ran away with your
money which unfortunately a lot of
projects did or when they were going to
the development phase they needed funds
they sold a theorem in aetherium took a
big hit it’s going to take a lot for a
theorem to get back to where it was
before although I do think it’s possible
it is definitely something that might
take a little bit longer if all coins
rally then aetherium certainly will have
a nice pump from there as well so it’s
definitely something to look forward to
an altcoin season as I do believe in
theory of NX RP usually leave the pack
when all the way went in all Queen
season does come around but guys that’s
gonna be for this video hopefully you
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