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let’s talk about a guy named bradley
who writes for human events he published
an article and I read it and the name of
the article is what is the name of the
article here
the invisible shackle shackles of
America’s social credit system now he
did not mention Bitcoin or
cryptocurrency in this article at all
and that’s a shame because bitcoin is
the answer to the the issue that he
brings up here we here on this channel
found that like button we already have
the insider information to calm us over
this situation that Bradley seems to be
concerned about now he vilifies the
social media companies in this it is
merely it isn’t merely ideological
with the rise of the cashless society we
are almost wholly dependent on the
central banking system like it or not
transactional companies like PayPal
venmo and patreon are just as integral
to our system of Commerce as the
nation’s largest banks Chase Bank of
America etc they have the power to take
away your ability to participate in the
marketplace at a moment’s notice oh no
dude you got to learn about Bitcoin
bitcoin is the answer there we are not
almost wholly dependent on the central
banking system with Bitcoin they do not
have power to take away our ability to
participate in the marketplace at a
moment’s notice if we have Bitcoin
Bitcoin breaks the invisible shackles of
America’s social credit system that
you’re talking about in this article
people opt in to Facebook and the other
social media Giants and yeah there is a
social credit system and it is very
convenient for those people but they
should be prepared you’re absolutely
right they can be turned off by these
corporations but if they have Bitcoin it
doesn’t matter so here’s the point they
can still transact they can still
support their fellow or they’re their
favorite content creators with Bitcoin
if they have a Bitcoin to address so now
is the time to spread the word about
this do you know this was a good this
was an interesting article but you did
not have the answer the answer that we
have that we understand here in the
Bitcoin realm in the Bitcoin overlay is
that if you have Bitcoin you don’t
you’ll need to depend on on these uh
date on your social credit on say um you
don’t have to be scared about saying the
wrong thing on YouTube about PayPal
shutting you down because you didn’t you
didn’t toe the company line okay dad
with Bitcoin you do not this is a real
life use case right now right now
bitcoin has a real life as a lot of
people like to talk about the technical
aspects of Bitcoin all this mumbo
that just scares people away people have
to know about this the more people who
know about this
now the easier it will be for people to
set up like-minded networks of people
who support them each other with Bitcoin
the more people who find out about it
the more people who are not shackled to
this Social Credit System that you are
alluding to because you do not have to
be shackled to to the Social Credit
system that you are that you describe it
really does not exist for us in the
Bitcoin overlay and so let me break it
down for you right now if you’re a fan
of a controversial pick public figure
every bank and processor shuns him okay
you can still support him by sending him
Bitcoin and he can still carry on with a
productive life and not be silenced okay
so there there’s your answer that is a
real-life application of Bitcoin right
there for those of you who say well I
have to be able buy coffee with it now
no you can do that right now with it
avoid this guy’s dystopian nightmare
that he describes in this article and I
believe the author wants to you know
force face spoken PayPal or whoever to
do business with with people they don’t
want to do business with no don’t worry
bitcoin is the answer
bitcoin is the answer Bitcoin it does
not it’s open its open it cannot kick
anyone off with it that there’s your
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disrupt meister yeah well I’m the
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that like button now we were talking
about oh the people who think that
there’s going to be a collapse it’s just
around the corner they’ve been talking
about the imminent collapse for so long
and that you won’t be able to use
electricity during the imminent collapse
and don’t worry the imminent collapse is
not is not coming but for those of you
who still believe in EMEA collapse well
during the collapse if we’re not gonna
have an electricity we’re probably not
gonna have gas stations anymore either
so your car is gonna be pretty useless
so why don’t you own a horse now
I mean clearly a horse is better than a
car because the collapse is imminent
if the collapse is imminent why own a
car why not just own a horse now I mean
because you during the collapse you’re
not going to be able to use the Internet
you’re not going to be able to use a gas
that you see your car well you can’t get
your car is useless so just get a horse
and you can put your gold on your horse
so yeah don’t I’m clearly it’s very
logical don’t no reason to buy Bitcoin
no reason to buy a car just get a horse
and gold and you’ll be fine during it
you should be prepared right now with
your horse and your gold your horse and
your gold that’s the way to do it
because we’re gonna have this collapse
that we’ve been talking about for 50
well there’ll be no electricity and no
gasoline so yeah horses in gold the
dream scenario of the dimers pan that
like button on your horse with your gold
alright now who is this polo no mare
Innova says oh she’s got a very
interesting Twitter thread with the
Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman
shares his thoughts on Bitcoin for the
first time that’s a pretty wealthy dear
there I don’t have much interest in that
because it’s hard for me to understand I
was raised in the world where someone
needs to control currencies okay at
least the dude is honest there he was he
doesn’t understand it he was raised in
the world where someone needs to control
the currencies well you need a central
bank and okay that’s your prerogative
dude more and more you know he’s not the
youngest guy
in the world more and more people are
not raised that way and they don’t think
that way they they don’t think that
there needs to be someone controlling
currencies that there can be
decentralized currency and it’s just a
matter of time and some of those younger
people are pretty technologically savvy
and they’ll be able to grasp it so I
mean maybe this guy Steve Schwarzman
doesn’t think he’s ever gonna buy
Bitcoin but he does like the blockchain
technology but hey dude he’s rich that’s
fun he can go his own way he I don’t
need his affirmation I’m I’m confident
in Bitcoin as the security truth machine
and but it is an interesting thread you
can see into the mind and Tapie arrow
actually comments in this thread of the
Tapio line and yeah he says it’s that
guys like this they might learn
eventually all right now and remember
the tapi arrow line is when the market
capitalization of Bitcoin gets to 1
trillion $1 tapi arrow thinks that guys
like that dude will wake up then if they
do they do if they don’t they don’t you
guys have already are already awake to
Bitcoin and you don’t have to worry
about the tap the arrow line you already
own it if you’re not just talking if
you’re not just talking a talk I hope
you’re walking the walk okay 1400 videos
I’ve been in over 1400 Bitcoin related
videos disrupt meister comm check them
out I might be on someone else’s show
pretty soon we’ll have news on that so
speaking about people in the space and
your Bitcoin does not discriminate you
can get into Bitcoin and you can be a
social justice warrior you could be
anyone if you buy it the name that’s
cool with me dude you could say what you
want to stay in the spaces where the big
boys play now if you start to make your
views public on Twitter you should be
ready to get called out and well there
someone today I it’s linked to below i
retweeted it with some commentary here I
think you guys are familiar with Melton
dimdim or I don’t know how to say her
last name
Melton d’amours she spoke about
cryptocurrency in front of the Senate
Congress one of those hearings recently
she’s known a lot of the thirsty guys in
the space you know think she’s real
great and everything she seems to be
pretty intelligent lady and everything
uh but here she has he she’s got a tweet
out there and it said and it’s a coffee
mug she’s very happy
she says finally got my new coffee mug
and the coffee mug this is what it says
on it I’ve got 99 problems and white
heteronormative patriarchy is basically
all of them so I I retreated it and I
said another example of how Bitcoin does
not discriminate even complainers virtru
signalers and scapegoat errs can enter
the space compete don’t complain so
that’s my take on it she can she can
have her complaining coffee mug bursary
signaling scape blaming the
heteronormative patriarchy that that’s
fine complain as much as you want to you
can compete if you wanted to and you’re
welcome to be in the Bitcoin space if
you own Bitcoin that is great you’re in
tight no one can shut you up
isn’t that great and no one to check you
up with your your coffee mug you’re
complaining coffee mug and that is the
glory of a Bitcoin I don’t I
vehement ly disagree with her coffee mug
I think it’s ridiculous but I can’t stop
her from owning Bitcoin she can’t stop
me from owning Bitcoin and because I owe
she can’t shut me down she can’t take
away my business she can’t take away my
wealth because he’s uncomfortable and I
can’t take away her Bitcoin either I
assume she has somebody she was speaking
in front of Congress I mean she has
something doesn’t she all right okay so
i’m adam meister the bitcoin and you can
see it below that there you big the big
hero a bitcoin she’s got a lovely lovely
lovely coffee mugs
very proud of it hey let her be proud of
it compete don’t complain this is where
the big boys playing we’ll see what
everyone has to say about that
I had a meister the bitcoinmeister the
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