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XRP technical analysis while it’s be talking about booking.com
it smells tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space guys
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we go into the XRP because while XRP one is actually pretty interesting from
someone who is actually very good at type one ounce and i’ve seen be write
several several times and then at the end of the video we’re gonna be doing
the giveaway like i do every single fry so bear with me let’s jump into bitcoin
what we see happening still very similar to the what I drew last time we have the
support that we have found several times which is this this white line coming
down we have the resistance which is the bigger overall resistance as the white
line coming down up top here right the resistance at this level and if you zoom
out you’ll see that this it does there’s a reason why these lines are drawn
we’ve been following this trend ever since pretty much early to mid June
right and then if we go back in and we see on this shorter time frame we
actually see that Bitcoin a support at over here a horizontal
support line that was found right over here now from there we did break below
that support at this level and now it looks like it is acting as a little bit
of resistance so if we want to see Bick we continue an upward trend we do want
to see the level of 7839 or 7800 between 7800 7850 we want to see that level
broken and then the next up resistance would be this a white one up here before
we actually enter and if we do break above that I am fully certain that we
are going to be entering another parabolic bullish trend right but until
that happens for now we need to watch out for one the support at the bottom
over here and then two we also have the resistance that we found the horizontal
resistance at the $7,800 range definitely something to keep an eye on
for the meantime Bitcoin technically could drop all the way down to the mid
6,000 maybe even depending on how long we extend the line right maybe even oops
that in extended but stuff we extend a line maybe even to the low 6000 so 6500
maybe maybe even to the low $6,000 that would all fall still within the same
pattern and wouldn’t necessarily be any more bearish than we are right now but
if we do look in and again this was a perfect opportunity to see Emmy gap that
I talk about all the time because every time we get one of these gaps it’s
pretty much guaranteed money a lot of people try to go against it every single
time and what happens is they failed because the Bitcoin gap the CM e gap is
use is like 99 percent of the time it is for we do fill the gap and if it’s a 99%
success rate I’m probably going to jump into the trade just because those are
some insane odds I’ll take that bet we did enter that bet we did actually
secure some profits all the way at the top and easy 4 to 5% profits with no
leverage and if you use a little bit of leverage mine was without leverage I was
talking about using it on Finance or coinbase so that everybody could be a
part of this trade even if you don’t leverage trade but then again it was
four to five percent without leverage with leverage if you did you know 2x
could have been up to 10% very easy money and again on the way down we did
form a bar if you look at the hourly if you look at the hourly chart we did form
a bar and again a lot of opportunity if you were able to capitalize on them move
down as well but enough about bitcoins it’s not
is going on we’re at resistance we’re you know trading a little bit sideways
let’s take a look at some XRP technical analysis and this is coming from magic
poop cannon on trading view now if you guys haven’t checked him out before he
is he’s right a lot right he has a reputation on trading view he is one of
their top traders on here he does post his analysis a lot and a lot of the
times he does have some Ricky has good reasoning for and he does have a pretty
good success rate so I want to share with you guys what he says again this is
all his analysis I had no part in this but I thought it was interesting to
shared what exactly we could expect to see for XRP in the near future so he’s
talking about the falling wedge I’m not gonna go into too much details because
he does actually like to write a full article he talks about the MACD talks
about a clear bullish divergence on the MACD so again I check this out if you
guys want to read it I don’t want to read the whole thing for you just
because you know it would take too much time and not everybody wants to see a
lot of people are more interested in the price action that’s what we’re going to
look at so we’re gonna look at the fact that we had resistance over here the
same line could be used as support over here and he mentioned some people might
not like it since we haven’t really traded at the support for a very long
time but he clarifies his exact reasons for doing this in his description so
again check that out you’re in so you talked about the MACD how we’ve had
several balance that found support on this and we could see a bullet or we are
see a bullish divergence on the MACD as well so what we can expect to see is
maybe even a potential drop all the way down to I’d say the mid is probably like
15 cents is a potential drop right if the whole market does come down a little
bit first before finally breaking above the resistance that they have over here
breaking above that retesting it very common retesting it and then going all
the way up and entering the range between one dollar and fifty cents I was
Bitcoin currently at 20 cents and if it does drop down all the way to it’s at 21
and a half right now if it does drop all the way down to maybe like 15 16 17
before this happens going up to $1 is it a $1 isn’t over 5%
move going up to 50 cent is over two and a half percent so just that by itself
still shows the opportunity in the crypto market if this were to happen we
get these opportunities all the time the crypto market is very profitable if you
know what you’re doing and XRP I would love to see this happen personally just
as you guys know I’m a big fan of XRP and I think it’s going to do well so to
me I am bored with this type of analysis but I
know we have a lot of xrp holders in this channel and a lot of a lot of extra
people as our viewers of this channel and so I wanted to give you guys a
little bit of bullish news as to what we might expect to see because XRP compared
to everything else has been very very saggy even seen by the graph it just
hasn’t done as much hasn’t seen as much movement as some of the other all coins
or even Bitcoin itself so very good news if this were to happen now before we
dive into the news really quick on the market cap we have a – a hundred billion
dollar market cap on the coin market cap and we see big coin up a little bit
nothing crazy after that Bart came in just a point nine one percent gain and
again it doesn’t mean that a lot of other all coins are in the green as well
although we are seeing relatively small gains from the bigger names just because
of the fact that Bitcoin is only up by a little bit but some like heads trade
like and you care like energy are all see very big gains right not always with
Bitcoin small moons usually that means the bigger market cap awkward’s are
having smaller movements but that does leave room for these smaller of the
smaller market cap all coins to perform very very well like we see right here
each for their own reasons some might be pumping dumps some not that’s going to
be up to you guys to do your own research on that in quant
Hollow see a coin are all some of the biggest losers but again not anything
crazy 3% down nothing major going on on the red side but booking.com
now this happened on August 20th 2019 he the de ce o– of booking.com said that
crypto will continue to grow and mainly outside the US so ever since then he it
seemed like he was bullish on the growth and the adoption of crypto even if it
wasn’t specifically in the US he was bullish and thought it was going to find
mass adoption in the world now shortly after this was August 20th like I said
shortly after we have another article that came out November 25th 2019 where
the crypto firm traval a– has partnered with beta would travel giant booking.com
now travel is meant to for you to be able to spend your crypto on travel
goods it could be fights can be hotels accommodation all that that’s what your
vallah aims to do and they’ve partnered to be able to use some of booking coms
places right and allow you to therefore use crypto to book the booking comms
accommodation so that’s the partnership that’s what it happens they said this
partnership allows allows the users to access booking coms accommodation
listings as well as listings from several other leading travel suppliers
which is a fantastic use case for their own toke and they did promote their own
token and of the huge step towards crypto mass adoption so really simple
this is what their website looks like you can actually search for places or
properties for you to be able to book and booking com their list they’re you
know huge database of places are going to be made available for you to use your
crypto I’m not sure if many people are gonna be doing it given the fact a lot
of people are still waiting to see Bitcoin you know start moving up a
little bit start seeing the crypto market try and see some green in the
market first before maybe they want to spend their crypto but if you’re making
profits trading for example and you don’t want to cash out this would be or
you don’t wanna cash out the US dollar this would be one of the ways that you
could spend your holdings that’s gonna be up to each and every person
individually both having the opportunity having the option to do it is really
cool and I am thinking of some cool ways I can make maybe make a video about
doing that and then traveling and you know booking everything using crypto I
think that’d be a very interesting video let me know what you guys think in the
comments down below now really quick as well brave has surpassed 10 million
monthly active users that’s absolutely huge a project we’ve been talking about
for a very long time basically tells you token another Alcuin I think could be
doing very well and another all point engine engine and Microsoft they have
partnered to launch DLT based recognition project so that’s pretty
cool happening there as well but guys let’s dive into the actual giveaway
before we end off the video thank you guys all for the continued support you
guys are the reason that I do this let’s see who wins the giveaway
the winner is speedy who said exciting times or not who knows who knows
honestly personally to me it’s always exciting Bitcoin being in the news or
just being able to follow the technical of it and being able to trade it is a
fun time is an exciting time for me because going up or going down you are
able to profit and make more Bitcoin therefore when the big turn picture
where the long-term picture happens where I think most of us assume the
price is going to be significantly higher than where it’s at right now it’s
just more about a time range of when that’s going to happen when we do hit
those big prices and we do hit a new all-time high which I think is going to
happen I’ve accumulated more Bitcoin so that to me is exciting doesn’t matter if
we’re going up or down but hopefully we do see some green
because I know that something a lot of people want to see but guys that’s gonna
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