Welcome to episode 51 off New Kids On
The Blockchain I am Lisa this is Ash and what a week it has been in crypto
it’s like a Hollywood movie roller -coaster thriller action all rolled into one
one we’ve had some obviously incredible
games at the beginning of the week all the balls coming out saying everything’s
fantastic and then Friday crushing bloodshed but today Saturday morning UK
time we seem to have had a slight recovery but all eyes are on what is
gonna happen next but how nice to have had a sea of green even just a slightest
moment I know it wasn’t nice to see it’s been a cruel cruel winter to quote
Bananarama it was summer was it summer yeah okay
well I’m sure you get what I’m coming from now you may remember last week we
talked about the fact that there are so many projects we are really struggling
to keep up with them all to any real length and depth so we have decided on
the projects we want to follow with your help we might add thank you for your
comments we love to see your comments likes and subscribes so please keep
doing that and if you’re enjoying what we’re doing hit that like button and
subscribe and all the rest of it but here is our list of the coins and
projects we are going to follow number one obviously Bitcoin you can’t really
follow this space without the granddaddy of all crypto so we will be following
Bitcoin we know there are thousands of other people that are too but we feel
like it’s an important one to make sure we bring you the latest news number two
is else an old favorite of ours we own some you’re not being paid to say it we
do genuinely like it so yachts is number two we’ve always been fan of what ears
are doing it with our links to some of the leading voices in the eos community
it makes total sense to continue following this one third up is Cardno
always known as a da we are going to be following this from very closely very
interesting new blockchain we feel a really strong team behind it and very
early days but it’s one we think there’s going to be a biggie so we’ll be
following that though closely and for litecoin a lot of people
counted like going out in 2018 but this coin is going from strength to strength
so we will be following that last one is we have decided because there are so
many projects that we will do a guest project once a month so if you let us
know keep commenting below what project do you want us to feature as our guest
project and if we have enough information and enough comments we will
do a deep dive into that and once a month we’ll do that as well and who is
our blockchain fan tip for this week we are talking today to some and brag a lot
about EOS he’s very involved in that space and also about the market in
general and how he is going to help with mainstream adoption but before we get
into that we should have a quick news roundup our first stories from the mainstream
news from the independent and the headline is Bitcoin plungers $1,000 in
less than an hour the price of bitcoins crashed once again following the
spectacular rise that saw the crypto currencies value reach record highs for
2019 in recent days Bitcoin fell by nearly a thousand dollars in less than
an hour on Friday taking it back down to the seven thousand dollar level at shot
past earlier this week the latest fall is still way above the four thousand
dollar price point it was trading at in the last few weeks but remains a long
way off its peak of nearly twenty thousand dollars that it hit in late
2017 cryptocurrency market analyst suggested the dramatic drop could have
been triggered by a major holder of Bitcoin selling a large amount of the
virtual currency on an exchange there’s also been talk about all sorts of market
rigging and speculation here that this could be a planned attack more to follow
from Bitcoin exchange guide troncos personal bests in surpassing the
transaction volumes of aetherium and l-tron the 11th largest cryptocurrency
network by market capitalization has surpassed the transaction volumes of
aetherium and eos amid recent market rise trum was founded back in 2017 but
has made significant progress in the short period of time this is the reason
it’s often referred to as a serial killer Tron is quite similar to the
etherium in its network functionality where the network is not just focused on
pushing their nature token up the price charts but built a complete blockchain
ecosystem with functionalities such as DAP hosting tokenization and many more
while ethereum has been in the crypto space for quite some time now
Tron is giving it a tough competition according to daily huddle EOS continues
to maintain a high number of active users than both the theorem and Tron
according to that review 18 point seven million dollars worth of Eos flowed
through DAPs on the network with a hundred and thirty thousand active users
from smart areum cardano’s starts a consolidation as it plans to surge
against the US dollar we’ll Cardno hit ten cents in the coming surge Cardno is
one of the few old coins that got double-digit gains during the recent
cryptocurrency bull run well the price of a da didn’t start surging as
as bitcoin started surging it eventually reported double-digit gains after
smashing several resistance levels against the US dollar the rate at which
the price of Cardno ad a surge was encouraging and it showed
that the Cardno price prediction 20:19 Cardona price vision 2020 and
Cardno price prediction 2025 are still bullish against the US dollar as
initially predicted towards the end of trading yesterday the market entered
recovery mode as Bitcoin went as low as 6200 and alt coins including cardano’s
started bleeding out does this mean that the cryptocurrency bull run is over not
at all Cardno has only entered a consolidation
as it prepares to resume the bull rally according to Cardno price analysis on
capital coin calm the price of a da is currently consolidating against the USD
and Bitcoin based on the price action the price of a da hit bottom when it got
to 960 Satoshi’s since then the Bulls took control of the market as the price
improves significantly against the US dollar reaching the 1156 satoshi level
this was where the Bears showed up in the price consolidation started it’s
important that the price of ABA stays above the 1076 at oshi level which is
currently acting as support against Bitcoin if it doesn’t a drop to 912
could be a minute from CCN Flexer co-founder semi tease is adding litecoin
to crypto payment up most of crypto loans celebrated when Flexer and Gemini
partner to deliver digital currency fuelled micro payments to merchants Edel
millech consumers shop at major stores including Nordstrom and Lowe’s and pay
with crypto across Bitcoin ether Bitcoin cash and Gemini dollar but one crypto
influencer was left out of the celebration like Cohen creator Charlie
Lee that’s because like home is noticeably absent from the list of coins
it’s fed and app supports Li tagged flex a cofounder trevor filter in a tweet
rallying followers to agree that the app should let us pay with like when at
Whole Foods Game Stop and thousands of other merchants
filter retweeted the message with a mysterious response saying retweets
don’t equal endorsements or do they that left crypto twitter to speculate that
the fifth biggest cryptocurrency would be the next coin to make the list so on blockchain banter
this week we’re chatting to an old friends iraq who has started a business
called crypto for beginners which is helping try and bring more crypto
adoption through teaching people some of the skills they need for blockchain so
sigh are you there yep hello good afternoon Ashley good to speak again
it’s been a while since I saw you in an arc of poker if it was the last time we
physically saw each other wasn’t it hey yeah yeah oh there’s many many moons ago
in the 30 degrees sunshine and I’m going I’m ready for next year to be honest I’m
getting really for next year so I just mentioned there it’s we’re both
obviously in this space and have been for a while it’s still very difficult
for people who don’t understand the kind of whole tech tech behind blockchain to
just you know participate it’s not as straightforward as going by some heõs or
get my credit card or going you know there’s a whole series of kind of
barriers why do you think that is still in kind of 2019 now I think many people
want the backing of the government and the mainstream mainstream media to get
them on board you see I think they want that trust and accountability sort of
layer they want the fallback they want their you know financial services
compensation schemes their backing them up my Hall goes it’s part of effectively
and but in stark irony house you and I both know that’s hopefully not going to
be the case and because you you don’t need those entities or I simply with
this cryptocurrency in watching yeah I think is I mean I I have lots of friends
and not many of them I mean outside of the crypto space just general friends
many of them wouldn’t have a clue then sometimes they asked me though I’m quite
interested in buying some cordana or this or how do I do it or whatever so I
guess let’s just talk a bit about you you’ve started a business which is
aiming to help people through this barrier so tell us a little bit about
that yeah so back in well back last year really and I was a part of a gigantic
group by yourself and I was sort of helping a lot of people online I think
is about five six thousand members there and that’s kind of spiraled and led me
to read you know altruistic sort of reasons to
create a startup from the first of a business venture back in late February
early March crypto for beginners so a crypto – and for number four – beginners
calm create to the website they’re on platform and basically it’s just
literally a website with an all-in-one focus of getting newbies the mass you
know the general masses into crypto I’m watching and with that you know my aim
is to get them into it as safely and securely and as efficiently as possible
if you like it’s been bubbling away for a couple months I’ve been getting all
the content up to speed being clock rating free and premium newsletters and
there is a premium service by the way so I’ve come up with either at $12.99 per
month package or 120 $9.99 effectively for a year giving you a year’s worth for
the price of ten months and that basically includes you know once a one
Skype sessions be like this and once a one in-person sessions for people in my
locale all the how-to information you know how to create your own sort of hard
sorry excrete your own sort of firm online and offline wallets exchange
accounts covering security VPNs passwords 2fa encryption and that sort
of thing and also you know your videos picture contents different sort of
learning style content and sort of trades as well trade alert and which I
should have released today really for a pullback in Bitcoin and crypto today but
we’ll get we’ll get on so that we’ll get on to that later I want to talk about
that in there in more detail yeah I think it’s again one of the main
barriers for people that I would kind of love to try and teach people in it
sounds like that’s part of what you’re doing is just the first and foremost is
safety because so many people I know who’ve got no idea would just pile into
this they wouldn’t know what a private key was and before they know what’s
going on they’ll have revealed it to somebody or so if I’m say I’m a newbie
and I want to get involved obviously I’d I’d go on to your site learn the
materials and then if I came to you and said oh I want to buy Euros I’ve no idea
how to do it would you then they were kind of one-to-one process on that how
does that work yeah I mean a level I’ve got basically as part of the
basic subscriber stats others hints as to what you get with the premium sort of
thing and it’s a very scaled-down version for that reason and then the
premium content itself has all how to info so it’s got it there and written
for downloadable PDFs and whatnot and but I’m looking at creating the video
side to it so people can just follow the video like on YouTube or Vimeo and so on
and but also yeah the ones one hands on kinesthetic way of teaching yeah I’m
gonna introduce that as well as part of service and just you know people learn
better just by doing simply doing in trial and error yeah that that’s the
thing I found I mean I’m very lucky in so much just having part as part of the
connections were part of the same things there are people I can if I suddenly
have a problem like no I’m just I’ve done here I’ve locked up my private my
active key or something and but a lot of people don’t have that and the idea of
having somebody like a kind of helpline that you can call I think some really
really useful thing yeah and that’s it I mean the other day like on telegram
which is a secure version of whatsapp and Facebook Messenger if you’re like I
had a few guys kind of say constructively criticize and saying oh
well you can find all the information you’ve got in your site you know on
YouTube well yes you can but you can’t find you’re not going to distinguish
what’s right and what’s wrong you know and myself without you know bragging too
much I’ve kind of been there and done it in two to a half years three years and
not made mistakes but seeing what can go wrong and how it can go wrong and and I
can use my experiences to teach and help others and avoid them from making those
mistakes and quite you know quite simply and you need you need a guy cuz I mean
it’s alright all good and well saying all that stuff’s on YouTube but without
having some guides the next thing you know you could be following somebody
who’s teaching you how to do things so he can hack your wallet I mean there is
you know there is you need a kind of trusted source in these situations I
think rather than just listening to any old person on YouTube yeah well I think
that’s fantastic and we’ll put all the notes down below and I mean I personally
you know can endorse this because I’ve known Sai for a long time and know he’s
active in the space and in this place for the right reasons so if you need
somebody at the end of the line that’s going to help I think that’s a really
good way to do it get ready to have your phone line kind of ringing as soon as
people realize you’re somebody they can call with crypto problems you
become that guy yeah okay just add as well and yeah so literally the stage
that business is that after two three months I’ve literally just in there in
the hallway there I’ve got about 40,000 leaflets ready to go out so I’m going to
hit a different UK or two UK cities every month with bro mail so I’ll be
looking at delivering I think I’m gonna go for Bristol in June and then on to
maybe sort of Cambridge Oxford in July time so I’m just naming those leaflets
that you know you sort of 18 to 55 year old age bracket varying income incomes
you know sort of thing and but I just like to add that over the last few weeks
I was kind of getting down about how there was not many sort of page clicks
uptake that sort of thing but you’ve got to remember it’s still massively early
days in crypto and we’ve seen the markets
I guess we’re covering a bit and you know bitcoins ramping up to 6,000 pounds
or so seven eight thousand dollars and but none of that’s been in the news you
know and that tells you we’re still very early days and there’s still a long way
to go so I think when we do start hearing it in the media again and in the
mainstream it’s in the mentioned in conscience I think my service it should
in theory you know be required to should be quite stark demand for it and I think
the email INBOX and phone calls will be I’ll be flying it or being one yeah it
is a difficult time I mean obviously with our channel we’ve seen over lost
the difficulty we’ve got is you know the cost for the channel nobody wants to pay
for sponsored content nobody wants to help it’s quick so we we’ve had to pull
back on marketing which means our views are falling and you do you get to the
point where you thinking why am I putting all this effort in I mean I do
it because I you know I genuinely love it I spend most of the time researching
stuff and we run crypto smoothie every day with kind of doing stuff and but
there is a point at which you you after two long years of kind of crypto winter
well 18 months I guess it’s been it’s been a tough slog but it does it’s felt
recently like we were sort of coming out of it then obviously today we’ve had
this Friday we’ve had this massive slamming down you’ve had people like
tone very saying I don’t see any reason why this rise is happening and we expect
a sharp pull back soon and then you’ve got other people like Chris Kony as a
friend of mine who’s given a really good breakdown of why bitcoins been going up
the five reasons and what’s your kind of thoughts on where we are
and I’d say I mean person I didn’t expect this sort of rise coming out of
the bottom to have a career into the end of the summer maybe even winter this
year to go ice with you I think with so a bit of recency confirmation bias if
you like you know we’ve got so used to prices dropping people you know waiting
for the bottoms that sort of thing but I think institutions are starting to show
their hands on the sidelines rather than the old over-the-counter OTC exchanges
and trades they’ve been doing so I think they’re starting to pile in there’s big
news coming out you know we’ve seen the likes of Microsoft was the food company
in the States a common by the name of them there’s a subtle Starbucks and
others PayPal Facebook and I’m saying they’re gonna begin to crip so and
buying into coins as such and that I think I all starts with Bitcoin anyway
but what’s being notable when they started in early April all the
significant price rises in the last sort of week or so you’ve seen the old coins
pick up they didn’t at first and a lot of them depreciated in value versus
Bitcoin and then now you’ve seen the alkynes catch up 10 20 30 % 40% in some
cases price rises versus and the dollar so I think that’s very telling and
obviously today bitcoins pull back around 10 11 % all kinds of followed
suit I think that’s just literally we’re hitting the algo in the the trading the
Cenacle analysis or a Britney no points of resistance and but also you know a
lot of big players taking profits I think will stay above the six thousand
six thousand two or three hundred dollar Bitcoin mark and the two hundred billion
dollar overall crypto market cap and I think we’re just building I don’t think
it’s going to be as fast the rate on the chance of prices going up as it was in
late 2017 and due to the ICO mania if you like but I think it was going to be
you’re gonna see more sustained organic growth from now right through until you
know easily late next year if not into late 21 2022 hopefully when yeah we’ll
see probably a blow off of Bitcoin around sixty to eighty nine thousand
dollars maybe wow that’s a big number that’s a big number be good to see us
blow through that kind of previous all-time high but like you say there
were lots of factors involved in that that were you know you had the the
Chinese sort of Bitcoin Wales needing to get out of that position flooding
into altcoins and i cos and but it was a it was certainly a very interesting time
that’s for sure that we’ve recently have decided as a channel with so many coins
and projects we can’t follow them all so we’ve decided this week we’re going to
focus on like four projects and a guest project every month because it’s just
too much and obviously one of those projects which i know you’re a big fan
offers are found as well as AOS which we are you know AOS depending on which side
of the pond you’re at now we’ve obviously got this big june announcement
coming up and then kind of in washington DC sort of conference happening so
what’s your thoughts have you got any ideas on I’ve heard people sort of
hypothesize that it could be a social network because of trademarks only
registering what’s your thoughts I think one one my fear is is that block one
I’ve already had the apps in the background already alpha and beta tester
sort of live if you like and between their own sort of network possibly I
know and and they’re gonna really still gonna hit the ground running in
june/july with those two rival they already created a third-party apps and
content and that’s one theory the other one was block one burning
their own token stake I think yes there’s a million 100 million tokens
they have our percentage of that and which will help with the value of the
token and you know I can’t nail for sure what’s going to happen but I think it
will be positive news I think you will see us probably rising up to and around
the ten dollar mark around June July and then pretty much like last year with the
main their launch I think we’ll see a little self again and then like
everything when you see that the near vertical lines on the charts expect you
know between a 38 and 61% pullback and but yeah that’s pretty much what I’m
expecting overall yeah it I I finally got the whole recs thing sorted out over
the last week or so I’ve been so busy being away in the States but I got in
there and I was amazed at how simple it was actually because normally with any
EOS process I’m one the you know on the phone to hover doesn’t people I know go
help but this was really like literally ledger in EOS Titan Rex bang-bang-bang
job done so that’s obviously a great thing and it’s a lot easier and it would
have been with chin tie for example and it’s all within the smart contract so
you’d have to send your ear so anywhere are you will Rex
yeah I’m lending at least halfway anti-us balance directs and and yeah
bitterly the the returns aren’t fantastic I think somewhere around the
1% APR you know when you compare that to a mainstream high street bank in the
normal in the real world home it’s it’s fantastic you know I mean the bank won’t
give you diddly squat on the pound at the moment or the dollar so you know
that’s the thing and I think the price of wrecks how much sort of you’ll get
for lending it out the percentage of will jump up over time as more
enterprises and businesses come on board and everyone realizes that yes is the
platform they’re not going to be building on creating Enterprise sized D
apps and applications the demand for CPU and net for developers to launch create
their tokens and products is going to be massive than those lending it out are
gonna get a benefit and I think we’ll you know we should see there’s no reason
why we can’t see a double figure percentage return take our turns on your
on your es balance do you wait when it comes to selling out of wrecks is it a
straight for I mean obviously you can’t sell your tokens well they’re tied up in
wrecks presumably but when you if you wanted to sell your tokens you
presumably would just go through the process sell the wrecks and then is
there a period in which it takes to kind of become no it’s really it’s very
interesting so as you’ve seen yourself when you lend the us to wrecks
you can obviously lend from your liquid balance your stakes balance and so on
which is pretty cool but when you come to and lend which is at least four days
so each time you you lend out to wrecked it matures after four days you can then
on lettin that after four days and I think the nominal period is 30 days but
it’s still liquid after four effectively so you can lend it you can on lend it
receive that four days worth of 1% per annum interest or just leave it just
just to accrue attention as long as you’re leaving it in the wrecks as such
it’s it’s fine and they do have I’ve seen the savings pop which is a bit like
staking but staking within wrecks I think and that takes three or four days
to understate from that and it’s just a another security layer if you like but
it seems to work it smoothly with all the different providers of tested tested
out you know yes yes Authority any asset item so yeah I think it’s there’s still
quite a bit to do from iOS for somebody who’s not
technically switched on to make sure it is secure I know you posted that thing
where it was like check on your check on your saw thority and it’ll tell you if
you are safe done and it gives you all those little badges which is great but
thankfully I’ve got all of mine done because somebody took me through the
whole process online but the the bit about the changing over your your active
key and your owner key is the same for a lot of people right so in order for that
to be safe you should be switching out your active key to something else but
that’s a bit of a process isn’t it yeah definitely if you hold a serious amount
and I’d say you know anything over 300 is a serious amount and definitely look
into changing your active and only keys so just think of the only key is the
Daddy key that controls active and each active and owner has a pair a public and
a private key / the public keys are online the wrote that on the blockchain
everyone can see those the private that controls them should be different and
backed up you know at least paper u.s. encrypted USB that sort of thing and but
you can’t change those in scatter for example yeah yeah yeah cuz the the first
time of getting onto the ledger was quite a handful it was you know the kind
of fairy wallet and ledger I thought it was gonna be as simple as download and
he or SAP into the private key and boom but I think I ended up taking it in to
scatter to preserve the legacy accounts then opening up faerie wallet with a new
account name and then sending from scatter to faerie wallet so if somebody
was I have a couple of friends who haven’t done anything since the main net
launch and they’re sitting on like public and private keys just that’s all
they’ve got if their ledger holders what would you say is like the quickest
easiest route so if they’re not super techy to shirring that up oh you could I
mean you could create a new account via e off links the app that’s available on
some Google Play Store and the iOS Apple Store and that’s this little you want
and click download and you pay for any US account I think something like 80
pounds 90 pounds and that’s really really handy and with so with the US
links I’m not affiliated I weigh and with the US links you can go in there
and you’re create an account you know a dress of your choosing toilet or a dress
back to the public and private key similar to the Genesis accounts and a
lot of account creation tools the active internal keys are on that same public or
private key so what you can do is export the private key from the application
itself on your phone important to say scatter and then just change the keys
inside scatter itself and you can you can do what you want with that account
you know as you as you please and you can literally delete the owner
permissions in scatter keep the active running and then you’ve got the extra
layer of security there built-in so if for whatever reason I’m half chance the
active keys were compromised you can then change and with the offline owner
key and just dust building in the extra layer security yeah I mean security is
everything isn’t it and I think a lot of people think they’re secure but when you
look at it especially with EOS with these you know different key sets then
it can get complicated well it’s good to know that you’re out there sort of
trying to you know spread the word and get the technical knowledge out there I
will put all the details in the show notes below and as a oasiz going to be
one of our featured projects once a month we’re going to be around up so I’d
love to get you back on to chat and learn a little bit more about how it’s
going yep Excel will take care and we’ll speak to you soon it’s everybody’s favorite blockchain
hound now we’ve not seen much from this little
fellow of late are we he has a new kerchief it’s going lovely kerchief it’s
a little crypto key chief we are this week giving away another one of these
fabulous cold storage Bitcoin coins you can basically store your crypto on them
they’re a little wallet they have all the information on the back of how you
do it it has a private key and basically you can have a real coin that symbolizes
the Bitcoin that you actually have now how do you win this beauty that is a
good question it’s very simple we would like you to comment down below on where
you see at the Bitcoin price this time next week and more importantly why the
person with the best answer chosen by a young buddy here and his new crew chief
will win one of these coins he’s pointing at it this coin here that’s all
folks again another week tickles on by in the
world of blockchain and crypto we will be back next week for more fun and games
to present you another show which is like a doughnut so full of crypto and
blockchain goodness that when you take a bite it runs all down your chin will
become a beast with crypto remember folks in the mean time until we see you
next time you’ve been blocked chained