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let’s jump right let’s start with some bullish news so why major investment
firm firm founder believe bitcoin a believes bitcoin is headed to $50,000
I’m not going to talk much about who he is but he does name the fact that ETF
speculation institutional interest and human psychology are the three factors
he is giving the highest level to help Bitcoin reach $50,000 now he does say
that he is very confident it’s going to happen at some point and that his
thoughts are be happening by the end of this year are probably at around thirty
to forty percent so it’s gonna depend a lot of how on how the next few months go
how the Bitcoin ETFs go we’re gonna talk about ETF more in just a little bit but
overall I think he’s right I think institutional interest continues to grow
I think it’s only going to continue to grow from here I think human psychology
is something a lot of people don’t take into account but the reason
cryptocurrency has so I had such a run at the end of last year and why it’s
falling so much now is do I think part to human psychology now we can argue
manipulation we can argue different things but I think human psychology is a
big one people word faux mowing and buying in in 2017 they thought they were
gonna buy the Lambo you know buy in and get a Lambo really quick that drove the
price up and up cuz people kept putting more money into it
and it once it started to fall again people investing for the wrong reasons
not investing for the actual technology not understanding what they’re investing
in because if you understand it gives you more confidence in what you’re
investing in so not understanding cause them to sell and then a lot of people
sold the price fell and continue to fall up to where we are right now we’ve had
several several red months in cryptocurrency so I think human
psychology is going to come into play again I think that’s going to cause that
would be one of the factors for the next explosion the next moon the next bull
run whatever you want to call it similar to the end of last year I think human
psychology is going to play a major role in that so now we’re done with some
bullish news get you guys pump get you guys excited about Bitcoin let’s go over
the Bitcoin ETF that got rejected so Bitcoin drops as US rejects the
Winklevoss ETF for CBOE trading now the interesting part in this is that not
everyone in the SEC actually agreed with the decision so if you went over the
document on why they rejected it you will see that the biggest reason is
because they couldn’t prove that it wasn’t manipulated they couldn’t prove
that the price wasn’t manipulated well an SEC Commissioner they have to
disagreed with the agencies Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF rejection and if you do read
more here so writing in a formal dissent published on the agency’s website helm
the SEC Commissioner Hester M Pierce argued that the officials not only erred
in denying the Winklevoss ETF of ETF but also exceeded the limited scope of the
agency’s role in regulating security markets specifically she alleged at the
end that the agency allowed the state of the underlying Bitcoin spot markets to
carry too much weight in how it ruled on the Winklevoss Bitcoin trust so the
interesting part here is in summary what’d she say is that other um some
other assets got approved for the ETS even though they also fell under the
same category now another argument you can make is I do not believe that these
stock market is fully is fully transparent and there’s no manipulation
in any other market as well I think in every market there are people in higher
power that have a bigger control if it’s money if it’s just influence there’s a
lot of different factors that go into it and I think that’s something to keep in
mind as well so obviously I’m not gonna be I’m not going to turn my head to the
fact that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency probably has some price manipulation in
it as well people have tried to prove it we’re trying to cut down on it there is
investigations taking place in order to help cut down on that but at the moment
and I think it’s going to go on for a while as well I think there is going to
be price manipulation the only thing we can do is hope for not too much price
manipulation but people with influence people with a lot of money are going to
affect the price of of cryptocurrency but I am glad to see that somebody is
standing up to the SEC now if they did go out of their jurisdiction in what
they should be looking at I think that is that is a problem they should be
looking at making sure investors understand what they are investing in
but apparently it’s not their place to dig as deep as they did into Bitcoin so
hopefully still there is other ETS of the CBOE ETF is one that we are waiting
for that’s the main one that should be coming out the news earliest August 16th
now a lot of people are expecting on August 16th for that to happen and I
think that is because a lot of people have misrepresented how that should work
that is the earliest that we could hear about it that doesn’t mean it’s going to
be on that day a lot of people are actually speculating it could take a
while it can go up to 2019 some people are saying early 2019 is when we’re
gonna hear about that so I just want to inform you guys being fully honest fully
transparent you guys do you guys understand what’s going on
it doesn’t mean August 16th is the day it’s going to launch oh it’s only the
earliest day that it could launch it could happen several several months
after its we’re just gonna have to wait and see how that works but I think in
that in the meantime with that there’s going to be a lot of ups there’s gonna
be a water down there’s gonna be a lot of
foam or there’s gonna be a lot of fun there’s gonna be a lot of uncertainty in
the market because people don’t know what direction the markets gonna go they
don’t know how things are just gonna be news that comes out and that’s part of
manipulation as well the media I believe is part of manipulation there’s gonna be
a lot going on and as we can see right now after the Winklevoss after their etf
proposal got rejected the market just a tank so it fell 11 billion dollars
fellow a good amount you guys can see almost everything is in the red today
with the exception of a few but if I do change it to the 24 to the biggest
movers in the last 24 hours yeah that’s not a lot we have one two
three four five six seven that is those are the only crypto currencies and the
green fee chain still up it has come down from it’s from the highest point
we’ve seen as of now but V chain David go up because of the whole buy enhance
thing that went successfully by next coin we’ve seen a lot of people transfer
their money into chance of their Bitcoin or all coin into by Nance coin because
it has it is more of a stable core now but it’s not a stable coin by any means
but it does hold its value better in people it’s it’s a way to stay in the
market to keep your money in the market without moving into tether where it
won’t move it’s a way of keeping it in the market but not having as much risk
as with other cryptocurrency that but again not a lot of not a lot of movers
and if we go in the 24 hour change the negative side Bitcoin private is down
the most one chain continuing to fall such a shame to see a project that could
be so good continuing to fall hopefully they do turn around and nygma’s down
over 10% decentraland is down over 10% comodo at almost 10% but just a lot of
red in the market so sitting at 288 billion dollars
Bitcoin dominance back up to 47% I think what we might see right now though is
Bitcoin at all Quinn’s price not being directly related like we’ve seen before
we see big quick go up all Quinn’s go up Bitcoin go down all coins go down but if
no new money enters and the money’s just fluctuating between Bitcoin and all
points that it’s possible that we can see Bitcoin go up at all coins go down
like we’ve been seeing the last week or all coins
go up and Bitcoin go down that could also be a possibility so lots of
potential here still I believe that with the wood prices falling like this
obviously for good reason news came out people got scared there’s a lot of
uncertainty prices fell but these provide great opportunities to buying in
on some cheap all points if you were looking at dollar cost averaging picking
up some more look at Nano down nine percent
definitely something I will consider picking more of pun DX’s not down a lot
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it as well for those of you that are in the group now really quick let’s talk
about Charlie League calling out ripples so very interesting to see litecoins
Charlie Lee now litecoin is at eighty two dollars and thirty seven cents it is
also down a ton ranked number seven though so this is the Battle of big
crypto currencies right now ranked in the top ten so four point seven billion
dollars in market cap and basically he was talking in an interview about his
selling of how people were how people give him hate for selling his um his
litecoin at all-time highs are quote all-time highs a lot of people think
he’s sold at the highest point well he actually cleared this up on Twitter
saying that he did not sell at all-time high he said he sold on three different
occasions so he gives the date and the price it was when he sold so the average
price he got was 205 which is by no means the all-time high so he wanted to
clear that up he said it was nobody’s business but with all the hate you want
to clear that up now people enough some people like him some people dislike him
some people believe in what he’s said when though given the reason why he
sold us like when some people do not so I’d love to hear you guys opinion what
do you guys think in the comments down below do you think it was a good reason
do you like Charlie Lee do you not like Charlie Lee let me know that in the
comments but I know a lot of ripple fans probably aren’t gonna like him too much
for this statement he did go out and say that bitcoin is the gold he doesn’t
think anything is going to pass it he said that
litecoin therefore is the silver so we have the digital gold and we have the
digital silver and then he sarcastically said that ripple was the diamond there
are more possibilities ripple XRP is somewhat like a diamond because its
supply is so artificially controlled and diamonds are actually advertising if you
want to buy ripple for marriage it is very valuable haha so the funny thing
here is that diamonds I don’t know if you guys know this but diamonds are pure
marketing diamonds were created as a symbol for love in Brazil for example
you don’t give an engagement ring with a diamond that’s just not how it works in
the u.s. though marketing was done to make diamonds seem like a symbol for
love so now engagements ring engagement rings have to have a diamond in them and
apparently they’re apparently their supply is artificially controlled
there’s a lot more out there than we believe and the price you’re paying is
more of a price that will set due to the supply that is being controlled so very
interesting there about the diamonds now comparing that to Ripple
I know some people are going to agree some people are gonna disagree it’s
really going to depend on if you like or dislike Ripple so if you guys want to
give me your opinions in the comments down below again I would love to hear
what you guys think I know we have a lot of ripple fans here and I know we also
have people here who dislike Ripple so let’s do a poll and see in the
comments just let me know if you guys like Ripple if you don’t like Ripple let
me know what you think of what charlie lee said as well he did go on to
criticize stellar to saying that congrats on stellar for passing
litecoins market cap that said it really doesn’t make sense to compare market
caps of coins that are printed because they have an inflated market cap maybe
I’m old school but I only care about decentralized my noble coin so calling
out both stellar and ripple very bold move as they are both very big
cryptocurrencies and they do have a very big following a very big community
now litecoin he did mention has been falling as has the whole market but he’s
been very happy with the partnerships the outreach and everything that they’ve
been doing the development that they’ve been having so hopefully again I know a
lot of life coin fans as well in the market because it is so big hopefully it
does see some nice gains now really quick before we end off the video more
on Tron new so I did want to cover the truant Virtual Machine coming on the
30th of July which is set to change everything so what is a virtual machine
virtual machine is essentially a computer simulated within a computer to
make it easy now what is Tron virtual machine when it comes to Tron virtual
machine the new VM will enable developers to build Tron compatible
adapts without having to learn coding in a new language developers will be able
to use languages that are already known to start building Tron compatible doubts
even aetherium some even aetherium solidity will work along with other
popular languages like C Java and Python so that’s basically it some updates on
Sean that’s what justice Sun was excited to announce this is going to be coming
on the 30th of July so let’s see what happens again people asking me
individually if this auch one is gonna go up with this aqua is gonna go up it’s
all going to be depending on the market right now the market is unstable you
know we’re waiting for ETF news so at any given moment good news can come out
prices can go up or like we saw in the last few hours when bad news come out
with the wound when the Winklevoss ETF got rejected prices did come down but
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