Hello! I’m Alice Amber. You’re watching Crypto market news. Bitcoin price fell through $3 605 and hit
a 14-month low. It has lost 30% in a month, 50% in six months
and almost 80% since December. From the bottom, BTC rose later on about 7%
in 24 hours. Currently, it’s trading near $4 000. The cryptocurrency market as a whole has shed
almost 40% or $83 billion in a market cap over the past ten days alone. Now it’s $128,8 billion. The mainstream press is headed in a pessimistic
way. $3,000 appears to be the next potential bottom. The current drop has also been predicted by
some analysts and notable industry figures. Bitmex CEO Arthur Hayes said BTC price could
drop to as low as $2,000, adding that the ‘crypto winter’ could last for another
18 months. Genesis Capital Trading chief Michael Moro
has told CNBC that “You really won’t find [the floor] until you kind of hit the 3K-flat
level.” Cryptocurrency analyst Murad Mahmudov sees
the market as ‘cyclical’ and expects a possible turnaround sometime in summer 2019. “Don’t panic. Such is the cyclical nature of life”, he
wrote. With some key events expected over the next
few months, namely the launch of Bakkt and a decision on Bitcoin ETF, all eyes will be
on the next price level of $3,000 and a prolonged crypto winter. You’ve been watching Crypto Market News. Write your BTC price predictions in the comment
section below and don’t forget to click the bell not to miss the most important news
and trends of Crypto. I’m Alice Amber. Goodbye.