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you a brand new video today we’re under the cook video for you guys full of
information today we’re going to be talking about is Bitcoin
finally bullish we’re all to be looking at some of the top Black Friday deals in
the crypto space as well tons of news that went on in the crypto currencies
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into some Bitcoin technical analysis and take a look as to what’s going on guys I
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enjoy all the black friday shopping that i know what’s going on because that is
worldwide at this point but looking at bitcoin technical analysis like i said
on these short term we’ve actually found a little bit of a trendline bouncing up
and up and up again it’s been able to we’ve been able to catch some lungs and
the perfect entries again this one did get me a little bit nervous I had my
stop-loss down to like 6,000 for hundreds so of course we had to stop us
at the right place we entered roughly around here from there we had to watch
it go down a little bit before it came right back up and hit a ton of our
targets the same thing again we got another entry over here right when we
were looking for that breakout above a resistance that will set at roughly
seven thousand three hundred and forty four you guys can see the resistance
here over several times we did come in and we did bounce off of this level
eventually we did break above that resistance again the right entry at the
right time allowed us to make profits on this move again and now we found the
next resistance that Bitcoin was at tested it pretty much three times unless
you count the wicks but again tested here tested it here tested it over here
this was the resistance at roughly seven thousand six hundred and fifty six
dollars seven thousand six hundred and sixty dollars and then it broke out
again and that’s where we currently find Bitcoin and I think Bitcoin first of all
not only coming down to potentially test this trendline at the moment but we
could be seen with all the indicators and those are the RSI the stochastic
everything up and looking like they do want to cool off for a bit that would
tie up perfectly with coming back down to test the trendline which again huge
on the RSI we can see that it’s been following pretty much perfectly and
we’ve done this before it we’ve seen this happen before so it could be the
opportunity to potentially catch a bounce I’m going to be keeping my eye
out on that and see if we look like we’re gonna bounce when we get back or
if we look like we are going to break below and potentially catch that short
that’s what I’m looking at overall the bigger picture Bitcoin is still on a
bigger down trend we are still waiting to see confirmation that we have
officially seen in the other bottom and then from now on we are going to be
moving into a more bullish pattern however keep in mind it is Friday
currently so we have Saturday we have Sunday the coming weekends are very
manipulative times even on Friday we start seeing it the weekends usually
have very low volume and we start to see a lot of manipulation and that’s why a
lot of people like to use the Bitcoin futures chart in order to actually use a
lot of the indicators and to use a lot of their technical analysis because on
here obviously there is oh this is only during the regular trading hours so when
that happens you actually have the times where there’s most of the trading volume
going on and less manipulation like you see on the weekends that allows for
these gaps to happen of course and then we usually see these gaps filled and a
lot of people use that to make money on bit Mex or by bit when they are
leveraging Bitcoin if your incident that both the links are down below and a half
tutorial videos on the channel several of them showing you guys how these work
but even if we just looked at the EMA ribbon when it comes to the futures
chart use notice it’s very accurate in terms of when it breaks above and has
that huge explosion it stays above it for some time until it breaks below and
then it rides it down on the downward trend of course breaking above it is
bullish breaking below it is bearish and just recently we saw what could be a
break above it on the for hourly chart in the Bitcoin futures chart again we’re
seeing a potential break out over here again a little more confirmation needed
and that could be a bullish sign for us to see Bitcoin riding above this EMA
ribbon for some time as well maybe even having a little bit of a retest but
again it is the weekend so I am keeping a very big eye on on this because I
don’t want anything to happen during the week there’s a lot of weeks there’s a
lot of manipulations that go on so that’s I want to make sure you guys are
staying as safe as possible but with Bitcoin on the move and Bitcoin see a
little bit of some minor bullish action right any short term bullish action
that’s actually showing that Bitcoin dominance is going up when Bitcoin
dominance goes up that means all coins aren’t falling usually the prices of all
coins are falling that’s the first Black Friday deal that we can see going on in
the crypto space so that was pretty exciting as well if you’re looking into
picking up some of your favorite all coins and that would be the perfect time
now it might be one of the perfect time to start dollar cost averaging again if
Bitcoin does continue to go up and all coins continue to suffer like we saw
previously it’s going to allow two dollar cost average more and more of
your favorite all coins added to your long-term portfolio if that’s something
that you guys want to do again not financial advisor
this is not financial advice now before we dive into all of the Black Friday
deals that are going on and we’ll look at the market really quick a 210 a
billion dollar mark at Bitcoin and 140 billion and up 1.6 percent today again
these moves look small but if you enter at the right time if you have the right
position if you took profits at the right time and if you were able to use
some leverage because you knew what you were doing these turn out to be very
very profitable move a 10x leverage that’s a 16% move and that’s not bad for
at the beginning of a day on a Friday but again a lot of awkward seeing very
minor movements some majority in the green I believe we are right now but
again Bitcoin up 1.6 percent not anything crazy a lot of all coins are
not seeing any huge we can see that little more green than
red but overall a lot of very small movers with the biggest loser of the day
from scroll all the way down being silver wage which I have no clue what it
is but steam would be the more notable name down almost eight percent if we go
back up to the biggest gainers yeah not sure why it one is up 45% but we see the
likes of – up and over like I said the more popular names are moving a lot less
than some let’s say just random pumps that come in from out of nowhere now the
biggest deals going on from Black Friday because obviously Black Friday is a time
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$10 for your first month now a little bit of news this week’s actually really
slow it’s because of Thanksgiving or X
because of everything going on this week has been relatively slow in terms of
news at least that’s what I found compared to some of the other weeks
where we had a lot more information come up but Germany apparently good news
coming from Germany that they could be the next crypto Haven by the year 2020
oh that’s because a new law was passed that has improved that has um that has
already been approved and it’s waiting approval from the nation’s 16 states
that could allow German banks to sell in custody Bitcoin and other
cryptocurrencies as early as next year and again another article came after
that saying that German banks could store Bitcoin and provide crypto
services very very soon and they’re looking at 2020 which honestly at this
point is not that far away so that would be really cool to see
and unfortunately ending on some bad news a bit has actually been hacked and
they’ve confirmed 50 million dollars worth of etherium has been stolen I
don’t know if any of you guys use up it personally I was not one that used it
I’m very traditional I’m very simple I use the finance for all coins I use bit
Mex I use by a bid for leverage and that’s pretty much the extent of it
unless I need to pick up a very small coin that I you know really really want
to get then I might venture out to another exchange but for the most part
I’m very traditional I’m very easy and I stick to the ones that I’ve been using
for a long time that work and although Finance has also had issues being hacked
I’m hoping that’s something that doesn’t happen again but guys that’s gonna be
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