CryptoSlo with more crypto gains, what’s going on guys happy Monday what’s going on in the
space today well first I gotta apologize I know I normally put out my Sunday show
and I did not yesterday because it was Mother’s Day so you know that happens
once in a while so you know hopefully I’ll try to make up for it this week put
out a little extra content for you guys keep you guys abreast of situations so
what happened to this weekend well first and foremost the Tron bet divs not so
great not so great live was actually negative and it’s
really surprising to me that live was negative when they have all those new
table games so I don’t know if their edges are off or the letting people win
or what they’re doing but obviously they’re paying out more then they’re
winning something’s not working because I would have thought with all those new
games would have thought it would have been blowing up but you know we’ll see I
feel like because of those divs being low
some people want frozen their ante and they’re chasing after Bitcoin which is
quite possible there does seem to be some people in FOMO however this morning
I did see the start to have a little fire on the halls so keep an eye on that
I was actually is thinking as I said I don’t really train per se but
I will swap let’s be fair about that but so yeah I’ve been sitting on some urge
for a while and I just don’t know it just doesn’t seem I would I get in it
like a half cent so I’m a point to on it so I don’t know I thought of flipping
that back into Raven just as I think Raven has more upside
but you know they need to do that because I’m the last boat run you know
your core coins you know digit by those urge you know
having a bag of those it’s guaranteed it’s guaranteed profit so you know it’s
guaranteed profits because they’re like the O G’s or the halts so
I don’t know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna keep an eye on things today John topia
so trying tell me I do have to mention it I’ve tested it out I’ll probably do
one of my crypto slow labs and do a mining test on it just so I can shake
out what the you know money cost is as always and the first dip was set up to
be super fat like I have like a hundred seventy to 170 topia so I’m like a time
and it was gonna be like mm TRX and then when I came back and checked on the do
it was 1,000 so that first payout you know let’s see how
much I had about 3500 in in that Senatobia
I’ve got some OTC and the Divi hunters and there are a lot of Tokyo for sale
and Divi hunters if you’re looking for some quick before the next you know the
next payout like I was seen yesterday the prices were about 20 yeah my 20 but I’ve seen some people say
that you can mine it for 17 so yeah just about some how quick you
want it but the div pool have a check to see but that first payout was about 30%
on the ROI on whatever your initial snake was so that was not bad they they
just ran into so many problems I mean constantly system glitching not
loading they’ve relaunched like I don’t know
five times six times seven times you know they’ve got a cool design a cool
concept but the thing that gets me is all this was for nice all this hype was
for nice I mean I’m not discounting what they’re trying
to do but you know it’s another dice game so now watch more interesting
things credits bank roll credits I’ll tell you what I honestly wish I kind of
would have sold some of my ante to get more credits when I first started
because yeah it’s doing well I mean it’s all material you know people are like
I’m not getting that big a divs well the divs are very big compared to
like Tron bet or you know yeah compared to like Tron bet it’s it’s not a bad you
know it’s paying point five to one percent a day for larger stakeholders I
don’t know if that’s true or you know the smaller’s but the key with credits
P with credits is you have to continue to roll and in the beauty the beauty and
credits of rolling is its true compound its true compound it’s not it’s not fake
compound you know meaning that the compound
interest really doesn’t exist the compounded credits exist as real prx so
that’s the fundamental difference I’ll thank roll credits and any of the other
platforms out there you know is that it’s truly fact now news wise what else
is going on well there’s some exciting stuff going on number one Luck
relaunched as I stated I added that video I talked about the highlights of
luck now all your winnings get sent to you as reddit’s and basically it’s
incentive incentive advising people that if they’re going to gamble the rewards
are going to be in the bankroll ecosystem because of whales
that keep trying to wipe the house out so the advantage here is if the whale
tries to wipe the house out all of the existing credit hollers hit the benefits
of you know of it so like it just keeps paint it just keeps gives out keeps
giving gets out now what is all the excitement the
excitement is around a near-daily so I did it’s gonna be interesting let’s just
say that I mean I know there’s 2,000 people in that telegram
and you know as of last night only on the reset unlock only several hundred
had played luck and I’m just like do you start playing luck seriously even if
you’re just rolling to try to hit the jackpot
once or twice a day it’s totally worth it it’s totally worth it in my minute so
yeah but anyways the new daily is going to be this hybrid ROI thing that you’re
you know you can send your credits one way or another
but the key is it continues to build the bankroll
ecosystem and everything is interconnected and everything supports
everything and that is truly the holy grail of the DAP is building an
ecosystem that reports people in multiple ways all tied in to their coin
their platform employed which in bankrolls case is a stable blue line and
as credit you know now if I give you tell me you put a hundred TRX in there
and you only got one see I mean that’s what it is
it’s 0.5 to 1 percent that’s that’s what the people that have been tracking and
have saying that it is but it’s now put that the perspective
tribe and is points it’s point one so like actually it’s
like point oh it’s like point oh five two point one of 1% so it is very very
very very very very much it’s like it’s very now I’m not hating
on top that I have an T so but I’m just saying that if you’re heavily invested
in in ante you know I don’t know I would consider
moving some over to credits but now’s not a good time because auntie prices
falling there was a big on fries and you know you look at the cycles money to
even to clearly see that it’s it’s lower right now so you know that’s unfortunate
but yeah so if you haven’t already checked it out check out bankroll
Network I’m telling you man he’s but he’s building his straight
legit and I love it I love it and you know I’m actually now I’m trying to
double compound because I’m moving my tron bat divs into my credits is getting
more credits I mean it yeah yeah you know ever have to worry about the stupid
coin rational like everything else yeah calling crash it Wow coin was down to
Like Tweet oh three holy cannoli I was I almost got some of that crap at
point three I’m so glad I didn’t what’s down 2.03 would have been rad rectal
trauma Wow seriously the Russians itchy again got nothing against the Russians
but you know so yeah that’s about it Bitcoin still holding around 7k
I hope to have all kinds of clothes got all kinds of upgrades and updates
planned for the channel oh and then here’s another big set of
news I think I’m gonna change my 5k giveaway to make it a little more
interesting as soon as I hit the floor Kmart on subscribers I’m gonna give away
the first 1k price and then for every 200 every 200 Soyuz are going to be
coming in to do the math for 40 to 44 for a century wait
forty-two happy for more
yeah so like every two or three hundred after four thousand I will give away
another thousand TRX leading up to the magical yeah so just to give a little
more incentive as always like subscribe be sure to turn on those Bell
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mining chests and everything in between . This is cryptoslo, if you not talking gains then were not talking. Have a great day.