hey guys that’s already the end of the
week and are you ready to learn about
the most important Friday’s crypto news
great let’s go in today’s video you will
see how greedy bankers are killing
crypto billions of dollars have left the
cryptocurrency market crack and fires
employees and shuts down operations were
to buy luxury cars for Bitcoin I don’t
have enough words to explain the
dynamics of the Bitcoin price but let’s
try the price of BTC isn’t freefall
after the incredible bullish jump the
Bitcoin rate fell below 6500 dollars
while BTC is becoming cheaper money
literally is leaving the crypto market
only in one day the total market
capitalization fell by 16 percent or 40
billion dollars so why has the market
crashed when all the indicators imply
growth that’s a great question
one of the theories is Wales also
there’s an opinion that the investment
giant Goldman Sachs is to blame for
everything apparently after the
financial crisis of 2008 the bank hasn’t
blown up anything for a long time and
now it has taken on cryptocurrencies
what did Goldman do the bank promised to
open a trading desk in 2018 and now it
took its warts back many investors
regarded this as a signal that the
cryptocurrencies are not interesting to
serious players oh these greedy
insatiable Wall Street bankers
tweet tweet tweet twitter has long grown
out of the ordinary social network a
one more minute just one more minute let
me finish my morning fake tweet about
Bitcoin now with the help of Twitter
whole countries are conducting
diplomatic negotiations and trying to
manipulate people don’t believe me
think about Trump and Iran or the
interference of the Russians in the
presidential election in the United
States and in all these stories fake
news is the cornerstone you know it’s
good news that there’s blockchain the
CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey believes that
this very technology will help to defeat
fakes and free people from manipulation
Dorsey claimed this at a hearing in
Congress and not only Twitter admires
blockchain the Minister of Energy of the
oil-rich nation of Bahrain said that the
new technology has thousands of
applications in each of the countries
top companies should implement it guys
those who trading crackin this may be
useful for you I have information that
one of the largest and oldest exchanges
practice massively Pires employees this
is according to the users comments on
reddit and in addition at the crypto
exchange there are security problems and
hackers managed to break in through its
protection and generally it is being
closed the representatives of the
trading platform denied all the rumors
the story is a little vague but I’m
gonna keep an eye who Louise oh oh
captain Louise bring me some rum and
release the Kraken while the water
monster has problems other crypto
exchanges are doing great
let’s take coin base it has introduced
the British Pound Sterling into trading
now this currency can be traded with
five crypto currencies including BTC and
eath guts save the coin another trading
platform of the traditional market NASA
that is going to take out crypto trading
in 2019 already and just for reference
the Nasdaq is the world’s second largest
Stock Exchange by the volume of trading
and security a car for crypto why not an
extravagant car shoaling Post Oak engine
will self cost for BTC and Bitcoin cash
why would they do that the showrooms
director says that clients want to pay
with cryptocurrency because it is a
straightforward method to make
installments and who are they to
contradict the customers that’s all for
today I guess it was already too hot for
Friday right and there’s not enough time
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