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but how about the big coin a straight yo
zero to a hundred quintillion in ten
years that’s not crispy there right
that’s quite a growth rate and it’s a
freaking golden age
a new world revolution baby and Nick
Carter was the one who informed me of
this he says is there any process
bounded by physical constraints that has
grown at the pace a bit coins cash rate
in the last decade we’re talking zero to
one hundred twelve quintillion it’s
preposterous even on a log chart and
he’s got out he’s got a graph yeah it’s
amazing it’s amazing it’s a tremendous
number zero to 100 quintillion in ten
years does anything else grow like that
and is it good question
something with constraints as anything
else grown like that very interesting
perspective there Nick and it’s a huge
number huge numbers so I’m sharing your
tweet man you get your good one out
there Nick Carter was on the show quite
a long time ago now but he was all of
this week epically show in the past I
wanted to say also I mentioned the
podcast link to below is a podcast I did
yesterday that is not in it’s only in
audio form you can only listen to it it
was never a video it’s was brand-new
stuff yesterday the elite Bitcoin holder
show it’s called so I noticed like I
guess when I went to sleep last night at
some point oh four digit realm panic
panic panic and then 24 late 24 hours
later we’re back to where we were I mean
if you’re not used to this by now
you’re quite a weak hand newbie happens
all the time people we have huge drops
and then it comes back we have huge
rises and then sometimes it comes back
it’s a roller coaster dudes volatility
that’s why you got to have a strong hand
and I can’t believe they’re still people
out there who panic over that kind of
stuff control over that kind of stuff
it’s this is what this game is all about
this is where the big boys play if
you’re not you
– that by now I mean the jack malice
he’s got a tweet and then at linked to
at his tweet as his blog post he says I
just published announcing Olympus
lightning enabled the Fiat ramps by zap
what if you could go from Fiat in your
bank account to non-custodial lightning
payments in seconds
what does onboarding the masses look
like are you ready
well dude I’m not ready cuz I’m offended
by selling but dude you can if you’re
gonna always try to onboard the masses
dude more power to you brother you know
I let the lightning people do their
thing you know – into enabled spending
precious Bitcoin and I know it’s only
microscopic amounts of Bitcoin but dude
I’m such a hardcore holder I cave and I
came and give up point ooo what am i
Bitcoin baby but hey Jack Jack is a
smart dude always always be building
dude you’re definitely in motion and
lightning enabled Fiat on ramps okay
good good go for it you could be cool
from Fiat in your bank account and not
because well yeah lightning payments did
that’s good all right Vinnie Ling and
you can read this black guy knows a lot
I know a lot of you guys are fans of the
Lightning networking you know you like
spending you think that’s important okay
great great that that’s the beauty of
Bitcoin you can you can be a hardcore
saver never spend a Bitcoin or you can
be into you know spending little team
it’s a big coin or you can be the
spending lots of Bitcoin and then
regretting it like two years later now
Vinnie lay ham
he’s got a controversial tweet out there
that will be brought up on a Friday show
one of this week in Bitcoin show
he says defy is clearly going to be the
Witek wave for the next phase of the
crypto evolution oh dude
that’s uh that could come back to bite
you in the butt there dude and I like
vanilla I like I mean I I I don’t people
go hardcore against him he’s he’s given
some good advice in the past he’s he’s
been wrong in the past I want to be in
the situation I’m in right now if it
weren’t for me reading his early stuff I
will tell you that so maybe I’m a little
biased that way that I’m I should we say
elite because of some of the things he
wrote but um yeah anyway so he says defy
is clearly going to be the catalytic way
for the next wake phase so this is gonna
be the catalyst of the next pump pitch
dude defy I I was here Tel Aviv a lot of
people are excited about defy there are
a lot of people that think it’s total
nonsense though and of course this is in
right now D Phi is very etherium centric
I’d say so that’s a bold statement there
that’s going to be a catalytic way for
the next phase of the crit of the crypto
evolution that it’s going to go in that
led by defy okay we’ll see about that
one you could a this is where a big ways
place you can say whatever you want to
say dude
BTC pay server for those of you know the
no is a self-hosted open source
cryptocurrency payment processor it’s
secure private censorship resistant and
free now Jeff van drew who’s on my show
tomorrow he told me that day and this I
haven’t paying close attention to this
but they have a foundation to support
the developers working on that project
and I link to it below and I also link
to the the BTC pay server Twitter
account and sustainable support for the
BTC pay server ensuring an open future
for businesses and individuals
regardless of geo graphic political and
natural barriers and square gate gave
him support so I know Jeff supports this
project he’s gonna be on the well these
are how some of these open-source
projects get funded they just they
create foundations and they ask for
and that that’s one way of going about
it because people do ask for how do all
these developers how do we get paid for
the things that they do and well
shouldn’t they just issue tokens I mean
they can do what they want to do this is
one of the options where you set up a
foundation and there’s just kind of a
big-gun from square that’s pretty darn
good so all right
otherwise a lot of news in the
traditional financial markets I’m just
watching that stuff with popcorn as I
say they always they always find a way
to keep the 80 percenters going and
buying and living and spending and doing
all that stuff it’s not falling apart
people it’s not falling apart but that
doesn’t mean just because I think is I
fall apart
doesn’t mean I’m gonna play in that
realm heck no I’m gonna Bitcoin overlay
baby I can just watch that stuff I can
watch the inflation slowly spread a claw
across some sectors of the economy and
worry about who who’s got a government
job who doesn’t ever know I’m in the
Bitcoin you don’t worry it’s not they’re
gonna be able to keep it going forever
okay the dollar isn’t going anywhere
dudes forever is a long time
okay you know what I mean for for the
foreseeable future things are falling
apart dudes this is the beginning of the
end all sorts of financial shenanigans
if you want to call it act they can go
to negative interest rates the 80
percenters will keep on spending baby
but you and the big point overlay you
keep on saving saving over spending all
right I mad that’s the lesson you get
from the show well you should get that
lesson every day you’re listening to the
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