the dollar that the 10 km is also false, right? the biggest money washer on payer
of which is the wedge the most powerful minds the world are all focused on 24 millionaires let’s start here our
second video with a fine bottle one of the Top Technical Analysts né da país
today focused on krypton coins obviously we will continue with the action
crypton coins are if you have not yet follow him on youtube social networks
Fausto I returned, there is no other, it’s easy for you. thinks no one gives copied the description
as soon as down here is also inscribed on our channel we will still talk
that much about crypton coins is let your prejudices aside you as well as
you think you’re going to be a millionaire You do not even want to hear about krypton.
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It’s safe to face written currency can not be stolen no
I can be damned can not disappear sure to take place, thank you again
its presence is safe if it is safe It’s as safe as having money in the
your wallet just leave your wallet for Then she can be the one to talk to us, but we
have to deal with some new processes huh
bitcoin is recorded in the ledger decentralized I mentioned in our
last interview what is registered there is a code and the bitcoin code is
very sophisticated it is the same code that Americans use to keep the
times atomic bombs worldwide sha256 a complex business but for us
that we are going to use the bi people have to know is that we for you
with this code we have to have software, and this software creates this
code for us the code has around 54 character upper and lower case
countless then how complicated you are handle this code chirp
this code for example then someone invented an algorithm that transforms the
Your code in 12 words some of these softwares that people
Portfolios are already one step closer to front and turn that code 24
words let’s stay in two words what’s what
but now with the portfolios that people with the software that we can
download on our phones so now it’s a bit more complex
than that because you have what the people call it a private key.
that I said that your software will create for you have public finding
public key as if it were your own. bank account because the person can use
to deposit money into your account and private key is more or less as if
it was just your password a year very well so in terms of safety when you
log in to apple store or google stop and download one of the dozens of
that there are the first What the wallet will ask you.
when you turn it is if you want make a new code is a new key or
He’ll talk until he’ll talk a wallet. Do you want to make a new wallet or do you
will make a backup portfolio so if the first time you will say
who will make a wallet noll and then he goes through random processes he
will create a combination of 54 characters for you
to get an idea of ​​the amount of possibilities is more or less so
similar to what would be the number of atoms of the universe we
if you find for example number of d grains of the earth is very
small cinema will have the number of grains earth’s sand turn every grain of
sand on a land with its grains of sand and we are not far behind the
number of possibilities then your code will be the only one like I said
turns into 12 words a good being always the same 12 word and this is the
portfolio that you now have because at any Now you can change that wallet.
you can get another code is just you to pay for this software and download
another you may have another wallet, all good then these two
words are the security you have to keep these two words you go
write a little paper now if you take these two words
wrote in a paper from Brazil 10 in his in your drawer of the bedside table and then
suddenly someone came and did the cleaning there What is not your family?
necessarily and then you will see that Curious little paper will open a
Talk about this stuff here. that business those two words
what my friend said that took opera bitcoins and take photos of
Paper money that has the 12 word hotel enough someone with these two
words will lower a portfolio when the wallet ask if it’s to be
a new code to backup code out that is, k puts the two words and
automatically the software goes on the network bitcoin will get the balance is look at the sky and
with the wallet with those two words with the key that these two words
writers who have created it cozzi and goodbye if you have no one for whom
complain to you so we have two runs a stands in the box team which is a
code a book the code is is a stay registered entered cheney place
our bitcoins are registered in the public codes and this can not be
hacked into public hatred is what do not see the key you’re left with
you do not take care blocking is not hacked it is encrypted
no one can change the transactions and one code for another corto all of us
we are talking about public codes public roads that go to because the key
toilet You do not show it to me, it’s just you.
have to take care of her I have the key toilet
let’s say I have a bitcoin to registered in the i ching block myself and only
I have the private key that allows the transfer within the boat in that
bitcoin I can not have to leave No one has the private key like me.
said she turns into 12 word then those two words or the code or
the qr code that is extracted to see it is that it is It’s your secret to keep this in mind.
certainly another aspect of the with you
the interaction between the world crypto and the world fiat fiat are are the
tapes currencies roads are punch coins by central banks is not for real
in and enrolled are those of the active electronic currencies electronic return
so what does the junction of these two worlds are the brokers
so if someone wants to buy bitcoin it You have to open an account at a brokerage firm.
I like talking to some of my friends. traditional market which has not yet
They called and I like to explain to they that at this time they let go by
first swear word of those very hairy so talk how it is
When I say just the number of brokers that exist in brazil we
we have a stock exchange that deals Brazil and we have the active 42 brokerages
who deal in bitcoin but in fact are the 60 but we are bigger investors
hamas it’s close to two thousand above one million
maybe arriving right? and the stock exchange is traditionally
people have a lot of people have almost the Double of people in Brazil is incredible.
currencies in trading investing than in the b3 that the traditional bag
So to the market that it’s no use ignoring You may not even want to come in, it’s no use.
Ignoring you have to keep an eye on him. Look, no one is going to escape Krypton.
coin is but I was talking to broker because in the security aspect
When are you going to a brokerage house? cash your real ones through there
a bank transfer and exchange the your real by bitcoins you did everything
this in the so-called graphical accounts that run at the brokerage house
the process is very fast, because I to have bought a coina ticket
broker understanding and decorum of someone another customer who already has the
bitcoin deposited in broker 1 of so that when I get this
bitcoin the broker simply do an internal transfer of a club and
runs from a customer to the customer a lot well then I bought the say a bitcoin
instead of 20 and a few thousand reais and I a beak
at this time your ticket owner koi in quotation marks because in fact the bit which
is registered in the blog in the code in brokerage house key
so I have the brokerage risk that means that if the brokerage firm
I danced if the guy does not go there is bad mood solve hand in hand
dance bitcoins if the faces are malicious
danced we have a say there it is
broker is for 15 minutes You will do the operation and not
let the money in the brokerage do not let that the link must not let itself be
because if you are at risk broker
now if you blindly trust the brokerage everything
it is unlike what happens in the the stock market when you buy a
action takes you three days to receive now has a project that will transform
apparently this for two days 11 in the market that the more you buy
water and 15 minutes later and pocket already or in the pocket would you bring
a wallet that is in heat wallet when the portfolio is understood
a software that is on your phone you can also bring a pen drive
that there is a safer process the pen drive is not connected to the internet
this and it is done in such a way that nothing comes in, I just go out and have a
valve that no one enters as a military Nothing, do not even try
he is completely caught in that meaning there is no more security then it is
this is one aspect of security a lot of people who lost their mustaches
even has a famous case of a fall from the biggest broker of all at a time when
who had painted had just begun to call the mp blows that I said went
hacked and how far does the money go? people lost money with trying
recover until today but this has nothing to see with the safety of brooklyn the
boot all registered there now if someone with private key authorization
he took the bitcoin from here and then at another address and it’s already over
Now, let’s try one more. controversy that I have with my time
common credit card was a gasoline for example was not a bit of
But I stopped there did not have a place in the distance, finally, to tell my card
and handed the private key to the not and I did not deliver I thought I was going to talk
daemons in quotation marks the private key of the credit card to acre all water
card number and those three numbers says he’s got no more what he’s asking
a lollipop machine suck the dice from card to robot but you have to
anyone who claims to go there in victory has Probably stolen
General card will reimburse up to including up to two months
doing 60 of 60 days now I’m there on my computer i kept mine
computer on the computer has been so had a virus is to steal this
key for complainants in the case of a Peruvian Bishop has not studied for
Brazil or Rome is not you lost if lost
now it’s ct idea the americans the man is a process to keep the secret of
his atomic bomb does not have several aspects
then there is the whole process is extremely sure I think that aspect of da
broker you leave the beach boys or written currency for those who do not know
there are more than 2000 people today had to speak criticized the goal is
So you pull the broker away when you wants to do what we market
traditional flame of buying hold goes Bolton 1 dance you want by investing in
long term Do not leave the brokerage house, for example, in the
an approach we have a product of recommendations for buying and selling
encrypted assets and we we’re in the bitcoin pattern because
how do i find one my technical analysis with my technical analysis that bitcoin
It’s going to 60 thousand. at a first moment later it goes to
$ 300 thousand is in the long term then This one I have bitcoin I think
and I want to increase my quantity 2014 so I’m thinking about
bitcoin pattern as well as a lot of people think about the dollar pattern then have someone
of a developed country that has a currency that is subject to falling inflation
will operate in the United States that he is and exchange of money and per dollar is
a currency more stable in one and not Yes, I’m not worthy here.
of a currency that relax how to value We do not even know if it’s how much.
is valuing them and it is the dollar that is devalued a guy who owed 9 trio
now must 22 tri-value units that we know how color ends
if you stay printing currency is not 100 by chance they have the
print currency and northern korea have another in what they say it is well in that
and because he knows that it used to be united states né
it was the dollar but now so much competition but they say that although you notice
morgan graphics xii dollar out of united states in fake north korea
false but it’s a fake okay because the dollar that the 10 km is also
false in a my friend paulo rabello de
Castro once spoke spoke for a long time. false dollar time the dollar was
false because the ball is not the dollar will produce inflation but you believe
so bike today I think it’s going to be a monetary beacon.
of the world and I have my technical analysis shows that a new
high cycle we had a first sign indeed
we have already had three high cycles but I do not consider the
first cycle, which was what took the bitcoin off 0 took him to 37 32
dollars after falling for 2 dollar close to 22
because all concepts books written are the cases that helo charged
philosophizing 1 on the process of oscillations and trends
nobody has thought of something that comes out zero because action went from 0 to 100 um
And, or start with dollars, something without precedent when linking to some the egg
change can always feel Now I want to kill a curiosity about
percent speaks of its assets and has incredible currency
I’m an entrepreneur, it’s in black b. there is no situation i do not almost
14 times is not and I make more trade Because I care, I give a tone class.
and after a long time I’m throwing a course now you clear
has even reached how it does to to sign up is 1517 speaking here in
June first hand meaning that this video tank in the air well it does not
It’s a snake from the publisher, that’s a big deal. to press
usually works with threats People do this, it works.
but then I have and significant more operate and operate based on the so-called
Unfortunately bitcoin standard I can operate
I, as a securities analyst also makes purchasing recommendations and
sale of shares and can not operate either to say is to stay totally
recommends an action is can negotiate that lady negotiate has a series and
how to be taken are not values monetary
then this one not this cvm rule no more It’s also that I could
is theoretically facing my Customers to buy it and I buy it
before and there is a certain conflict of interest but did not speak in the
billion do not negotiate millions when people make the recommendations we do
recommendations with charts quoted in bitcoin that’s you can see one
graphic cut into bitcoin and it gives you a high indication you enter
bought and purchased with bitcoins and there the chart goes up when you sell yourself
will sell for more back so this That’s the idea talking about it just to call
with that security issue who has bitcoin for long-term investment
There you will bring your own who has titon in and wants like me by
easy example operate try to increase your amount of bitcoins there you have to
leave the broker and not necessarily but with the opportunities that
Take advantage of them more or less fast, huh? And you also spend energy every
time you will take your coins What do you send out of your wallet?
would be guarding this would not be guarding a cell phone was a breakthrough
will be saving in these are the hardware portfolios now you
Gotta get the pen drive. then the code is as if it had logan
Then you have to send the transaction to transaction is quick and easy.
minutes but then the broker takes half time can sometimes take longer to
processing bitcoin information fall into your There you go to the brokerage house where you go.
then exchange it for another negotiate her and then exchange for another
the people who train doing three of operations they already leave in coverage
but it logically runs the risk in its twitter was hacked you lost is in that
I think you have to look for the the largest of the biggest brokerages and you
is trading in reais here in brazil have to go to the broker
there are 42 active brokers the last The time I came, but I tried even more.
and if you go out there and out there is not well out there is kind of in the cloud is
today, the world’s largest brokerage it is said that on some aspects it is
the greatest chance be nancy and she the address it’s there in the left corner 1 in the cloud
then a guy who got out of the bomb I had already worked on the trade street
finance champagne bissau that made this inertia and one year led
millionaire he made a brokerage that did not deals with the traditional US dollar currencies
with crypto matic take a is now establishing itself in
high 11 stay calm donated mars and Gaddam, I’m just having a question
bitcoin does not have a single emitter as for example real that the central bank
there is no such thing as a single station is actually more
is not single centralized has no see the central bank that mediates and he who
emits the net beach runs is her own network
his book that makes the records is that it is decentralized but
In other words, it does not have a single organ which issues an issuing body as a
traditional currency let’s say so it is because it is the participation of these hundreds
of thousands of computers is the network emitting more every 10 minutes
solve the problem and then one of those computer is going to join him already
was actually making a block of and so he records that
block of transactions in the account in theory anyone can emit by
do not you see well? will get to see the mathematician bitcoin
issued 12 thousand cocaine every ten there are no more thousand and 800 million per day
11 until 2020 some good to end and neo here’s gonna have a new raul that you’re calling
which will decrease in half where among other things as it is known to know
bitcoin this is all set by the software that runs on the machine of all
these hundreds of meters all this software then defines that the
every 10 minutes mc12 means of cuts and also defines that 21
million bitcoins 11 this is one of the more closed when the subject is
bitcoin soon I did not see her not come to value because it is so many
limited of né looks at offer – bitcoin than millionaires
in the world 1 so if every millionaire in the world wants
have a doctor already have to get the but as well as not having a single
issuing body also does not have a government inspector that I say is
not how to solve the problem that exists today is a fact that defer the currency
digital camera is being used for clear that the traditional currency
is also used but there is still more mechanisms to be traced person can
be caught how do you solve what? We can wait for the future in
relationship to you regulation be the word certain
I do not think there’s ever going to be another type. of some minimal control can be used
to kidnap terrorism well and on time we have to know that the biggest
money launderer and payer is the dogma
now contrary to what one imagines doctor is absolutely traceable but
also it may not be a coió it is by example now in the fair that I had
I was talking about some situations where many people think that
they are pyramids and I am my friend joão from one of the brokerage firms
that was saying that he has a strong that I’ve seen use in you
simply traces to which the address a bitcoin goes for example your
past 483 22 part of it the money I spent an environment that
It’s to be easier to understand step by step. you a myth here on our cell phone
I’ll have your address as you gave his public address this address
is registered in the block had the own Tim I and anyone can have as
a database on your street in your computer
understood then I having the database which records all transactions in the bill
This is it, it’s six and it’s pink public is do not know how external bytes
for you to have it but it’s public to you can be anyone can have fee is a
may be a network name 24 there are software today is software that
that you have to pay a monthly amount which is over a thousand dollars but he
simply keeps track of everyone the addresses that this business is going to
eventually he knows that someone hacked a brokerage do you know that in which
address is now created if other and you can take it because you see
being in the bitcoin network if you are move on to the other currency you have to
through a brokerage firm without going through brokerage firm that also leaves
understood then I think this is a something that has already been overcome has already spoken
it is widely said that No, we’ll see the summer, we’ll see the summer.
processes in which they will be committed illicitudes and will be well cared for with
clinton coins I have no doubt I think that mountain of money
who took an apartment there went straight for the beach is good for us Brazilians
because otherwise it was not at the threshold line that he’s going to like how they
quick now without is such a deal because of what the dollar stops
circular, I know, but you do not think so. future will have some bigger type of tower
of control for it says or will not continue to register being developed
to be improved now in this question is this point the minds
most powerful in the world are all focused on 2050 a very
interesting as it is the last time there was a massive accumulation of value was
in oil when oil was discovered benefited the center staff
american west by cabocco American and a desert Bedouin
guys building a radio palace marble not in the desert and Americans
bought a football team with everything respect to Americans but that is what
happened today who is being benefited is the nerd who lived in the attic
of the mother is all the people of you ricky o staff plus engineers are the minds
the brightest of the planet these guys they are building palaces they are
building projects that will change the world that will change our rope way
and centralization after you have satoshi nakamoto opened the box
pandora told the world look here There are some people who think that
it is an eternal decentralizem the world and with cd centralizes the world what is it
Are you in the corner? What the market calls a name is not that
is the intermediary an interesting example to pick up the rubber
Do not listen to me now allowed two clicks on a car in the
door waiting and leaving you at the door of your wallet pay the car up super car
car do not have car to us cars are paulo marvel I do not have a fine can
work while law but it’s raw legal the class there in 2000
It was cool, it was cool. The idea is to make a green
A cool environment, my goddamn good 10 serve decentralized youtube legal
damn, facebook, zuckerberg, ta ta Smart that already has Facebook
the social media to centralize everyone only has to win the more
decentralize the more it develops and who wins if you make a green goal
centralize will take the 30 percent while the mercury 29 yes but yes and
goes to who goes to the passenger and the 11 legal driver is not distributing
Are you contributing to the distribution? of wealth world without and once
concentration of wealth in the world Yes, I’m just going to have to go, shall we?
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