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February the 5th 2020 strong hand golden age of the 2020s heavy yes everyone I am
offended by selling I think you guys are familiar with that by now aren’t you yes
I value my wealth in Bitcoin and Bitcoin is the apex predator and one Bitcoin
equals one Bitcoin and yes it Sun confiscate able compete don’t complain
personal responsibility is new counterculture of course don’t FOMO on
alts and of course don’t buy something that you get for free now some people I
guess they don’t pay attention when I say all those things I mean all those
things alright everyone hello my Leap friends
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etc etc let’s start off with this awesome quote from Zack ball who’s been
on the show best guest in the freakin space I bring you on Fridays
he’s been on a few times I love this 21 million is non-negotiable and you know
what that means I know what that means but this reply to this thread says it
all the market will decide and he goes on to say the market could try and
negotiate opening the cat up with a fork unlikely success well dude I’m glad that
Zack is reminding everyone he said the first thing 21 million is not negotiable
he’s putting it out there that Bitcoin equals 21 million but this other dude is
like well hang now maybe we could try something else by
forking off and this guy doesn’t think it’s successful I get people this is
just a preview of the future I want you to save all the videos where I’m talking
about how in the future there’s going to be some 42 million Bitcoin or 63 million
Bitcoin crypto dividend of the real Bitcoin some prominent person is gonna
say we need more Bitcoin so I’m making the real it’s going to be an unfriendly
Fork it’ll be the B cash of the 2020s and I
said this for a while but this is a whenever I get a little glimpse of it in
the like this like in this thread I pointed out to you people save this
stuff and remember not to panic in the future when these people are doing the
inflation Fudd’s a we need more Bitcoin we needed to be fair don’t panic don’t
panic with some prominent person makes up 42 million Bitcoin or 63 million
Bitcoin or whatever it is it is bitcoin is the next bitcoin one bitcoin equals
one Bitcoin and 21 million is non-negotiable pound that like button
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the fried last Friday and Saturday in March it’s linked to below remember I’ll
be at the Tel Aviv of Bitcoin having party in on May 21st May 21st and
something else March 7th I found out that Adam Cowen a key remember that dude
the boxer the American boxer of Polish descent I went to his tweet below he’s
still tweeting about Bitcoin and great for him he’s fighting on March 7th in
Brooklyn and I’m just happy the dude is still tweeting about Bitcoin and I just
want to remind everyone people haven’t been talking about him hey you get
insider information here a lot of people didn’t know about Adam in the first
place you found out about him here he who know you could be the heavyweight
champion in the world one day he wins this fight I guess he’ll get a title
shot so people talking about Bitcoin dude
bring it to the mainstream and that’s his fight is March 7th we’ll be talking
about that more as we get closer to March 7 so what I want a Kahn everybody
down strong hand oh yeah the winter is going to end flu
season will end eventually stay in motion stay healthy people one Bitcoin
equals one big way this is my second video of the frickin day so I’m not
worried about any of iris but apparently a lot of people are they’re trying to
fund I I don’t know why if that’s why the Fiat price jumped it dropped it
probably has something to do with it but this what speculators do they they try
to scare people they pile on to the sell train when there’s scary news out there
if you’re in America appear in North America I’m telling you I’m nothing to
worry about come on now so hey we take it one day at a time we
have days it goes down by 500 up by 500 you know the story I’m still in motion a
second freaking video of the day check out the first one we’re gonna talk about
that in a second but I’m going to say Frederico Tenga
who’s in Italy who’s been on the show before kind of I mentioned this
yesterday but he put into some words that are a better summary than I said
yesterday probable consequence of the virus a new excuse for governments to
strengthen the war on cash you know for your health we don’t want you touching
that dirty mint money where you can get sick we’re gonna cut we’re not gonna
have cash anymore it’ll all be digital it’s a good theory
there will they take it to that level you never know you never know that’s why
you already have the Bitcoin okay the true digital cash that is not a know
country controls so I do want to clear up some of the rumors and Jeff Ashton
says would you buy BTC now or wait a few days
it does indeed and it was at 580 and I didn’t buy it like I won to buy ten more
and I just I was I was like threading over $10 do you look at look how silly
that looks now dude look how if you believe this is this is the next this is
changing the world earth-shattering stuff what’s the
difference between $100 now 500 hours now $1,000 now if it’s if you think it’s
going to be worth six digit realm one day okay there’s there’s no difference
so I your short-term thinking their long-term
thinking to you okay so people are still yen tying about the trace mayor at the
uncompensated a big conference this weekend which was a blast tone BAE’s did
a great job with the conference and I just want to clear up something here
about tres Mayer he wasn’t going around handing out flyers okay not what I was
there at least alright I was there from Saturday at 8:00 in the
morning and I left Las Vegas at midnight a little before midnight
I left the post party at 11:00 p.m. I I saw tres mayor plenty of times
I talked to tres mayor he was not going around people are like he’s going around
handing out flyers and a big point conference it’s so bad yeah it would
actually that that would be bad if he was handing out altcoin flyers at a
conference he was invited to attend that doesn’t like altcoins
that would be bad if he was handing it to newbies and everyone I did not see a
flyer the first time I saw flyers when I woke up on Sunday and someone had
tweeted it out their American huddle said he was given this flyer promoting
MWC by tres mayor and so people people are saying that traces is trying to
trick news there weren’t noobs at this conference American huddle is not a noob
okay so one other thing I want to point out when I got to the conference a
Canadian guy who watches this show did come up to me and he told me that he
thought tres was the entity behind that he had talked to trace the night before
and that he thought tres was the entity behind MWC I say I thought that was
buying the NWC excuse me buying the end that we’ve talked about this before some
entity was buying MWC I still don’t know who it was
I think obviously tres had something to do with all this stuff okay there’s no
there’s no doubt about it now there’s no there’s no doubt about now if American
halal is telling the truth if that flyer that he posted if he that flyer that he
posted out there was handed to him by trace and a trace was
really talking to American huddle about MWC yet then and promoting it and saying
you should buyer showing him that he had it then yet trace has something to do
with all of this but when the Canadian guy told me in the morning I saw I
thought it was I mean I really could not believe it I was sure I definitely was
curious but it just it just didn’t seem real so I just want to clear that up for
all you that are reading all these all these people who were not there or
spreading all of these rumors like he’s handing out all these flyers he’s
converting news to you know ripping on Bitcoin to news
they weren’t moobs there there were he wasn’t handing out MA yes other rocky
was there also surfer Jim was there also vortex was there also and some other
people they saw him handing out many many now that’s that standard the trace
part okay yeah well one thing so also people are saying that trace is scamming
people he’s scamming people and that MWC is asking how is he scamming people I
want to know this I don’t know how he’s scamming people he’s scamming if he’s
the entity or one of the entities part of the entity I don’t know if he is
spending millions of dollars buying up an altcoin that’s like oh no exchanges
and I’ve discussed this before I said it was ridiculous for whoever’s doing this
to do this if he’s the one throwing his money away giving it to us the people
who got it for free okay we got it for free and somebody has given out a pin a
lot for it I mean he’s scamming himself if he’s doing that he’s scamming his
self he’s not tricky he says Singh he’s not making big huge
announcements to buy it or something like that maybe maybe he said that’s
American hot oh I wasn’t involved in that conversation okay I’ll tell you
that um but so by what he’s probably done here is by a bunch of MWC how is he
scamming anyone if he bought MWC all right I really want to know that he’s
scamming himself he’s stabbing himself it’s it’s ridiculous and we’re living
this backward world where or just they want to attack people and
lie about people it’s unbelievable now uh-oh here we got a forest G says
hang on we got okay Jeff we read Jeff’s Bart’s G says any crypto dividends
coming up that you would like us to look out for dude I don’t know any now I’m
saying that the MWC should they still have something to give out that they
were supposed to give out originally put pressure on them to do it put pressure
on them to do it but I don’t know I if I know about crits and dividends you know
does your home oh you know where you find out about how to get free cryptid
images that you turn to the Bitcoin and so I I come here III don’t know of any
now but I love someone do it create compete don’t complain and don’t destroy
gay crew if you like all points make your damn darn our coin and give it to
us for free and we will turn in the Bitcoin and if entities or trace want to
buy it and scan themselves there okay whatever pound that like button and so
another thing that’s out there some people are saying I read things and said
things that that I never said lying about me totally lying about me yeah
everyone familiar with these day so I made it everyone from Earth my videos I
was kind of joking it at the beginning you know do you don’t foam one off
points you don’t buy something you get for free one Bitcoin equals one big
point turn your crypto dividends into Bitcoin it’s ridiculous for anyone to
buy crip descriptive dividends I mean you could watch so many of my old videos
but I made it easy for the slow people I mean maybe they’re bad listening
comprehension I don’t know so I took a clip from a recent video where I say you
know I discuss MWC and I tell people not to buy it and I think it’s ridiculous
what’s going on that’s the first video of the day that is linked to below I
made it really easy for the people on Twitter to see it’s pinned to my profile
at Tech vault-tec HB alt it’s there it’s part of my road to one trillion dollar
Bitcoin series alright I so we saw we so you learn that this
road to a one trillion dollar Bitcoin market cap there’s crazy stuff that
happens along the way people say I say things I don’t say they don’t understand
what it means when I say you know do don’t buy something that you get for
free I people can’t grasp that concept I marry confused but it but you won’t be
confused if you watch the video it’s linked to below and I pinned it at Tech
bought follow me on Twitter at Tech ball te CH B alt and it’s linked below and I
link to another video from February 3rd 2020 where I am just going off saying
how insane it is for an entity to be buying all this MWC that we got for free
all right so you can watch that too it’s linked up below if you need a reminder I
think most of you who have listening comprehension and most of you who watch
my videos don’t need that reminder you you you really can understand the
obvious that I value my wealth in Bitcoin I want people to get Bitcoin
anyway if they’re gonna be given a free altcoin
you don’t buy it this is given to you you took you you take it for free they
gave it to you and you turn it into Bitcoin I mean how many times do I have
to really say after a lot of people at first many people I have to say they’ll
never understand that concept like it’s not it’s unfortunate but it’s all linked
to below so yeah some people out there have this sick desire to have a Bitcoin
Inquisition okay and I am NOT gonna be part of a Bitcoin inquisition where we
go picking on people saying how pure they are getting getting into rage just
drama on Twitter saying there they’re horrible now they’re the devil now they
should be tortured position we should question every little thing they’ve ever
done I’m not part of it but it seems like we’re getting into a Bitcoin
equation here in social medial and we’ll get that into that in a second though
just learn Bitcoin Khan says bitcoinmeister some people listen and
some people here to listen one must really pay attention yeah I agree with
that but I’m bringing really simple concepts
there I mean you got to admit just on Bitcoin I mean your first
language is not even English you could probably be like cooking not really
paying attention to me and hear what I just said and understand what I said I
mean it’s I mean I just don’t get some people but again some people want drama
they want to have a Bitcoin inquisition they wanna they wonder I mean it’s it’s
kind of sickening hey by the way link to below
this week in Bitcoin Bitcoin Tina was on Boris was on and UK Bitcoin master was
on because of the fun weekend that we had all that the cool videos that I
brought you that shook the world people haven’t they’re not talking about this
this week in Piqua was great people love Bitcoin Tina so and Barse and UK Bitcoin
masters so check that out it’s it’s linked to below and you can watch all
over I have over 1600 videos at this rotmeister calm and and we’re gonna have
this week in Bitcoin this Friday I don’t know what time yet oh wow this is okay I
haven’t eaten yet tonight that’s alright you know I felt part of the thing Adam
does his at least 20 22 hour fast this one will be over 23 hours probably or
something like that but whenever I only have one little more
workout to do then take my cold shower than eat and you can find out about that
kind of thing on Saturdays show beyond Bitcoin okay so money Graham and ripple
ripple does the pay-to-play ever you the ripple fans love to say
well money Graham is using ripple well apparently money ripple paid money
Graham to use them which is I’m UK okay here we go
ripple has paid or I can in ripples a company according to money grams 8k
thought filing ripple had paid them eleven point three million over the last
two quarters to use the software and their cryptocurrency XRP this is in
addition to the 50 million they invested in money Graham and aoudi really puts
into first what Rudy has to say about this whenever an enterprise announces a
blockchain pilot rest assured a transaction occurred when value was
transferred from blockchain solution provider to said enterprise to
compensate the enterprise’s trouble this is true 100
at a time no exceptions no one actually wants this crap let alone pay for it so
ripple has a solution the only way MoneyGram is going to use this solution
if they are a bribe to use it is what he’s saying and this is how it’s always
going to be if it’s some private blockchain enterprise says hey we come
up with this awesome solution for you please pay us to use it they’re not
gonna pay you you’re gonna pay them to use it in this space Oh bad
so Bitcoin demoon said Bikram oysters in motion like button pounded thank you yes
I am in wild motion keeping it real here be a unique beast babe baby an original
don’t don’t worry about the Bitcoin equation you were above the big coin
inquisition if you hold your big one no one can stop you no one can cancel you
and capital controls use-case in Lebanon it’s from Al Jazeera has this article
and it’s weird coming from Al Jazeera they can be biased on a lot of things
trust me about that one but hey it word is spreading and there are a lot of
people out there looking to use big point for it one of the first things I
say is I mean if you’re in a right now you you put your wealth in the Bitcoin
you can get it out of these companies these countries that have capital
controls distrust and this has been true for so long I was talking about this in
2016 when I went to Zimbabwe but there’s still haters out there like well what’s
it good for it’s good for this discussed in in
Lebanese banks Spurs Bitcoin boom more Lebanese are embracing the notoriously
volatile cryptocurrency as the country’s economy flounders so yeah there’s
capital controls on banks in Lebanon this craziness is in Lebanon has been
going on since I was in Australia back in October when I was hanging out with
Lebanese Australian the great Hass McCook and it just coincidentally
started that day but good good read al-jazeera version because you know I’m
sure a lot of you don’t agree with what Algiers 0 says all the time but hey even
mayor revealing what’s going on in in Lebanon there and for those of you who
were the long beach event my full talk there
is link to below thank you Robert thank you guests all
and thank you everyone that was there it was a blast and now you guys can see it
it’s linked to below it’s also if you go to disrupt meister it’s it’s part of the
videos that are listed there to 1600 videos that i’ve been a part of over
time now let’s see okay we already said to check out okay so what is the bitcoin
inquisition here what’s that all about what’s this new term i think is in there
term here I just made earlier today and social media Twitter especially is the
Grand Inquisitor and outside of our bubble here in social media Bitcoin land
thankfully uh people don’t know about everything that goes on you know the big
point inquisition that some people want to pull off hey this is where the big
boys play so if people want to be a Bitcoin inquisitors and say oh no you’re
not a full bitcoin er because you mentioned this or you said this word or
you talk to this person yeah like if you’re so random dude buying Bitcoin at
coinbase or you’re some big institutional investor you don’t know
about the bitcoin inquisition and that’s good that’s a good thing so back in the
days of the Inquisition in Spain if you if your neighbor smelled that you were
cooking beef instead of pork they would report you okay oh he’s obviously not a
Christian he’s what I am and he must be tortured
now we must we must find out if he believes does he truly believe in in
Christianity does he true we must torture him because he wasn’t eating a
pig you see that this is logical in our part so we will torture him and we will
we will destroy kill him destroy him and that’s your cut kinda what’s going on uh
if for some people in in social media land here iffy if you did something gets
against what they believe is a true Bitcoin er owe you time to get tested
time to get they the grand inquisitor up get you know get get can solder or
whatever it is and yeah and it’s it’s silly as a rumors
that you didn’t need pork some of this stuff
that’s going around that people are you know get triggered from oh oh you you
you uh that wallet did the Bell a lot how could you talk about the ballet bond
by the way a ton confiscate rule he was there about mr. ballet well it was there
mr. Bobby Lee was there there did it did people melt and exploded it did it did
the uncompensated conference all of a sudden become an altcoin conference no
no it didn’t no but so I want people when you wind up when you get involved
in the Bitcoin Inquisition it’s really easy to just pile on but someone starts
a Bitcoin Inquisition on Twitter okay really easy that people like people like
exaggerate certain things so use your brain instead of getting emotional about
the situation okay and just here considering consider the thoughts that I
have said before think think about these things does this make me a candidate to
be a for the grand inquisitor to be a tortured in the Inquisition I have said
before I would rather have aetherium than gold or dollars okay and I’ve
explained why because you can do gold you just can’t turn in the Bitcoin quick
dollars you got to go through k YC or whatever aetherium is is definitely can
do more than gold can in turn definitely can do more than dollars can and of
course if you gave me a theory if you give me any all court I could turn in
the Bitcoin in one second that’s the glory of the system this golden age that
we’re entering but people some people if they’d miss quote me on that or
something their currents on Adams over he said something good about a case is
about a theory I’m time for the Inquisition kill him yeah so but you
have to actually pay attention just like I was saying before you pay attention to
the words I say and think about it like wait a sec that’s what’s wrong with that
what is that is that a bad thing is he’s just thinking outside the box there is
he Z sinning so and for all of you if a Bitcoin er says anything about an off
point or if he touches an altcoin and then that’s it it’s time for the
Inquisition you could see he’s not a true Bitcoin er at that point time to
torture him think about the future here and I’ve said this before and don’t get
emotional about this but we did have 90% Bitcoin dominance okay for all you
people who care about market cap Bitcoin could be its it could be worth and this
would be great okay did I’m not saying is it gonna happen but the market cap
for Bitcoin could be worth 9 trillion dollars and that means the market
capture the all points would be one trillion dollars all right everyone
would be a winner there so many people think this is a zero-sum game so many
people think the all-comers are gonna go away and if you don’t say the all coins
are gonna go away that you’re some trainer and but think logically there do
the math that I just gave you out there right now the whole crypto Percy market
is what is it I mean it was a hundred I don’t know it’s less than 200 billion
right the whole proof no currency market so if all points alone could be one
trillion dollar market cap all sorts of all coins could thrive there do you have
to like play around with them do you know you don’t big point is the next
Bitcoin but there can be Bitcoin is the winner it’s the winner but it’s not a
winner-take-all here okay other there gonna be other little
winners out there okay am I gonna gamble and worry about the no not enough do
people should people innovate over there is it a sin to innovate over there and
to give out your innovation to us the greatest holders of all time and say
encouraged more Bitcoin people to hold there’s nothing wrong with that at all
and you shouldn’t get triggered by it you shouldn’t join the Bitcoin
Inquisition because of it and you know there are a lot of dudes out there on
Twitter who jump into these bitcoin Inquisition Inquisition and when they
when they do this stuff I just I don’t pay attention to that stuff and you know
what I still follow them I just because they’re saying stuff that I think is
ludicrous and emotional and hateful doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop paying
attention to the smart stuff they say okay because as I said there are many
people that I read their Twitter accounts and I treat them like blogs
okay I treat them like blogs sometimes they say things that I totally
but I’ve learned a lot from some of those people that believe in this strict
Bitcoin orthodoxy you get sent to the Inquisitor if you’re seeing anything
wrong okay there I I say be productive people be positive people don’t join
these bitcoins inquisitions but I’m just pointing it out there and I’m just
giving you examples of things that I’m saying that does that that that might
that could be misinterpreted totally but if you just don’t get emotional you
don’t get you know get your fire and your pitchfork and your brimstone here
whatever and you just think about fairly a second he’s not saying anything a bad
is he he still nope one Bitcoin equals Wychwood he’s still sticking with his
base core beliefs make a new video every day buy Bitcoin hold the Bitcoin as long
as possible collect the crypto dividends turn them
in the Bitcoin Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin alright so here is equate anyway
we got roaming to said do you think this is the start of a battle over privacy I
said that on yesterday’s show Roman cube that was what I said on
yesterday’s show I that was an exact thing I think this is that the privacy
battle is starting it clearly as people have a lot of different takes on what
privacy means to them okay so I said check out yesterday sorry I said that
yesterday um it says tone days is in the chat no he’s not total babies isn’t here
he stole a– he still love i’m look i just you just made me look dude they
were you rolling me there no he’s he’s still probably really busy you know
cleaning up and las vegas hey thanks for coming on the cops code
thank you very much sorry I didn’t see you there is a chat man you guys it’s
great to see tone here man it is great to see tone there did Joe did you see
did you did you see a trace handing out why was there a tone was so stressed at
the beginning oh my god it was but I mean he’s putting on a big
show he’s putting on a huge show there it was it was a really good time and
there was all you know yeah and again John says he heard the next he heard the
next day that something happened all right so great to see you here tone and
I you be back on the show soon enough and keep
keep doing what you’re keeping real keep being real out there man all right and
broma chooses I wouldn’t roll you Adam thank you thank you for not trolling me
roaming Q all right so uh what let’s finally what do we have here now this is finally vaporware so this is
from block block native since the dawn of time we have seen 3.1 billion
blockchain transactions 37% of them of those 1.1 billion happened in 2019 alone
ok so obviously a lot of them were aetherium ones and some were probably
nonsense but a lot of people say this whole cryptocurrency think bitcoin is
just vaporware it’s just like no one’s doing anything those were real
transactions that they had financial value 3.1 billion over 10 11 years and
37% of them just happened in 2019 so it’s growing
it isn’t vaporware it isn’t fake P there’s real value behind all of this
and you know some of the off point stuff is obviously nonsense some of it was
just trading off points sending them back and forth whatever theory um hacks
who knows but yeah it’s not vaporware people that that’s and this tweet links
to an article that goes like talks about aetherium or something like that so I
didn’t even read the whole thing I was just inspired by dak that huge number
there so for your buddies out there they go through this fake it’s paper where
you just say that you know 3.1 billion transact blockchain transactions and you
know I don’t like the term blockchain but and and I get a lot of it was
Bitcoin there’s a whole graph there I think it’s the specific numbers it’s
real dude town that like button bang that valve on
thanks a lot dudes i am adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister
remember to subscribe this channel like this video share this video check out
the links below i will say hi to everybody in the chat right now and
again check out the earlier today I’m in motion you’ll get a new one
tomorrow new show every day that is part of the system see ya bye