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yet did I say yes it’s December 11th but it might be already December 12th where
you are who knows now I feels like I didn’t say the date I
don’t know no I did say no remember all right so it’s 2019 though we’re almost
in that promised year so square crypto grant recipient okay
square they’re part of Twitter which is part of a public company or they’re
related to Twitter you get the drift Jack Dorsey okay here’s a quote from
square crypto and they’re talking about this these grants they get out the grant
recipient is a guy or a person an entity named Z m n SCP XJ has been and this
guy’s clearly anonymous no one knows who he is he might be in Asia or something
like that has been part a part time contributor to lightning and C lightning
for two years with this grant he’ll be able to leave behind his day job of 14
of 14 years and go full-time on lightning and Bitcoin this is the first
financial support he’s received for his Bitcoin works so okay that’s nice
corporation is paying people to be Bitcoin people have Bitcoin jobs do
Bitcoin research be innovative work on the Lightning Network etc etc okay be
developers and there’s the word I was looking for but what’s really cool about
this no one knows who this dude is so before Bitcoin there was no way for this
guy to be compensated this is a public company again is it really Twitter this
paym it’s it’s square a big company a company is paying a dude they don’t know
who he is to work for them and you you can’t do
that really any other way I mean every without like even with mean you can hand
them cash but this guy’s totally at these anonymous he’s doesn’t want to
meet people you can’t do PayPal because he has to say who he really is with
PayPal so this is the innovation here the glory here oh it’s great that
they’re paying a worker you know if they want to if they want to give up their
precious Bitcoin to help the Bitcoin lightning Network ecosystem great that’s
their business but it’s really cool that people now can get paid and you don’t
have to know who the heck they are and that a big company is doing this so in
the future other big companies hey it’s there certainly a path there they’re
there they’re sent in the inspiration let’s let’s see if other people do that
I think that’s pretty cool news and some people between about it and acts
desk I think actually had an article about I didn’t read it but I get my
stuff from Twitter pal that like button alright I was going through some old
cards of mine and I found this dude uh that I met in Prague in 2015 I mean four
years ago now I mean that’s over four years ago it was in the spring of 2015 I
was at a my second event I ever attended my second Bitcoin event ever and a lot
of it you know a lot of people talking about gambling back then I remember but
this one guy his name’s Mark kenigsberg and he worked for a different company
back then I just looked him up and there I see now he is in charge of a company
or he’s founder of a company called coin janitor and I licked a coin Jenner’s
website and their Twitter account before coin janitor janitor is cleaning crypto
and recycling lost value by buying failed projects and dead coins now this
reminded me I have said in the past that eventually there will be corporate
buyouts of coins they’ll be coin mergers so this is kind
of like a first step to doing that now what they do is they have their own coin
that they give to dead coins and this is to add value and it’s a way to
distribute their coin and to give their value their coin value I mean what they
should do is and they say they I think they burn most of the dead coins the
so-called dead coins that they acquire but I think eventually there’ll be ways
of acquiring coins that are sort of dead that you can rejuvenate I don’t they’re
not interested in rejuvenating coins this is this is a first step toward
corporate takeovers of coins and coin mergers and I think that’s all very
exciting I think it’s uh it’s innovation I say let him let him compete let him do
that let’s let the off that’s what all coins are for there’s some weird
innovative stuff like that so good luck the coin janitor I and I I met two dude
the four years ago I put their Twitter when I tweeted this out maybe they’ll uh
maybe you’ll see this I don’t know I think he’s in Israel actually anyway
that’s a interesting idea thought I thought I’d
mention it I don’t like anyone else has done that yet I don’t know but we’ll see
that take it to the next level in the future so for all you bag holders out
there there’s hope isn’t there pound that like button don’t be a bag holder
get get the real thing Bitcoin okay Matt Odell has a tweet that says sad to see
crypto deleted targeted and banned fortunately you can still catch the feed
at telegram and that’s linked to in the tweet maybe worth building out a proper
site for it that used to be an account called crypto deleted on Twitter I
thought it was awesome it he or the the person behind it would find tweets that
were quickly deleted by people in crypto that were quite embarrassing and he
would resurrect them and take screenshots and retweet the screenshots
and so I mean some of them were pretty heinous say the least and it was a great
service I thought I thought was a great service for the people I don’t delete my
I don’t delete my tweets but there’s some people they’ll put something up
there they think it’s good then they’ll start getting bad feedback on it and
they’ll take it down after an hour and then it’s like they never did it but
this guy was holding them to account so I thought that was good but he got
deleted for some reason and on a related note Jack Dorsey you know I don’t think
Jack Dorsey knows what I don’t know I think he’s kind of distant toward what’s
exactly going on at Twitter he’s got grander dreams for it and I’m
gonna talk about it on Saturday he’s got this decentralized social media platform
dream and he’s hiring people to work on it that what I just described getting
rid of crypto delete it isn’t exactly him being targeted I wouldn’t call that
decentralized and some open platform but but whatever he Jack Dorsey’s working on
something and perhaps he’ll find a way to incorporate cryptocurrency into it I
I wouldn’t doubt it I’ll talk more about that on Saturday because even though
people are writing about it throughout crypto Twitter or Bitcoin Twitter and
coin desk and everything it really hasn’t been directly connected to
cryptocurrency yet but uh anyway so speaking of coin desk I mentioned that
corn Jessica wrote about that they do have a good article out out there today
and it is the very definition of censorship resistance if you don’t
understand the Bitcoin is censorship resistant if you don’t know what that
means you’ve read this article cryptocurrency is most useful for
breaking laws and social constructs so it lists all sorts of things you could
do with your Bitcoin I’m not going to name these things but apparently a lot
of people are doing them some of them involve wrong you know get getting
around sanctions we can talk about that but some of them I’m not gonna talk
about about it and yeah that that’s the very very distant definition of
censorship resistance you can’t stop it you might it might be prohibited from
from doing certain things you know coin if you were doing it with PayPal they
would shut you down you would be censored they would pull the transaction
back but with the Bitcoin uh-huh that that’s why people use it that are doing
this type of things it it can’t be stopped so read the article some people
were like why why are you saying bitcoin is for lawbreakers well it’s for
everyone but he’s just lawbreakers can use it people who follow the law can can
use it maybe it’ll change some laws if if it gets some industries in motion
that are currently in the gray area who knows so interesting article good
article by coin desk there it’s getting some good reviews out there and I
thought it was I love the censorship resistant aspect
of Bitcoin it is the very the articles very definition a sense the censorship
resistance or it explains it okay do you are a are a 803 G says do you
think lightning is so private exchanges will refuse to work with it like they
are delisting Manero no because they’re already starting to use it I there was
an I mentioned it on a recent show I forgot which
was a bit Phenix it is doing it now but Phoenix is using lightning transactions
so no I know I don’t think it’ll get my narrowed I don’t think that’ll happen
and I owe that and they’re always and the thing if they keep on delisting
Manero that more and more people will buy it at bisque and bisque will grow
and grow because last time I checked it’s been a while
manera was the most popular coin act at bisque which is a pretty much
decentralized exchanged all right we got another question here thanks for the
question keep on asking Roman Q says become what
my stylist part is that even if the government tried to Foursquare to
reverse the payment there is nothing that they can do Bitcoin is irreversible
yes yes it is that that is true that is true if they said well wait a second I I
mean I don’t know why the government well yet you give it here as the
government said well you’re a company is now paying someone they don’t know who
it is we don’t like that you can’t do that and no they they can’t stop that
it’s too late the guy got paid yeah all right good point
so there was a comment in my comment section and I read the comments and he
says if coinbase ever has a problem or shuts down that would be the end of
crypto anyway so I don’t mind keeping it on that exchange I strongly disagree
with that dude but he is giving I think people think that I think there are
people that think that cool base is too big to fail if corn-based failed o bring
down all cryptocurrency and Bitcoin that is not true there is no company that is
that powerful in the space there is no company that it so don’t don’t don’t
give me that excuse that’s why you’re keeping your coins at coin base and not
at not on your trays or you that evidence if it was true then you would
have a point but it’s not true man it is it’s not true at all that if coinbase
went down Bitcoin would carry on therapy oh there would be panic there a panic if
there was a coin base hack the price would go down temporarily but Vic
disappear cryptocurrency definitely wouldn’t disappear what now if Bitcoin
if there was some fatal flaw in Bitcoin then there would be no more
cryptocurrency there maybe you’re getting confused with that one but there
will be no Flatow fatal flaw in Bitcoin there will not be and cryptocurrency
will continue we are entering that golden age baby 19 days until until the
and the end of the decade and the beginning of the 2020s oh yeah you know
I’m pumped up for the 2020s this is our decade people so but but I will say this
the guy who’s mentioned coinbase going down and bringing down all the
cryptocurrency there are people who agree with you that there definitely are
there they’re people out there they just they they haven’t lit seen what I’ve
seen they haven’t lived through this we’ve seen other exchanges go have hacks
and everything Bitcoin is has is immune to that stuff it has been tested in many
different ways where it can eat it’ll easily bounce back now I don’t want to
see coinbase fail I do not want to see it fail I don’t want to see it at but if
something catastrophic happened the coin base I mean there’d be many bad articles
everything we could and there would be all sorts of speculators selling selling
selling trying to pick up Bitcoin for cheap it would be a very it would be a
good buying opportunity I’ll put it that way so there’s a tweet about one are
there I don’t know who to Alistair know as announced or it was well panda
tweeted out this here it is Russian darknet marketplace Hydra is
selling 49% of the project to raise funding so a darknet marketplace is
having an IC o—- and people are going to buy this thing
do you see the problem here I mean they they’re already on the other side of the
law okay what why would this just be their exit scam you have no why do you
have reason to believe that they’re just not like taking the money and running I
mean they’re already selling all sorts of illegal stuff on there why would they
just take it to the next level it wouldn’t really be the
next level hey give us a lot of money we’re gonna improve everything nope they
just disappear with the money so ICO for a darknet based business some
people were like ooh I want to get it too big they will get money thrown at
them and I I mean I hope people don’t get ripped off but I would think there’s
a really high chance of getting ripped off ah darknet ICO
think long and hard about that because there been other icos that are around
supposedly legitimate projects and they rip everyone off so I mean this is yeah
this is dark net dark net ICO they don’t really go together they shouldn’t keep
it simple people Bitcoin and and this thing if you own Bitcoin and you like
darknets guess what Bitcoin benefits from these darknets I
said what they’re using that’s what they’re using on the dark on the dark
that the dark net market places I should say Bitcoin benefits from dark net
market places it’s that’s just the way it is we can’t stop people from using
Bitcoin for doing shady things I mean you can’t stop people from doing stuff
with the shady things of cash either so if that makes you feel better
pound that like button and I got an interesting email DM from someone interesting ra8 or 3g says if coin best
fails Bitcoin goes to the moon everyone would have to rebuy like Silk Road
seizure well yeah they’re a real dude well it would be interesting to see what
happens definitely III don’t want it to happen okay that’s all right someone
said JW is a legend yeah he’s a legend we’ll see we’ll see how that goes on uh
on Friday it’s been a little while since he’s been on the show hasn’t it all
right remember tweet this out people I am Tech ball te CHP alt on Twitter
retweet it we’re gonna be talking about Twitter in a second there a guy sent me
a DM and this is a good guy I’m gonna read you the whole thing I just
experienced something that I thought you would
kick out without naming names I work for a very large corporation today the CEO
of the corporation held a live broadcast town-hall meeting and watched and it was
watched by all employees of the company around the world he went on to talk
about future plans and direction of the company and I kid you not
blockchain the and I kid you not the man could not keep the word blockchain out
of his mouth blockchain this blockchain that with the use of block with the use
of lock chain etc now there was plenty of things he said that had nothing to do
with blockchain but Adam the way he kept throwing around those buds buzzwords you
always talk about this is the CEO of this huge company
he was absolutely clueless about what he was saying the 80 percenters hundred
around me were just eating all this garbage up of course he never went into
any detail about blockchain just kept throwing the word blockchain around of
course for the Q&A at the end time ran out before he could answer any questions
regarding blockchain what a joke nothing surprising I just thought you would get
a kick out of this Adam this is really happening out there I can only imagine
this is going on with other large institutions as well again thank you for
all you do and that last part there I can only imagine this is going on within
other large institutions as well you better believe in that and it’s just
it’s just getting started they’re confused they’re they’re dead
they want their own intranet don’t learn the hard way and eventually it’ll take
them in the right direction I think it’s good that a lot of people are throwing
around the word the buzzword watching in big corporations because that’s the
first step in understanding that you gotta you gotta get the real thing and
that’s Bitcoin don’t don’t get obsessed with your internet with making your own
blockchain for for your company and then just you know thinking you’re just using
blockchain and meetings thinking your stock price is gonna go up or some
miracle is gonna happen it’s it’s a way to uh it’s the first step in learning
about Bitcoin so I think it’s a very good story alright we were talking about
we’ve talked about Twitter handles already that
that unfortunately one guy kicked got kicked out whatever the the erased where
whatever it was called erased tweets that that dude I just forgot I don’t I
haven’t written down I’m not gonna scroll I forgot his name already but I
noticed when I when you retweet me people or when you reply to me when you
do whatever on Twitter when you send me messages I take note of the crap that
the handles and I think some are very memorable and some of them are very good
for various reasons and I gotta tell ya there’s one I’ve noticed a couple times
now I finally reached out to the guy his and he’s linked to below his name is the
gay trader and at first I thought well maybe this
guy is just trolling yours no he is the day trader he’s the gay trader and I was
just like that is a pretty good day because it’s a weed out name it’s a
total weed out name you you you see the gay trader around are you mature and
you’re like okay to gay trader okay it seems like it’s got some good tweets
there or you want to lose 80% types that are just like you you know you say X Y Z
you just insult them right away yeah you did you know just chat childish type of
stuff to the game trader and so III DM the guys they may you got you have
really good name there I said have you gotten any trouble for me so yeah a
little bit a little bit of problems you know but not as much as he expected so
it is definitely a weed out name he’s a with that name he’ll be able to tell
who’s who’s serious who’s a mature person and if he ever gets really big
and I hope he does you’ll be able to tell who’s mature and who’s not the way
they reply to him if they take it to the that that level of insult yeah I think
you can imagine but yeah good luck to the gay trader if he’s looking to below
and I would have say so he’s a weed out named during another weed out year yes
2019 was definitely a weed out year just like 2018 and well did quite a few
people get weeded out of the Bitcoin space in 2019
just like 2018 but dude if you’re still here
you got a strong freaking hand so as we get closer to to new decade starting as
I get relaxed in Tucson over the next it’s not very relaxing right now getting
out of Baltimore I will tell you that I got a couple things to do still but
we’ll talk about the the weed out year that was so everyone i’m adam meister
the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister um I want to say bit barefoot Barry said
one thing here I lost to Bitcoin to 2017 on I cos learnt my lesson the hard way
I’ll never do that again from then on it’s been DC a bitcoin
strong hand there you go he got he did get weeded down twenty
eighteen and nineteen he learned the way he learned from this from the ICO uh
mess alright so yeah I’m the bitcoinmeister disrupt meister that was
bit barefoot berry he’s in New Zealand I shall return one day hopefully you never
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