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here so I’m really happy I noticed that
I’m at 11,000 subscribers it’s an honor
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just spread the word about the dividend
coin and I’m really proud to be at
11,000 because I did it my way no fancy
center graphics no IPO ico pumps or IPO
pumps I don’t get into that thing no
selling out
just pure buy-and-hold that’s what this
channel is about about long-term
thinking it’s a channel for the 20% for
the people who want to be elite who the
people you know people who celebrate six
you don’t look down upon success for
positive people I mean I try to help the
other 80% out there but I’m not gonna
put up like shiny things to attract them
or just talk about every altcoin and say
they’re great when they’re not great I’m
gonna be me so this is the tip of the
sword people and you know thank you so
onward to 12,000 onward to $12,000 for
Bitcoin baby all right so I think this
show if I is going to be divided the two
sex sections here the crypto Givaudan
section and the rest so what’s up with
the crypto dividends what’s up with the
total value of Bitcoin plus its first
crypt of dividend B – well it’s certain
off $4,800 combined right now the next
crypto dividend that everyone’s
expecting is the 2x crypto dividend
that’s supposed to appear in November
maybe they’ll move it up maybe they’ll
be others beforehand who knows pound
that like button people hello we got a
lot of live viewers show so if you and
by the way if any of you out there any
people listening are creating any type
of crypto dividend whether it be for big
point for litecoin just email me at Adam
at trey’s or help calm and this is going
to be the place where you want to make
your announcement where if you’re doing
one of these things this latest thing in
the cryptocurrency ecosystem you come to
me I’ll get you on the show we can talk
about it we can analyze what you’re
trying to do what the reasons are and
what your expectations and when you’re
going to do it and what exchanges you
have a you know made some deals with
here because the only way you can really
distribute your crypto dividend is if
you’ve got some deals with some
exchanges and for those of you wondering
about creep of dividends go back to my
Saturday morning show
click click on it watch the whole show
you’re off you understand what I’m
talking about
so what’s what’s the title of this of
this video that we’re I’m doing right
now oh yeah it coin becomes much more
attractive because of pivot ins like B –
well yes we catch is a crooked dividend
that’s all it is and people holders and
it is to know that they can buy a coin
that will keep it will that will produce
them more coins without them even
worrying about that coin like every once
in a while though here in the news hey
you have a dividend you have a crypto
dividend that’s been created by some
people for whatever reason they’re not
gonna care why let me most people when
an altcoin is created you people deserve
a no no no people don’t know so it is
that it’s a it’s a nuri it’s added value
to holding it makes holding lucrative
very more much more lucrative than it
already is it’s already as lucrative
trust me but it makes you know some
people think holding so boring well this
takes the boredom out of holding doesn’t
it you all of a sudden you’re like oh
look at this then just made uh something
that’s well I’m not gonna I don’t want
to be I’m not going to call if they ever
called there I don’t like when crypto
dividends call themselves Bitcoin
something that’s not cool so we’re
always gonna think of little nicknames
for them not nicknames their real names
pound that like button for be cash
finger crypto dividend and 2x all right
and so please spread the word about this
I mean we are doing some great work here
people I really love the feedback people
have given me about the term crypto
dividend it’s spreading all over Twitter
now it’s it’s it’s Simon Dickson mention
it we’re going to get to that in a
that’s news right there but there are
other big players and stuff that are
talking to me about it and I’m pleased
I’m I’m really pleased and I just see
this as a beginning of something pretty
cool so all right what do we got here oh
this dude I linked all chat that the
notes section below
Medlock coins a Twitter guy and I wrote
something really luck really check out
those sex
below today was I broke this big long
paragraph just out of the blues I was
cut some thoughts to put down so a
little bit of a little bit of bonus down
there but know this one dude he says the
Roman successfully marketed me Denarius
after 50% of its silver content was
removed dividend crypto equivalent
Theory history rinds yes
you’re absolutely right because people
they don’t I mean people don’t care
about fundamentals people people don’t
care about you know they’re just they’re
going to buy up these crypto dividends
when the other people are going to be
giving them for free for free we can
scream to the rooftops dude just own
Bitcoin you’re gonna get your free
crypto dividend do so but no they buy it
just like they buy be cash now just like
they thought oh this silver coin which
is half folks silver point now is it’s
just as good I’ll just I’ll just be
happy with it
it’s it’s only the 20% to speak up it’s
only a 20% who’s who think it’s only the
20% that try to get out of the system
and just create you know create
alternative ways of of increasing their
wealth so and it’s only the 20% who are
able to even hold and be patient and
think long term
so I also linked to below a site called
for lol and no b2x org people that are
interested in forks and fork is another
name for a dividend obviously but we’re
not using that anymore because they’re
people people people buy on holders they
don’t know all these people come from
the gold they don’t know about for from
anything they don’t want to hear about
technicals they want to know what’s in
it for them if I hold Bitcoin what am I
gonna get am I gonna get a fork or I’m
gonna get a dividend in so there you go
but check but some people do have
questions about that stuff so check out
those links below they did mention you
notice people on other shows keep on
mentioning for lol and they say it so
fast I don’t understand
with their sake maybe baby my baby my
hearings going bad I don’t know but all
right we got a lot of people over there
to chat by the way oh so I did not there
someone gave me something in the chat
Denis Turk your thoughts on me Oh if you
don’t mind
well Dennis that was it’s very polite
that you asked me that way and I really
thank you that might be Australian $5.00
are you in Australia Dennis
I if you are I won’t sit okay but I
don’t I don’t know about those altcoins
on this show I don’t we don’t talk about
altcoins here only top-tier altcoins and
that altcoin I don’t believe is it I
think was that one that one that has
something to do with China yeah Annie oh
isn’t has something to do with China
okay look here I’ll give a little this
is actually something that I should say
and I said this when I speaking at
Google the other day um it’s like oh
there’s a always a flavor of the month
in the altcoin land I’ve been around
this space since 2013 which is a very
long time
apparently who’s most people really
bitter about for two months or so it
seems like but there’s always a new
flavor of the month in off coin land and
boy they might have been like the flavor
of the six every six months back in the
day now it’s just like every two weeks
there’s a new one well anyway they
usually revolve around a keyword that
like people can jump on like China so
this one has something to do with China
so everyone’s like oh it’s also that
China is making in aetherium or whatever
it is and I could be getting this one
confused but my point is is that there’s
no you know there’s no base behind it
there’s no fundamental base behind any
of this but that’s my point about
everything these days in the space so
there’s gonna be a lot of people pumping
that clean up blindly so if you want it
you know if you wanna the only way you
can get that thing though is if you buy
so you’ll be risking your precious
Bitcoin on that and that’s something I
don’t recommend but on the other end
we’re in this new crypto dividend world
people are making all coins out of
Bitcoin like be cash and they’re being
distributed to people like me who hold
Bitcoin so and then people who like you
know coins like neo who just buy
whatever’s trendy they go and buy the be
cash even though I tense up don’t buy
the be cash don’t buy the steam they
still do it over and over and over again
and it just makes people like me who do
nothing who just hold Bitcoin and then
get these free crypto dividends from
doing nothing it just makes us wealthier
thanks to others people being impulsive
and just people who just follow these
trends and people who are part of the
80% basically the they say 80% fuels to
20% wealth
okay now that and I’m not there’s some
people in the 80% who go back into the
20% sometimes but there is a hardcore
group of people in the 80% who will just
doodle make the worst decisions be very
impulsive be gamblers and I mean I can’t
stop them so that’s a little bit of it
and again I thank you I thank anyone you
know who wants to give to the super shat
there and I thank you for supporting the
show thank you very much for that all
right so where was I in the middle of
the show I think I actually was gonna
bring up the super chat I had it ready
I’ll bring up the super chat and so I
just did that thank you but I also I’m
bringing up my computer my consultancy
you can ask me any we can set up an hour
appointment I help people through their
cryptocurrency problems obviously we’re
gonna be getting um you know we I can
advise you what to do with your crypto
dividend we can we talk about anything
cryptocurrency we can also talk about
how to be a more positive person point
one Bitcoin in our email me and amateurs
or help calm to set up your trees or it
cost I help you sell your shoes or it
cost 0.15 Bitcoin and then Daniel here
has sent it says a $5 is that Australian
five time I am I just like mister mean
this anyway he says bitcoinmeister
please I urge you to look at D
our Denarius coin Denarius dot io it’s
20 times faster than Bitcoin top 20
currency it’s okay so this guy is paying
me five bucks to say his thing out loud
so that’s kind of like an advertisement
that he’s doing like it I didn’t mean to
do is I mean I would never I have no
idea what that dude is talking about
there but I did read your thing Daniel I
I don’t know what Denarius coin is it
might be a joke even because you might
not even try to choke me I’m breathing
stuff so fast the IOP Denarius was
obviously with the Romans um what we
were talking about before that the
Romans made this kept on devaluing the
coin and I think the guys is making a
very good joke there I hope so at least
so uh yeah you got me and that is a very
very funny joke actually so very good
very good job who was that Daniel that
did that Daniel and you know what I
think Daniel might be the one to do the
tweet and I did it anybody not anybody
that meant it
he might not bet the fool me there for a
second anyway okay that’s funny that’s
funny it’s good stuff all right what
else did we say here okay I was gonna I
was gonna mention something that I left
in my comment section I will leave that
for next time a great program I’m
landrum so yeah crypto dividends it’s
gonna be like that the next iceo crazy I
mean I probably not to that extent but
again people pile onto these ideas they
don’t think okay miners I wanted to
point out that the miners out there you
know you people are like oh then they’ve
made agreements they’ve done this that
and the other miners don’t care about
ideology at all in in this battle you
know in the big blockers they’re not
that many big blockers out there but
some of them are miners obviously but a
lot of bit of big Walker’s that you see
on Twitter and stuff they have an
ideology they believe in stuff but the
players behind all this stuff they don’t
have ID Allah says it scared about money
they just care about money these miners
so don’t you know try to give them a
rationale like there’s a logic the logic
is money and make king of the trolls he
might he might have some ideology but
it’s a flawed ideology and he probably
just cares about money too I mean who
knows I’m gonna put words in it
King you’re speeding pills we’re gonna
talk about him in a second and it’s
really unfortunate news someone just
gave 10 bucks here
I’m gonna have to read what that is
about now hang on who gave me 10 bucks
God we’re getting all these Douglas
Wilson Adam your thoughts on dividends
applying to tokens on Bitcoin when
rootstock gets implemented current
example oh my oMG tokens are planned to
be issued to eat older okay now this is
a complex question it’s a complex
question so you’re gonna be able to
create these from rootstock you’re gonna
be able to do what they do with the
theory right with a video creating the
tokens and everything so let’s just look
let’s ignore the rootstock that part
because I said if he can’t can you for a
token is that possible it can kind of
token before it no I can’t it I don’t
know fuck it no I know I know Canada
okay this is an interesting question
Canada consult no no I don’t think I’m
Matt maybe what you’re asking also is if
I I think maybe this is what you’re
asking if bit if people keep on for
people stop forking Bitcoin when you can
for sorry so people stop forking Bitcoin
when they can make these to build these
tokens on top of it I believe that’s
what you’re probably trying to ask me
better and that’s a good question
that is a good question
the same thing though because you if you
make a token on top of Bitcoin you have
to the only way you’re going to get that
token is if you buy the token now
remember with the crypto dividend the
way you get it is you can buy it which I
would not advise doing don’t buy be cash
or you just did you get it by holding
Bitcoin by being a holder so there’s a
difference and here Daniel goes again
take back what you said and left about
DNR is real crypto it’s called the
nearest coin don’t laugh at me until you
read the white paper scroll please
darius not and you bet dude that cannot
be real I don’t think if I don’t have
time to click on it afterwards Daniel I
don’t know what’s going on do you yeah
I’ll have to leave something in the
comments section but thank you for the
dirt I do thank everyone for your
support pal map like button pound that
like button he says to go to Denarius
that I owe so I can’t go there right now
because I’ve been through the show right
now all right so we’re skipping stuff
here August 24 segue party countdown
there’s a link to that there’s gonna be
a segue party are you excited about
segwayed I mean we’re gonna have some
crazy price action well it’s you know
it’s just a long you know it’s great
it’s gonna it’s gonna be here stuff but
you know long-term thinking you know if
the price goes up this week it goes up
he goes down whenever 2020 baby and
again people when I say 20 to 20 I’m
talking about the 2020 happy I’m not
selling all my coins at 2020 I might
have sell any coins at 2020 I want you
guys to have a long-term goal all right
I have a client at 11 p.m. tonight too
so I gotta get through the show
so I link it below to a Simon Dixon
tweet the great Simon do before I leave
the great side of Dixon people that big
thumb exchange i link to the 8 coins of
bit thumb below that’s that korean
exchange that keeps on pumping up random
coins you probably should be familiar
with what eight coins they have there
just in case you
need to know such information and again
I’m justifying holder of bitcoins so
this trading thing I think’s nonsense
and it’s good it’s good to see Paul in
the chat today good to see you Paul
Paul is from Baltimore what he lived in
Baltimore at a time and I was he’s on
from Baltimore’s many know Haley so yes
I’m a Dixon awesome link awesome tweet I
mean I might to it below I really like
tech ball thinking about Bitcoin tech
bolts me I ran out of sauce a I really
like Adams thinking about Bitcoin hard
Forks being dividend I will mention this
and credit Adam on my CNBC interview
this week next week she’s me that’s this
coming week so that is also simon is
going to be on CNBC which is a cool
thing in itself he’s gonna mention the
crypt of dividend he and he’s gonna give
me a shout out now who knows if he’s got
you know it’s gonna be a really short
thing who knows if he’ll really get time
to do it so i appreciate it that out of
the kindness of his heart he is he’s
trying his best to mention it and trying
to is best to say my name i don’t care
if he says my name i it would be awesome
if he mentions crypto dividend all on
CNBC and i angriff he doesn’t I think
it’s awesome that he’s on CNBC because
he’s a great great spokesperson for
Bitcoin so everyone check out that link
below and retweet it just retweet it so
everyone’s happy again people are
catching on to this crypto dividend it
is a real thing and I’m happy should be
talking about in here and stuff so on
another channel on um I was watching the
was it the world crypt of network and
they’re making a mistake over there
they’re going to let king of the trolls
debate again okay so if you wonder who
painting with trolls is if you’ve been
you can figure it I don’t even say the
dude’s name and they’re letting him is
such it’s such a tactical that’s a bad
move because king of the trolls is just
using them he’s going to lose the debate
its to what
gah uh i forgot the guys name is
debating mr. richard he’s a smart guy
richard and guess what richard is gonna
win the debate
richard is gonna win the debate and then
king the controls will say that he won
the debate that came the Charles wanted
the bait and then since eighty percent
of the people out there are newbies or
whatever and I keep going back to this
eighty-two the numbers aren’t that
extreme but all these people jump all
over king of the trolls on social media
say oh yeah he won he won he’s so great
his points are so great and then you
know Mauritian or someone like that in
forbes a road right yes there was a
debate between the big blockers and the
the other people and moments and then
not talking about who won the debate and
just again this is Hugh the trolls just
wants as much attention as possible so
he can speak so he can speak his mind
he’ll do something tactical off of it
and just to get him we’ve already given
him a debate okay he got to be here on
my show it’s but he’s gonna cry about
how he’s being censored don’t give in to
that don’t give in to that kind of
pressure and I don’t know why we’re all
crippled never encrypted why they’re
doing that on that channel because
they’ve already had a it’s a huge
mistake and I can assure you that that
person king of trolls will never be on
this channel again never because what he
wants to do he’s and I’m gonna calm down
here a second what he does with the
trouble he has caused is just it’s
unforgivable unforgivable and to say oh
we don’t want a no platform him okay no
no no no no no no no no there are
certain people you’ve already given a
platform it’s not a no platform so again
let’s keep this positive and happy and
everything and you know what I’m not
scapegoating the dude or anything but he
had any he’s caused some problems for
some people definitely in his face a lot
of a lot of turmoil and you know he
that’s it I think it’s a mistake of huge
mistake to let that do debate hey but if
you want to see if you want to see
debates like that
go over to that channel over there go
over that channel we don’t we don’t do
that here he was on once you can look at
my archives if you want to see what he
has to say but he still says the same
thing these many many many months later
same exact talking points every time so
if your mind listen get convinced by
someone repeating ourselves over and
over and over and over again then go
listen to the king of the troubles he’s
really good at repeating the same thing
over and over again um alright what else
do we have here
alright I was gonna get more I worked at
this dividend thing I had to talk about
this next on via crypto dividend I was
going to people had questions about how
do you receive your 2x did we’ll talk
about that next time and I did get a
request from a great tweeter out there
who’s been posting these but who’s been
put some who’s been posting these great
tweet pictures these means he’s asking
is there anyone out there who can
translate memes and he has really funny
means into Chinese Korean Japanese or
Spanish so you can email me at Avaris or
help calm leave something in the
comments section if you can do this
really if you can if you want to
translate memes into Chinese Korean
Japanese or Spanish we’ve got a guy who
does means and he will use your
translation he will use your and look
and when I’m saying that I see 21
million Club is uh is in the in the chat
he speaks Spanish maybe he’ll want to do
that maybe he’ll want to do that alright
someone says ballin whatup
bitcoinmeister hold you know I don’t
usually look in the chat but I did see
you say bitcoinmeister so cool that’s
cool alright so what are we add here
okay that’s it reward for holders
holding should be lucrative yes
holding is liberated people and it’s now
more lucrative with these crypto
dividends that are just on the way with
thank you be cash and two acts soon
enough we’ll get our 2x crypto dividend
and just its glorification of savings
that’s what what you guys are doing
that’s what these things are that’s what
they boiled and they might have other
reasons why they’re doing making their
coins or whatever but who cares because
it boils down to just the glorification
of saving your Bitcoin you’re getting
these dividends now these crypto
evidence i’m adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister town
that like but remember subscribe this
channel like this video share this video
i make a new video every day and i
didn’t look at myself the whole time i
hope my hair was on screen most of the
time bye bye I’ll see you the chat