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much more efficient that way so bitcoin is not luck VidCon don’t let people tell
you that hell those people are just lucky those people are just lucky here’s
a tweet by relevant Peter shift so no that’s not really Peter shift that’s
relevant Peter Schiff I have a friend that says I got lucky with Bitcoin
across three plus years he’s 40 plus relevant books a hundreds of podcasting
articles in 500 hours of learning Python say differently my pace of learning is
increasing and then he says his friend watches political news all day tell me
again why I’m lucky Oh pound that like button yeah so it is
kind of funny dude the people who watch political news all day which stick is
not really helping them out very much they’re the first ones to say yeah
there’s Bitcoin people it’s just luck no we’re smart that that’s that’s what it
is we weren’t watching political soap operas all day or just soap operas all
day which is I guess worse no that’s probably not that way it’s not that much
worse but yeah we’re productive with our time we are learning and people they
just didn’t talk to talk they walk the walk that is not luck when you’re
walking the walk it took it talks it took some cojones for every single
person to buy Bitcoin when the whole world says pay attention to politics or
stick with the dollar or just don’t don’t do it go getting the risky things
that you don’t understand well we we understood it people took time to
research it some of us took more time than others some of us are still
constantly learning I say always be learning so
always be learning always be watching this show and always remember to know
it’s not luck at yeah Bitcoin it’s smart yeah Bitcoin and tell your friends at
the Thanksgiving table when they they start talking about all their political
insight from watching hours and hours an hour hours or politics say hey check out
this Bitcoin thing see what this thing should be interesting
but hey love your family love your family but sometimes Thanksgiving meals
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oh yeah 62 and a half hour 62 and a half hour fast ended a few hours ago now was
pretty easy it was very easy I had slept stopped a little extra that’s why I went
two and a half hours longer than I had planned but hey guys I’m caught up on
sleep even though I’m up at some ungodly hour all right pound that like button
that trading volume is the highest it’s ever been today
supposedly probably says dog Toshi which was quoting I forgot which there’s a
backed bot on Twitter and then some people said well that volume looks too
high maybe they got it wrong well it looks like it was a little it was the
highest but what does that mean I mean some people that like traditional
mechanisms are playing around with not the real thing okay
Bitcoin futures on back it’s not really the real thing it’s but it’s
financialization of Bitcoin it’s another level of acceptance for the traditional
people okay great your volume is growing you can grow that
volume as much as you want I can grow this hair as much as I want anger this
beard as much as I want but you know what the real thing is well baby this is
the real thing but also bitcoins the real thing so the true volume
for all of you out there is how much Bitcoin you require not how much Bitcoin
is being sort of futurism so how many bitcoins are traded on back
but still we bring it up because not everyone is as hardcore as us that
realizes that you need to have the you need to control your own private key you
can’t play these freakin games interest and futures and I mean nonsense but it
overall it has an effect on the a fiat price etc etc although we only care
about Bitcoin one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin and dudes yeah I checked the
Fiat price like once it for the first time I think was at ten o’clock today
when I turned on this laptop finally it’s been a day I mean I ran today I’m
catching up with some catching up my my suitcase came my suitcase was delivered
at 2:00 p.m. it was fine everything was fine soup cake no nothing was stolen
tsa searched it of course there was the note the traditional note from TSA
because they searched my suitcase most most of the time that’s just life tsa
Adam says Adams Adams 20 year old suitcase is just suspicious to them I
guess alright so speaking of suspicious no he’s not
suspicious has McCook is awesome he is in Australia he has a bunch of videos he
put into a playlist he’s in motion he tweeted it out i retweeted it early
follow me earlier followed and he’s up now too because it’s the middle of the
day and Sydney what time is it it’s actually up it’s like 6:30 in the
evening they’re now on thanks on Thursday it’s not Thanksgiving though
for them although they’re being affected by Thanksgiving was they can tell like
no one is online no one is spending money because all the
Americans are about to get back and drunker watch football all day or do who
knows what I’ll be running in the morning and then going to sometimes give
me thing but hey I know but has to cook it’s a series of videos out there he’s
on he’s talking to some he was at the Baltic a honey badger conference talking
to some people hey check it out if you like Hass I know
a lot of people like Hass and I think Stephin Lovera make some appearances
some other people I didn’t watched all all 12 videos dude I’ve been in motion
but I you’re good pass you’re awesome and I have court check out the check out
a month ago when Hass and I were doing live shows together in Sydney yeah well
now it’s over a month ago five weeks ago time plot nice man time flies I love
Australia those deeds Oh every year the Meister has been going Australia since
2015 the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister alright so here’s a tweet we got
we got all sorts of people oh yeah we got people in there that Barry is in New
Zealand he’s awake I mean it’s almost the end of Thanksgiving day over there
yeah Cameron David said 6:40 p.m. he must be in Sydney because yeah it’s 6:40
p.m. and Sydney I know that so what sit-in in Auckland is it 8:40 p.m. in
Auckland it’s something like that yeah the only people that are in the chat
right now there I don’t think they’re any Americans in the chat right now well
no module module is is he sick he’s in want to give away Cuba I don’t know that
much about the dude I assume he’s in North America what’s up Canada of Canada
is in the house oh yeah rad is in right is in America I
didn’t know you know that where are you in America red tell me let’s make this
personal man I’ve got some intimate followers here today
CST baby oh dude that’s module models up late but not as late as me now
hey remember play this at 2x people who are watching this on tape Happy
Thanksgiving Oh rad is in the Mountain West dude I
cannot wait to be in Tucson Arizona well I’ll be able to sign Arizona starting
December 12th which temporarily is in the Western is in the Mountain Time Zone
it goes back and forth as Arizona is a freak state like Indiana Indiana Arizona
they’re freaky with their time zones what else are there for us
all right now yeah what do we have here David nage who’s been on the show before
have you ever tried going a full day this is a great point here have you ever
tried going full day without using Apple Google or
Amazon ten years ago you could have easily gone a month without using any of
these technology consumer behavior and adoption curves have been fast but they
are dip they are difficult to see in the moment I agree now I I can go quite a
long time without using Amazon or Apple but Google yeah I use Google every
single day obviously you’re doing searches Google is just intertwined with
our life I just you cannot go without using Google every day so the question
is in the 2020s and the golden age by the end of it but by 2029 are you gonna
are you gonna be able to go a day without doing something Bitcoin related
now if they I’m not sure what the answer of that to that is going to be because
it’s – it depends on how intertwined Bitcoin is with mainstream society and
what else is built on top of Bitcoin is there going to be something built on top
of Bitcoin that you’re going to need to have to use every day because the way I
foresee it and I’m satisfied it’s my savings account do I look at my
savings account every day so if a regular person has all their wealth and
Bitcoin their savings account and Bitcoin they’re not going to use it
every day nor will they check the price every day nor will they watch videos
about it every day now of course I’m most likely in 2029
I’ll be making this video maybe you’d have that stuff we think of these videos
I’m checking the price every day because I want to see how freaking rich I am but
but the question is will be intertwined in our life like Google is and what
David says and David thinks this for all of crypto he he’s beyond Bitcoin he’s
been on the show before that he’s just crypto cars he’s going to be just so
very much intertwined with our lives in 20 I don’t put words into his mouth but
there are many people that think it’s gonna be so we’re not gonna be able to
go a day without it and when you’re living in the moment 10 years ago there
15 years ago definitely with Google people would have been able to say no
this thing you won’t be able to live without it with it for a day for an hour
so it’s hard to predict beforehand but I will tell you the
I’ll tell you this in 10 years it will be a very important part of smart people
of long-term thinkers lives ok people who are not impulsive lives who people
who have real assets Bitcoin will be an incredible lis important part of their
lives in 2029 so you know that now you just so many people don’t know that now
I knew that in 2016 clearly I mean I knew that in 2013 when I bought my first
two which was like I on this Wednesday the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was
at my friend my friend’s house a gathering of old high school buddies the
night before Thanksgiving and I was telling them about Bitcoin how like a
week and a half before I just bought two Bitcoin and I bought it for 600 and it
was already up to $900 do you guys remember in late November 2013 how the
price was skyrocketing oh I thought I was a freaking genius and you know what
I really wasn’t I was a big point I was a big point Jesus I’m not saying I’m a
real genius or whatever but I’m good with finances and I didn’t you know I I
thought oh well if it’s that nine hundred a stick at 900 I know I was
wrong with that but I was very smart to be buying it when I was in the 3-digit
realm and I was smart to have a strong hand and not panic sell it once it did
dip up to six hundred to five hundred do all the ridiculous stuff that it did and
I was I was smart to keep on buying just keep on buying and be just along not
being impulsive that that’s that that was my genius there and unfortunately he
it seems like only geniuses are only like the top 20% IQ or are the only
people who are impulsive these days keep up the great work my man hold on Paul F
and he sent 299 Australian dollars thank you thank you dude thank you and yeah
being the top time again you know how to be a genius to be a Bitcoin okay you
could be in the top 20% of our queue you’ll be the top 50% but you just can’t
be a policy all right but it just seems like
so there’s a correlation but but between intelligence and impulsivity there there
there really seems to be mind the gap top of the world
you’d queeg with ik Alaska in the house dude
I am copying that and I’m going to look that up on Google after the show what
are you you’re not near Nome are you or what’s the one at the top
am I getting known confused with Baro or Univera barrows at the top
barrows at the top I was talking God bless my father you know he passed away
a little over a year ago and one of the last things we were talking about I was
telling about a YouTube video on Barrow Alaska and I was I was sue him I said
dad you got to see I think I sent it to him I think I said
does he still I mean I get my father loved Native Americans and that kind of
thing because he grew up in the time when they had the westerns on TV and all
that he loved them I think that’s why we love them but but but obviously in the
Eskimos up there they’re what they’re related to the Native Americans of the
lower part of North America and in a barrow I mean the only the roads aren’t
even paved it’s so freakin cold but they’re there it’s mostly native just up
there Native Alaskans I asked him whatever you
want to call them and yes he’d mind the gap is near Barrow dude do you you were
it’s dark and cold there now you’re not getting a lot of light I really I you
know I attempted to go there one day well I mean I know I’m gonna go to a
Fairbanks one day I and I know that’s not the same thing as Barrow it’s
totally different I’m just I’m the kind of guy I don’t
like getting in little planes but I am I’m just so impressed by the Alaska air
system when you’re on a when you’re out playing going from Seattle to Anchorage
and you see all these guys that are about to transfer to these little play
because Anchorage is this huge hub that serves all those little towns all over
Alaska and that’s why Alaska Airlines is big and well part of the reason that’s
big and many people in East Coast they grew up on the East Coast like me know
nothing about Alaska Airlines because it’s just it does fly the bottom anyway
I went off on a tangent there but hey it’s late
and there’s Alaskans in the house so pound that like button for my people in
Alaska where it definitely still is November 27 happy Thanksgiving to you
guys so let’s go let’s go back to david nage and strong hands up in alaska froze
that gotta be strong they’re like oh my god i’m gonna i can’t i’m gonna look up
your town man that is this kind of very small town Wow I love pioneers man I
that’s my love of Alaska I love people who produce I love the pioneering spirit
the people who was everybody who moved up there there’s hardly anyone that
originated from there in the last 50 years the natives of course are
different but I am for exploration that’s what America was founded on I
want us to explore the Stars and for all the big the long-term Bitcoin holders to
fund the exploration of Venus and Mars perhaps I’ll be doing that a life
extension technologies that’s what that’s what I love Bitcoin it’s we’re on
the frontier of money we are on the frontier of technology this is what I
love this is what I want to do since I was a frickin kid paramount like button
or not what I had done since I was a kid because I’ve been involved with the
internet for quite a while now and stuff and I love I love pioneering I love setting up you know colonization is a
bad word but you know colonizing the planets it’s got a bad aura around but
you guys know what I’m telling the pioneering spirit and so we’re we’re
pioneering online us Bitcoin holders and it’s gonna it’s gonna pay off great just
like the Pioneers who you know settle the LA and never gave up I don’t know if
anybody held along that land in LA since 18-49 but if you did you’re freaking
your family’s freaking not set ken Bozek says happy day bro bro well Kent Bozak’s
on the East Coast and he’s up real late just like me so pal man like fun all
right my pioneers out there my crypto pioneers my Bitcoin pioneers all over
the world you should be really happy today so what do we have here
okay now Jay doorman who also has something to do with that age they work
at the same place innovation requires patience that many in the digital asset
space don’t have and that’s saying a lot that’s an understatement that there are
there are the day traders and speculators but 10 years from now owning
digital assets may seem as obvious as surety printing companies to buy tech
companies Google’s Google’s first home page looked like this and newspapers
were still showing up on everyone’s front door it was hard to place that bet
but those that can see past the present day are generally rewarded handsomely
there you go that sums up basically what I was just
saying and he’s both of these things are linked to below you can see Google’s
original homepage yeah it looks pretty ghetto man no one could have predicted
exactly what it was going to be but eventually people were catching on this
was going to be a big thing and if you’re watching the show right now
you’ve already caught on that bitcoins gonna be a big thing if 10 years from
now this video is gonna be freaking awesome to watch again so let’s uh we’re
talking about Bitcoin let’s talk about crypt crypt of dividends real quick of
course those of you with the insider information and people who love insider
information well they’re the ones who watch this channel because this is home
a big point insider information you’ve note about this member Wimble coin air
drop for a while and you signed up for it and you’re gonna get it on December
11th finally but some people like the miners they are mining it right now it’s
live and they are selling it on this site called hot bit and I checked it out
over the last few days when I was in Australia and today and suddenly the
brand I mentioned before that the price was at a point where you know you’re
getting for it that you get a 1% return on your Bitcoin you did this is by
getting by if you signed up for this crypto give it an air drop at the price
that was going for originally when the miners started selling you’d have a 1%
return on your pick home because you get 40 of these Dorothee
and but but for you know the last few days I’ve been checking it’s been much
lower it’s been yeah it hasn’t been that but again who knows what’s gonna be but
because this is all about price discovery with this this this exchange
this Chinese exchange is showing us but something that I discover today is that
someone out there bought about 3,000 of them about 3,000 of them for a dollar 85
each which translates to again 1% of 1% richer if they if they are worth a
dollar 85 and bitcoins worth what it is today you you will get up and you sell
your member wynnmalone member one will coin on December 11th
you’re gonna get a 1% return on your Bitcoin what and that beats all the
crypto did current crypt of dividends accept the SV and be cash that it’s like
it would be the second best one now is this gonna maintain well it hasn’t
maintained but somebody out there and this is very curious why the heck is
somebody buying 3,000 of them for that price why can’t they just wait to get it
for free why buy anything again for free especially especially now when there’s
you really don’t know what the prices I don’t know what the heck’s going on out
there but hey good for MWC good for us please huh Shep them let that price stay
may it go higher the day that we claim it and sell it and turn it into more
Bitcoin all right so there’s there’s your encrypt of dividend thing of the
day but guess what we’re gonna talk about you know we’re talking about why
buy things that you get for free we’re gonna talk about steam it in a second
why buy steam when you can get it for free now and of course all these are
things are controversial well let’s talk about something that’s really
controversial balle crypto wallet you guys know I had Bobby Lee on the other
day and people are angry because so supposedly they can know your your
private key and and your yeah your recovery suit your recovery see your
private key but ever you want to call it and your passphrase with this this
beginners it’s supposed to be for beginners it’s just the card it’s just
really a paper wallet all right but it’s for but in response to this it
looks like they’ve caught with something called Bitcoin or Pro Ballet Pro and now
you if you get this ballet thing you come up with your own passphrase they
don’t know it no one over there writes it for you you send it to them wait it’s
a little bit more complicated that’s why they’re calling a ballet pro so I guess
it’s not for the ultimate beginner but this answers the I get Bobby Lee check
out the video linked below I thought he did a great job when I interviewed him
explaining what his product is it’s not for everything if you’re gonna be a
hater be a hater but I thought it gave a good answer to if if someone at his
company were somehow get the passphrase or the were to steal someone’s Bitcoin
from one of these wallets it would be the end of this company so it’s not in
his best interest for that to happen so that that’s your that’s your major
insurance with but this is and Bobby Lee even said on you if you’re getting this
product just learn from it and then move your stuff to atrás or when you know how
to do that kind of thing but yeah now even they’ve gone another step here with
the pro and you come up with your own passphrase all right good it’s linked to
below if you want to learn more about it Joseph young tweets about the 342,000
aetherium was stolen at least it was from this up bit in Korea this exchange
it was sent to an unknown wallet up it says it will cover with corporate funds
the 51 point three million dollars in losses why they just asked the theorem
for a bailout it says only a theory on was stolen by the way only aetherium was
involved in this irregular transaction are okay a regular transaction hack
whatever you want to call it people it’s not worth the risk is to keep your coins
on an exchange this is gonna keep on happening it was it the ninth one of the
year of a major exchange was an inside job was the hag was it who knows what it
was did or is everyone really going to get them stuck get
coins back well they say they are are they running a fractional reserve
operation if they are able to bail everyone out I don’t know there’s
there’s no real transparency at these exchanges do what you’re gonna do so
speaking about exchanges getting hacked remember quadriga the Canadian one that
the guy the owner ran off with some money or he died or he’s in India or
maybe he’s alive or I I don’t know and I don’t really care about the entire soap
opera well that’d be fair yes that’d be fair of all magazines out there just
came out with an article the strange tale of Quoddy quadriga Gerald cotton
Darryl cotton is the founder and I did not read the whole thing I’m not reading
a soap opera thing piece why I’m pointing this out is because then if
there is not and not a magazine you think it’s gonna write about Bitcoin and
cryptocurrency you need they covered it and again they’re covering it because of
the drama but it’s interesting more mainstream knowledge out there regular
more traditional magazines talking about this and I didn’t see anybody in big on
Twitter I didn’t see anybody on Bitcoin Twitter talk tweeting this out I I just
happen to find this magazine article on a computer I turned on and it just had a
recommended some people it won’t name names I was on someone else’s computer
and they have their computer set up when you open up Firefox it’s got all these
squares that pop up that recommend articles based on I guess what you
search for on there and this one had a Vanity Fair sort of Bitcoin article
anyway I found out about it I try to give you information that no one else
knows about oh look web city is in the house of
course he is I expected him to because he’s in Seattle and can you buy a
Bitcoin anonymously and safely yeah on the street well that’s not too safe is
it um yeah you could buy an honestly yeah
you can the decentralizing a bisque a bisque you
can but for cash no then you can’t buy for cash there if you buy it for all
coins there anonymously and safely where can you do for cash and honestly and
safely not with American dollars in by not in America with American dollars on
some exchange you have to do it in person
someone’s gonna correct me on that oh yeah I could do the ear it’s not
anonymous I mean through tradition through American exchanges they all
there’s all sort of kyc on that stuff I mean you gotta just meet some dude and I
see you just tell some dude am meeting you in the bank
I’ll bring cash you gave me the Bitcoin he’s not gonna Jack you in a bank or
anything like that I’m not recommending something like that
but if you’re asking you can buy it anonymously with with bisque without
without US dollars but in other countries you can do and a Bitcoin ATM
in certain countries you can do it anonymously so yeah you know if you’re
an American you just go to some country with a Bitcoin ATM that doesn’t have kyc
under a certain amount you get their currency you turned your dollars in
their currency and then you you put their the whatever Israeli shekels I
don’t think I think Israel they are fake hey I see you up not actually I think
under a certain amount in Israel I don’t think you’re kyc someone in Israel
correct me on that I don’t know as everyone can tell I haven’t done that I
have no experience buying Bitcoin anonymously nope not at all yeah and yes
sir yes when I sell my Bitcoin I will be paying taxes over a Bitcoin of course um
yeah I got I got it all coinbase I don’t care that I don’t care the IRS knows I
don’t care at all but I guess there’s some people for the people who care yeah
you gotta take some extra steps up there you gotta go go do it like Tom Basden in
a dark alley in Staten Island or just do what I said with the UH with the well
here’s a good thing here here not an anonymous way to get big coin do
you know most someone’s lawn and say pay me and Binkley do a job for someone and
to say pay me and Bitcoin there you go you got some Bitcoin anonymously that
way because for people I’ll still think it’s it’s the person who paid you if if
that if that if that guy bought he is from coinbase they’re never going to
know that he gave it to you s people can sexy I’m not too concerned about the
anonymous aspects of Bitcoin currently there will be anonymous aspects of it
already you could buy it from somewhere and then send it to these mixers and
then make it anonymous I I have no experience doing that either but again I have I’ve talked about the
people working on Lightning Network which makes things more anonymous the
people working on other anonymous but asked second layer aspects of Bitcoin
and the people working on these mixers follow Matt Odell who’s obsessed with
and being anonymous anonymous he’s been linked to many times before good
question web city oh not cash she said you should do it to try it I’m like I’m
not I’m not good I don’t need to buy I don’t need to buy a Bitcoin on the on
the streets not necessary pretty set pretty set with my Bitcoin ring yeah
alright but hey I’ll work for Bitcoin I’ll work for Bitcoin any day you got it
again I do consulting yeah I do set up people’s trees or you pay me in Bitcoin
email me and Adam at reservoir health calm all right moving on Wow this is
going long and it’s late you know you have to get up eventually okay what do
we have where we have here we talked about Vanity Fair oh the hole okay so
the rest of this video is gonna be about steam it so some people don’t care about
steam it but I care about it because I I care about it because there’s got to be
a crypto social network that is awesome to use and will get people because
social networks Facebook Twitter social media is big masses of people
love it and if crypto currency can be intertwined into it in a productive way
it will get so many people in the Bitcoin even if they get steamed first
they’ll turn in the Bitcoin and I I thought it was if it’s your gateway it’s
your gateway drug the Bitcoin a good social media platform that incorporates
cryptocurrency into it which I thought steam it would eventually turn into I
hope steam it would eventually turn into and I have been on it since July of 2016
I’m bitcoinmeister on there right now this show is on there right now and now
there have been all these people through the years that have disappeared and come
back that say oh there’s your Bob’s themes you’re by snow I’ve never said
that I said you should post on there and get it for free which I have done and I
have never oh god forbid I had traded my precious Bitcoin for steam god forbid
god forbid oh my god fended by that’s found in Lakeland no no but here for
some reason I got an email update from them now I assume I must have opted into
this when I signed up for steam it a long time ago I’m assuming a lot of
people on Steam it got this email I really don’t remember getting emails
from them in the past but in the recent past at least but they just have their
steam fest and I want them I want these guys to be able to innovate okay again I
am NOT a hater I am a Bitcoin Ferster i bitcoin is the best out there but if all
coins going to do stuff if people want to do social media all coins be my darn
guest I am all for innovation I’m not for squashing I’m not for slowing people
down as long as they’re not you know stealing from people are forcing people
to do stuff and you’re not forced to buy that steam I mean the steam it you or me
for free it’s that simple now they’re located in Austin Texas
they’re their headquarters because they’re centralized their centralized no
doubt about it and they’re in this email they’re talking about their their smt
wizard that’s what’s it called steam monetary tokens I forgot about that even
empowering anyone to create a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency There
s mts I mean that they’re talking ICO type of stuff here and I want them to be
careful man I want them to be careful because it’s ICO stuff for American
based companies have gotten some American based companies in trouble now
I’m not going to frickin inform on them no one should inform on them the SEC
should be trying to stifle innovation with with companies like steamin or
whoever I think there should be AI SEOs out there I think everybody should be
able to do niceö I think every company should be able to create their own coin
but they’ve got this product that is gonna let anyone create their own coin
and I think that’s interesting that’s that’s going way beyond steam it and
it’s linked up below if you want to read about the I’ve mentioned this SMT thing
before the blockchain team surprised demeo’s with an SMT wizard during steam
fests Michael Vanderburgh and Steve Kerr be no have been working on SMT since the
release of my rub back in January the most unique and potentially disruptive
feature FSM teased is the ability for anyone to launch a powerful
cryptocurrency with industry-leading features without having to write a
single line of code here’s what you need to know about SMT s okay I link to it
below I’ll say this the price of the steam back dollar has gone up and the
price of steam has gone up a little bit on this and I have those crypto
currencies because I’ve earned them for free by posting on Steam it good luck
I mean good luck to this new people I’ve always wished them good luck at the same
time when I tell people not to buy them about to buy the steam you could wish
someone good luck and they can be successful without you buying their
steam because a lot of people thought oh I buying a buying steam I’m investing in
their company okay that’s what you wanted if you want to say that’s what it
is but they can print that steam to oblivion by the way and they they’ve
changed its issuance many many times before or a few times before at least I
shouldn’t say many many but no now your wealth in Bitcoin people
you stuff you get for free you turn it in the Bitcoin and yeah so obviously
I’ve gotten some of it that I haven’t turned to the Bitcoin yet yeah there you
go but it was free it’ll return to the Bitcoin don’t worry it was free I
wouldn’t pay for it now okay creating your own crypto chris has never been
this easy if you could fill out a form you create your own cryptocurrencies SMT
DS extremely thick flexible even though they’re easy to create they’re also
highly configurable this is such a gimmick Michigan a great platform for
entrepreneurs and testing testing bed for the next generation a proof of grain
o catchphrase baby buzzword baby uh Oh test that is live you can start creating
your own test token today I wish I wish good luck and yes I’m bitcoinmeister on
steam it don’t buy what you can get for Pete free and they’re also doing
something called a hive and by the way a lot of people were calling steam it a
scam back in 2016 again that’s an over that’s people abused that word scam
there’s people that we’re calling steam in a scam back in 2016 they probably are
no surprise that is still around here three years later three years later
years in this industry is a long time they’ve been a lot of companies that
have gone under in that time period okay and they are a company basically and
they are still around there they’re going on a different path clearly but as
I said I for quite some time I I i I’ve always talked about privacy coins I
think that’s something that’s sustainable something that Bitcoin
doesn’t do that that you know we can have these privacy all coins for a while
at least and we can also have these uh social media crypto currencies also
because bitcoin is not exactly that people are trying to do that with
lightning and I hope they do that with lightning so T let compete don’t
complain I I wonder all I want something to come out of the competition something
that is social media related that guess people in the cryptocurrency
that is their gateway in the Bitcoin and they have also the in this email
something steam it hive hide communities they’re gonna have just I guess it’s a
different way of organizing steam it and getting more people to use it because
people don’t really use it that people just blight I mean I don’t I just post
my shows there I I think they would rather have me do more than that
although I do a lot more than a lot of people there but they looked it like
there to be more interaction with their platform and so they’ve got this hyper
mmunity thing that’s also linked to below yeah so that’s it that was a
little different talking about steam it but talking about
steam it to me is just talking about Bitcoin it’s getting more people in the
Bitcoin it’s getting something for free that you can turn into Bitcoin and the
people over there there are there are some good there’s a lot of good
intentioned people at all these all coins okay and I know over there that a
lot of people who’ve worked very hard all right that is it no other no other
questions over there a lot of people quiet
do you hear you think it’s too late to getting the Bitcoin oh dude no it is so
early because there are people watching this in 2029 that are laughing their
butt off for that question right now there are people that are watching this
in 2025 in 2021 that are laughing that but that there it blots off at this
question because I am laughing in a respectful way at that question because
I remember people in 2015 saying is it too late to getting people in 2016
saying is it too late to kidding it is so early do look at what that Google
website used to look like that’s what Bitcoin looks like now still
it’s that ghetto looking it’s that it’s that minor-league looking right now it’s
hard to use Bitcoin it’s it’s in its bush it’s early days on the bush league
is the wrong word it’s it’s it’s young it’s it’s young it’s early so no it’s
it’s early to get into Bitcoin still it’s quite early to get into it alright
dudes i am adam meister the bitcoin meister the disrupt meister no one no
one looks good under that fluorescent light baby it makes me look pale as a as
a ghost on halloween but it’s Thanksgiving so pound out like button
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better believe it they’ll be 1 or Thanksgiving also have
fun with your families people and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday
and you your work get your triple time and then celebrate it on Friday you
don’t even have to solve a Thanksgiving no big deal feel celebrated I was easy
Bob ye in 2016 whatever life goes on it’s not all it’s just not about one day
people it’s about long term if you need to skip one Thanksgiving to make your
life better long term and by the way going to Zimbabwe and skipping that
Thanksgiving with my family oh man that frickin changed my life that
well that was long-term thinking dude that was a that was a good that was a
good deal so have fun whatever you’re doing tomorrow I know everybody outside
United States is doing something completely different tomorrow sorry that
no one’s going to be online tomorrow but I will also turn tune in tomorrow for a
new show when the Friday at 2:00 p.m. will be this wicked Bitcoin see
everybody bye