Hello my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club and today I’m going to give you an overview of our crypto markets mastermind
group and how to use SLACK on your desktop computer to access and engage in our community… Even though I actually more highly recommend
to get Slack on your mobile phone and stay connected with our conversation that way… It’s just much more convenient and it goes
with you everywhere! I actually use Slack both on all my computers
and my mobile phone, so I’m always connected no matter what device I’m using. You can do what works for you! But if I had to choose to use only one, I
would definitely opt for the mobile version, because I like to stay connected with the
information flow, wherever I go. So for starters you can download and install
Slack, from www.Slack.com, which is what you see on the screen right now. KEEP IN MIND.. we are not signing into the
mastermind on slack.com, we are simply downloading and installing the app to our desktop or laptop
computers. Just hover your mouse over the resources link
at the top, and click download. Then you can download and install the appropriate
version for your operating system on the following screen here. Once you have it installed and open on your
computer, you will just need to go to the email that you used to register for Bitcoin
Lifestyles Club and use it’s search to search for the word slack. Because when you first registered and paid
for your membership, you should have received two emails. One with your login details for the members
course area, and a second email from SLACK with your login link to our mastermind group. So once you find the invite email from slack
for the Bitcoin Lifestyles mastermind group, just open it and click the link in your email,
and it will open up the group right in the Slack application you have already installed
and open on your computer. Once you are in, it will look similar to what
you see on the screen. On the main part of the Slack app, with the
white background you see the conversation that is happening in our ‘trading-talk’ channel,
which I would consider our main hub of conversation for the group. This is where we are going to be discussing
the flow of the bitcoin and altcoin markets daily, providing our analysis, opinions, market
research and other sorts of valuable crypto markets info whenever possible. As I scroll through here, you an see we have
a conversation happening in real time everyday, full of analysis and useful information you
can use to your advantage for your trading strategies. Because we have many other channels of conversation,
myself or other members will post hashtags to the other channels in this ‘trading talk’
channel in order to bring attention to interesting pieces of information, market research or
news that is happening in the other channels. I’ll just find an example real quick… and here, if we just click this, it will open
up the suggested channel right in the app as you can see, we are now in the….. channel. You can interact with any of the posts or
comments you see in the chats,, by hovering your mouse over any of it, you will see a
little menu appear on the right side giving you options. You can leave a reaction using an emoji, using
the first option, in order to show how you feel about something… You can also respond to anything directly,
which will created a thread. I’ll make one for example… And the other options are pretty self explanatory,
as you’ll see when you explore them. And of course the messaging box at the bottom
should be pretty self explanatory as well. The paperclip icon is for uploading attachments
like images. The @ symbol is for tagging other members
of the mastermind. And the smiley face is for easy emoticon access. The dark column area to the left of the conversation
has all the channels of conversation of our mastermind group. We have them categorized according to all
the most interesting and highly discussed areas of the crypto market, that are outside
our regular focused conversation and analysis of the bitcoin and altcoin markets in our
trading talk channel. As you can see I have some starred channels
at the top of the column. These are my favorite channels I like to personally
have quick access to, which include of course; Trading-Talk, News Links, Market Research,
Tron-DEXchange, Group Help, Crypto-Autotrader, and Bitcoin Speculation. Any channel you go into, you can just select
the star icon on the top right here, if you want to add it to your starred channels list.
and below the starred channels list, you can see the list of the rest of the channels of
conversation of our mastermind. Other channels we have include affiliate marketing,
airdrops and bounties where you can learn ways to earn free crypto, bitcoin fork is
a channel that used to be much more active in 2017, seems like bitcoin forks have become
pretty irrelevant but you never know, so I have left that one. Then you have the course channel, where I
make announcements and provide links to new trainings, then there is the crypto portfolio
channel, where we can discuss crypto portfolio building ideas, ETF stock market talk seems
to be a popular ongoing conversaion, we have a channel that discusses crypto exchanges,
masternodes, we have a ‘mining mastermind’ where our mining wizards are discussing their
mining strategies and helping people learn how to setup mining rigs, we have the new
fair launches channel, where you can learn about new coins that launch to the exchange
without an ICO fundraising scheme, we have the random channel where you can usually find
some pretty funny and random crypto postings, scam watch is where we will post any info
about any known scams as we learn about them, we have the trading education channel for
any questions about the training, and wow, there really are quite a few channels here
and I haven’t even mentioned all of them because it really is pretty much self explanatory
and I think you get it at this point… Another channel you should know about is the
Shitcoin Talk channel, which is quite popular, one of our popular and successful mastermind
members Shelby will usually have some pretty awesome ideas for coins in this up and coming
category, of higher risk, lower cap trading opportunities. Once last channel I will mention is the Twitter
Updates channel. This is a direct feed to all of my tweets,
and retweens on twitter. Of course I recommend to follow me directly
on twitter @calebwright802, but this will be a convenient way for you to see the feed
of all the great crypto markets info coming through my twitter account on a daily basis…
its where I find out about some of the latest and greatest developments, in real time! And so if you are a part of multiple slack
groups, you will see their icons on the top left of your Slack app. As you can see the BLC logo here is the icon
for our mastermind group, and the other icons here are for a couple other slack groups I
am in. You can edit your profile, preferences and
other various aspects by clicking the drop down right above your name here, at the top
of the app… And of course last but not least, you can
use the private messaging feature to communicate with me, and ask me questions directly, if
you scroll down to the bottom of the list of channels and find my name. You can also click my name in any of the channels
and it will give you an option to send a message. Feel free I’m here to help! And of course, we have a few rules for the
mastermind. And these rules exist to make the mastermind
group a friendly environment that everyone feels like they can participate in, which
at the same time keeping it effective and not wasting anyone’s time. So here we go with the rules of the BLC crypto
mastermind group! 1. No question is a stupid question [this one
is important to me, because we have people of all skill levels here and I don’t want
anyone to be left out..] 2. Keep the Conversation Focused…. In the trading talk channel, we are keeping
it focused mainly to conversation of bitcoin and altcoins analysis. Please do not spam this channel with links… I’m sure whatever you have to share is interesting
and by all means please share it in the appropriate channel, for example if you have a news article,
put it in the news links channel…. and if you think its really great, you can then post
a comment about it in trading talk and put a hashtag link to the channel, like so…. 2. And the keeping the conversation focused rule
works the same for the other channels too of course. This is just about effectiveness, of the use
of our mastermind conversation space. And it makes for a better, more valuable experience
for everyone involved. 3. No profanities or obscene language, or harrasing
other members keep it civil. I haven’t really seen much of a problem with
this since we have started in 2015. You all have been an amazingly polite bunch! 4. Do not solicit other members with affiliate
links or other business opportunities within the mastermind channels or using the private
messenger. This is just something that could make people
uncomfortable. The exception with affiliate links, can be
potentially sharing some sort of crypto airdrops or bounties for example should be find, but
absolutely no MLM businesses or affiliate product links should ever be posted in the
mastermind. And that sums it up for the rules, we really
don’t need many anyways, which is a great… Other than that, I pretty much showed you
everything you need to know about how to get into and maximise your access to our crypto
markets mastermind chat group which is constantly flowing 24-7 with the markets. And of course since I highly recommend you
connect with our mastermind group with the mobile version of Slack, I’m also going to
have another video in this section that will take you through how to use the mobile version,
which is a little bit different than the desktop version. So keep your eye out for that, because I definitely
think you should be rocking this on mobile! Now get in there and take advantage of it,
I look forward to see you in there!