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games what’s going on guys
Wow I’ll tell you what Bitcoin just
keeps on going
nice little recovery there it’s back up
to 13
K and it’s like the Hulk roars and time
I know it’s getting very frustrating for
everyone that is holding the vault coin
bags and you know they you know we
talked about the old season in some of
the other videos and
we’re up to highway speed it’s been a
while since I’ve done that for you guys
so you know gotta throw that in every
once in a while anyways so the alts have
gone up but there’s been slippage
so like the BTC dominance is being baked
into these bolts so ultimately
you know they like I said they’re going
up they’re just not going up as fast as
they did last time during the last bull
run not that there’s not money to be
made but ultimately people are not
willing to trade their satoshis for the
hope so
you know like trunk you look at Tron I
love Tron and Tron is tripled since I
got it I got in and a penny right and it
almost hit four cents that’s it’s an
easy triple right well if you look at
the BTC satoshi value
how many Satoshi’s which if you know
you’re newer to crypto there’s one
Satoshi there’s a hundred million
Satoshi is in a big point so if you’re
pricing the ult’s in Bitcoin that’s how
many pieces of bitcoins someone will
give you for your old currency and of
all currencies are anything that’s not
Bitcoin well
I tell you my portfolio it’s up 350
percent but you know
my portfolio is up 350 percent for like
I don’t know last
in under a year so that’s fantastic
but if you look at the sharp the chart
of satoshi value it’s all over the place
and actually I have lost 25% of my
satoshi value and now that 25% has
happened most recently like you know
within the last I’d say two or three
months as Bitcoin has kind of gone up
very rapidly the halts just aren’t
holding pace they’re going up they’re
just not going up like Bitcoin is now
the big question should rebalance my
portfolio to be a BTC maximalist and
what is a BTC maximalist you know it
varies for most people but from a basic
and this is my definition of a VHS a
maximalist portfolio it would be 50% BTC
25% large gaps these like mine you know
pick pick two or three and then the rest
in alts and maybe 5% in long shots you
know those are like your point zero zero
you know like plenty X or you know
points like that that you’re just hoping
1000 X when I get to a penny so yeah so
much my Satoshi value is gone and it
once again we’ve talked about this
made coin remains King now the flip side
of this in the short term
do I think Bitcoin will make you a
millionaire if you own one Bitcoin in
the short term six three to six months
no in the long term absolutely you know
there’s plenty of videos on price
prediction on pickling of one Bitcoin
and you know anywhere from 1 million 5
million 10 million but that’s not what
we’re talking about today today we’re
talking about losing satoshis and should
I rebalance I’m sitting at about 14% BTC
right now
and you know once again I’m drawn crazy
a lot of Trump
I know if Tron hits you know not to
mention you know bankroll generating
income every day from that you know you
can’t I mean that Barry said he were
from heck ago from 22
twenty to fifty dollars a day you know
just right letting it sit but isn’t
keeping a pace with Bitcoin
from a Satoshi value to know from a Fiat
value yes so you kinda had to decide for
yourself you know
what’s more important you know satoshis
or Fiat and you know for all those
people sitting out there with big bags
of just shit points you’re better off
just to convert them it’s a light points
or ease and you know try to get you know
you got to remember I’ve always been
through you know I’m not I’m not an
expert but I’ve been through a cycle of
this and I will tell you the valid all
points that have things going on for
them are going to do well they’re gonna
do well but it may just be like a list
of like fifty or a hundred of them
you know
you know it’s just
these some of these alts will just die
off they’ll get squeezed out and if you
look at the chart that’s exactly what’s
happening is Bitcoin as it goes up is
the easy everything so if you got a shit
coin that started at 15 cents as Bitcoin
goes up it’s going to what once a dude
like once a quart or it’s gonna get
delisting if it goes below once that
it’s getting taken off the chart so you
know Tron it was up at like 400 sides
and you know that’s the crazy part about
this is most of these coins had a much
higher sat value you know early on and
then Bitcoin went up this I think I’ve
got it down and then up and now
everything is getting squeezed and and
it’s like to squeeze something that
explodes right and that’s I mean that’s
the flip side is if you go to BTC
you have to be willing to give up some
of those explosive gains on some boats
you know and it’s like hand grenades you
know people always my cooter almost I
did I what I brought you no no you did
he didn’t get it he didn’t get it
you know he did not get it so you know
yeah it’s like Billy Madison he’s like
no you did you didn’t get it right so
there is no almost got it with crypto
either get it or you don’t
and my position on alts has always been
don’t try to
I personally don’t try to trade holes I
accumulate a position if I hit 10x
myself 10%
I’d hit some age I mean I don’t have the
time you know I spend about I don’t know
about 20 hours a week outside of my
normal 50 hour job you know building
content for this community to help you
guys so you know I’m already working a
70-hour work week and I you know I have
time blocks so I can’t be watching a
training screen you know
don’t have time to do it we just don’t
have time to do it so you know I buy a
position and I hold it and this shit’s
crazy it’s been everywhere it’s been all
up and down and everywhere in sideways
you know but I do know that for the
average person if you’re watching this
right now at this
that only one
one big
it’s probably one of the most important
things financially that you can do
the future of Krypton
so anyways I’m gonna think about this
today of whether or not I should shave
off a percentage off my portfolio and
rebalance into Bitcoin not follow into
Bitcoin rebalance and this is you have
to think of your portfolio is kind of
like a mutual fund you know rebalancing
so yeah we think about that I will let
you know what you what I decide to do so
as always have a great day this is CryptoSlo if your not talking gains then were not talking