«The resurrection of Crypto» In order to look into each other’s eyes and talk from this side of the mirror it’s convenient to go all the way to the bottom in the deep rabbit hole. Bitcoin is an inclusive system which is executed within the law, with traceability and transparency, we can trust what you’re doing. Privacy is not anonymity, nor is this just a store of value, this is a large database that disincentivizes corruption. Snatching power from money, without needing any intermediary, because by decentralizing trade the intervention of banks is avoided. We will reinvent the rancid models, town halls, registers, notaries, the new consensus mechanisms will kill the old dinosaurs. Satoshi wrote his whitepaper with a view to creating honest money through hard proofs of work that are solved with light by the miners. It’s electronic digital cash, an immutable audit trail, where economic movements guarantee the connection peer-to-peer. Blockchain returns data to the user and doesn’t erase the access logs so that we can monetize them without us being afraid of losing them. The problem of double spending is over, and that of the Byzantine generals, as it is now much cheaper directly managing our assets. Digital signatures, timestamps, cryptographic hashes, Proof of Work, Merkle trees, full nodes, chained blocks, halvings and forks. And if the mempool becomes congested, we will build side chains, we’ll ignore FOMO and FUD, and mint stable coins. Welcome to the new paradigm, tokenization has arrived, the era of cryptoeconomics, where the Internet of value starts. The Fourth Industrial Revolution will be written on the blockchain, a big ledger, micropayments and low fees. Through smart contracts we will establish governance, in order to design a new present without the need for mutual trust. This is not virtual money, that’s just one of its applications, in addition it can be programmed to follow the rules that are imposed. A source of shared truth, that can never be corrupted, open, public and distributed, a new dimension of the Internet. You can assign it properties, automating the payment of taxes, smart and programmable money that rebuilds the financial sector. Processes will be more efficient, simplifying bureaucracy, as there is a transparent witness that can improve democracy. This system, on the verge of collapse, can no longer hold such debt, it requires a monetary reset with the help of cryptocurrencies. Fasten tightly your seatbelts , the ship is about to take off, and let’s get into position, that the future doesn’t like to wait.